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Halo Infinite (Multiplayer): 23 Best Weapons Ranked

Halo Infinite Multiplayer has taken the gaming world by storm, amassing a peak 256,000 players since it was released in mid-November.

It is simply a great Halo game, with plenty of weapons included in the base package.

Some of these weapons have niche uses while others are great in pretty much any situation.

In terms of weapon balance, there are only maybe one or two guns that aren’t viable.

With that being said, some weapons are simply better than others and you should look to pick them up whenever you come across them.

I’ll be ranking every weapon in Halo Infinite so far, as well as explaining what the weapons can do and how best to use them.

I’ve also included my scores with each weapon in the firing range, based on the level 3 mode with moving enemies.

Almost every score is good (only the Cindershot was a 1-star result). So I’d say if you can match or beat my score, you should be able to use the respective weapon in PvP 🙂

23) Plasma Pistol

Fully charged shots are still great for depleting shields but they no longer EMP vehicles

Range: Close

Body shots to kill: 17

Headshots to kill: 11

Magazine Size: 25-40

My Weapon Drill Score: 9050

By far the worst gun in the game and the only gun you should never pick up.

The Plasma Pistol lost its ability to EMP vehicles, although it can still one-shot shields.

It seems like it can fire as fast as you can press the trigger, expending about 25 shots before over-heating if you’re rapid firing.

Shield EMP into a weapon switch or melee is still a good way of taking out targets at close range.

At long or even medium ranges, the charged shot is easily dodged, you’re basically a target dummy at that point.

Expect 343 to buff this weapon in the future, it really needs better tracking on the charged shot.

22) Disruptor

Fires small shock bolts that deal damage over time, successful hits can spread to nearby enemies

Range: Close

Body shots to kill: 6

Headshots to kill: 6

Magazine Size: 10

My Weapon Drill Score: 15,100

The Disruptor is a pretty bad weapon with no real use as of yet, it can deal some OK damage over time, as well as spread to nearby enemies, but the magazine count is too low to provide much use.

With the damage over time effect lasting several seconds, it’s quite useful for preventing enemy Spartans from regenerating their shields. But even then, why not just use a better gun and kill them in the first place?

It’ll take around 7 shots to EMP an enemy vehicle which is pretty useful but if the enemy jumps out and has almost any other gun in the game, you’re dead anyway.

21) Ravager

Fully charge the Ravager to create a pool of flames that deal damage over time

Range: All

Body shots to kill: 9

Headshots to kill: 9

Magazine Size: 15

My Weapon Drill Score: 16,930

Considered to be a tad overpowered in the Infinite Flight before multiplayer was officially released, the Ravager received damage nerfs across the board.

Looks like they nerfed it a bit too much, as the Ravager is one of the worst guns in the game.

A fully charged shot can be good for holding objectives in stronghold, as well as covering chokepoints in other modes.

343 will certainly buff this weapon in the future as it’s incredibly underwhelming right now, make sure to check back on this list often to see what changes have been made!

20) Energy Sword

Still slicing through enemies in one hit

Range: Melee

Body shots to kill: 1

Returning fan favorite, retaining its one-shot melee status with a huge lunge range. It’s a good weapon but it doesn’t quite fit in the Halo Infinite Sandbox right now.

Most weapons, including the Assault Rifle, are capable at medium ranges. The Energy Sword gets out-classed for the most part.

That being said, it’s still a fun weapon to use alongside some grapples or thrusters.

19) Cindershot

Fires explosive shots that can bounce and follow your cursor reticle

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 2

Headshots to kill: 2

Magazine Size: 6

My Weapon Drill Score: 15,280

Quite a high skill-cap weapon, one that can dominate if you can use it effectively.

Each shot can bounce once and also follows where you’re aiming, so you can hit targets behind cover or around corners with enough practice.

If you can get used to how the gun works, it can definitely be up there with the best in the game.

For now, if you’re new to the game, I recommend sticking to other weapons for now, especially if you’re chasing challenges or playing to win. 🙂

18) VK-78 Commando

Aesthetically awesome but struggles to find an identity in terms of gameplay

Range: Medium

Body shots to kill: 11

Headshots to kill: 8

Magazine Size: 20

My Weapon Drill Score: 18,055

One of the best feelings guns in Halo history, the Commando is an awesome weapon with great sounds and looks.

It can be pretty nice for finishing off targets but as a primary power weapon, it seriously lacks in the damage department.

11 body shots from a 20 round magazine is bizarre, especially combined with the huge recoil and accuracy spread it has.

Maybe it was meant to replaced the DMR but that took far less shots to kill than the Commando.

Overall, this weapon isn’t the most viable competitively but it’s certainly fun to use and that makes it a decent gun, all things considered.

17) Gravity Hammer

Powerful AoE shockwaves in every attack

Range: Melee

Body shots to kill: 1

Slightly better than the Energy Sword due to the Gravity Hammer’s area-of-effect shock damage, as well as its viability against vehicles.

It takes a second to land a hit after pressing the attack button. Unfortunately, all melee-based weapons struggle to have a big effect in Halo Infinite.

If you can get active camo running, thrusters or the grapple, it becomes a lot easier to use.

I’ve found the most success protecting objectives with the Gravity Hammer as it can demolish enemy vehicles in just a few swings!

16) CQS-48 Bulldog

Halo’s new shotgun, featuring full-auto fire

Range: Close

Body shots to kill: 2

Headshots to kill: 2

Magazine Size: 7

My Weapon Drill Score: 25,580

Taking between 2-4 shots to down a target depending on range, the Bulldog is 343’s replacement for the classic Shotgun we’ve seen in previous Halo games.

Many players are upset at the Bulldog’s lack of one-shot potential but I believe this is done to help melee-only weapons out, although the Bulldog still has a huge advantage over them.

There’s no way the classic Shotgun won’t return in the future anyway.

Don’t let the community’s distorted view put you off, this weapon absolutely wrecks at close range!

15) Heatwave

It really grows on you, just make sure you’re always using the vertical shot mode

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 2

Headshots to kill: 2

Magazine Size: 8

My Weapon Drill Score: 26,295

Another high skill-cap weapon, the Heatwave is really strong in the right hands.

Never use the horizontal shot mode, it has no use at all, except for extremely specific situations you encounter once per 50 games.

It is best used at a range where your vertical shot reticle covers an entire enemy spartan. Two direct hits will result in a kill.

For this reason, using it as a shotgun type weapon is a good strategy, but it’s also effective against stationary targets at range.

Also be aware of the ricochet capabilities, as it has no damage drop-off even after bouncing off of a wall!

14) Pulse Carbine

Burst plasma rifle, great for depleting shields

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 8

Headshots to kill: 6

Magazine Size: 15

My Weapon Drill Score: 24,325

Considered to be one of the worst weapons in the game by the Halo community but I have a different opinion.

The Pulse Carbine fires plasma shots at a low trajectory speed, with some slight tracking power.

Use it in training mode for sure as it’s unlike any weapon we’ve ever seen in Halo.

The slow plasma shot speed gives you the impression that you need to aim in front of where your target is moving but don’t. Keep the reticle on them while firing.

It takes just 2 bursts to fully deplete a shield or even kill the enemy if you get a headshot on the last shot.

Your best strategy is to unleash a few bursts before switching to a different weapon to finish the enemy off.

13) Hydra

Fires mini-rockets with anti-personnel & anti-vehicle tracking capabilities

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 4

Headshots to kill: 4

Magazine Size: 6

My Weapon Drill Score: 12,460

The Hydra is a balanced weapon with several niche uses.

In terms of anti-personnel, you can use the alternative mode to lock-on to targets, taking 4 direct hits to kill an enemy. Shots will hone in on their target so you can aim above any cover they run behind to still hit them.

Same goes for locking on to vehicles, being particularly effective against flying vehicles.

In the manual aim fire, shot drop-off rates are really low so you can use it at longe range if you see any stragglers.

You’ll spend most of your time watching the reload animation with the Hydra so make effective use of cover and height advantages when wielding it.

12) Shade Turret

Currently located on a single map. Shade turret pods now have multiple energy shields.

Range: Medium – Long

Body shots to kill: 6

Headshots to kill: 5

Magazine Size: Unlimited

My Weapon Drill Score: N/A

It’s great to see Shade Turrets actually have a use in this incarnation of Halo.

This turret fires fast and has energy shields covering all but the back of the turret for protection.

Use it to lay down covering fire across the map, nullifying any long-range weapons your opponents try to utilise.

Flankers will often try to get close enough to attack from behind or get a good grenade throw, always check your peripheral vision.

Grenades & rockets still destroy it instantly.

11) Needler

Deadly close to medium range weapon, land enough needles for a supercombine explosion

Range: Close

Body shots to kill: 12

Headshots to kill: 12

Magazine Size: 26

My Weapon Drill Score: 28,580

The needler has been a favourite of mine since Halo: Combat Evolved but with the abundance of medium-range weapons in Halo Infinite, this particular weapon has fallen behind a bit.

Needles still travel slowly and they’re easy to evade, making the Needler effective only in combat situations your opponent has committed to.

In those situations, no other weapon can compare to the Needler. Close range fights are always advantageous towards it.

10) MA-40 Assault Rifle

As reliable as ever

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 17

Headshots to kill: 14

Magazine Size: 36

My Weapon Drill Score: 22,285

The Assault Rifle is finally good!

Some say it is too good.

I think it’s exactly where it should be.

Great for breaking shields before switching to your sidearm.

Laying a full mag’s worth of fire downrange can quickly kill an enemy spartan, even at medium range. It is still useless at long ranges.

I sincerely hope 343 Industries doesn’t change a thing, the Assault Rifle should be a reliable starting weapon to use before you get some power weapons!

9) Sentinel Beam

Very nice damage that can pierce through enemies…If you can control the recoil

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 80

Headshots to kill: 40

Magazine Size: 250

My Weapon Drill Score: 19,035

One of the fastest time-to-kill weapons in the entire game, granted it does have high recoil.

Keeping the reticle focused on an enemy is a requirement since you can run out of ammunition quickly.

It can pierce through multiple enemies, making it perfect for tackling groups of enemies who are funnelled into one location.

I’ve rarely seen players utilise this weapon but honestly, it’s one of the best you can pick up!

8) Stalker Rifle

Semi-automatic long-range rifle

Range: Medium – Long

Body shots to kill: 4

Headshots to kill: 3

Magazine Size: 7

My Weapon Drill Score: 20,730

A mix of the Covenant Carbine and Beam Rifle from previous games, the Stalker Rifle is a worthy addition to the Banished’s collection of weaponry.

Two shots will break a shield at all ranges. It’s a bit hard to aim with as the reticle is really small but that’s precision weapons for you.

Your best bet is to use it as you would with any sniper, picking off low-health enemies or those who are out in the open.

7) S7 Sniper Rifle

Deadly ranged power

Range: Long

Body shots to kill: 2

Headshots to kill: 1

Magazine Size: 4

My Weapon Drill Score: 31,485

In all Halo games so far, the Sniper Rifle has been a staple of any player’s arsenal.

It works exactly like previous games, with headshots still being immensely satisfying.

Not much to say here, it’s simply a great weapon and fits right in to the Halo Infinite Sandbox.

6) Mangler

Banished version of a Magnum, high calibre ammunition hits hard

Range: Close

Body shots to kill: 3

Headshots to kill: 3

Magazine Size: 8

My Weapon Drill Score: 22,120

Hugely under-rated, the Mangler is a really difficult weapon to use but at close range, few can beat it.

It takes one hit plus a melee attack to completely kill an enemy spartan. As it’s a small weapon, it melees a lot faster than other weapons.

Huge projectile drop-off makes it barely usable at anything other than close range though, supplement it with a mid or long-range weapon for maximum efficiency.

5) MK-50 Sidekick

Range: Close – Medium

Body shots to kill: 9

Headshots to kill: 7

Magazine Size: 12

My Weapon Drill Score: 26,005

Halo’s tradition of sidearms being as powerful as primary weapons continues with the Sidekick.

Superfast fire rate combined with a near-instant reload time makes it an ideal sidearm choice.

At medium or even some long ranges, it can be good to finish off enemies.

Overall, its versatility in all situations make it a candidate for the top 5 best weapons in Halo Infinite.

4) Shock Rifle

Shock-based weapon for dealing with spartans and vehicles

Range: Medium – Long

Body shots to kill: 3

Headshots to kill: 1

Magazine Size: 4

My Weapon Drill Score: 19,530

The Shock Rifle has different uses depending on what you need.

  1. Multiple enemies at close range

Body shots will spread to nearby enemies, depleting their shields.

2. Vehicles giving you hassle

Aim in and get a single shot to EMP them.

3. Enemies at long range

Aim in and get those sweet insta-kill headshots.

It’s one of the most versatile weapons in the game and can be devastating in the right hands.

3) BR-75

Burst Battle Rifle returns in its more classic form

Range: Medium – Long

Body shots to kill: 18

Headshots to kill: 12

Magazine Size: 36

My Weapon Drill Score: 18,450

While it may be lacking the punching power of previous games, the Battle Rifle fits right into Halo Infinite to solidify itself as the best non-power weapon in the game.

Most engagements are medium range and it excels in this regard. It can also hold its own in close and long-range engagements.

Like all precision weapons, a decent degree of accuracy is needed to make the most of this weapon.

In terms of overall reliability as well as ease-of-use, the Battle Rifle should be your go-to weapon to grab as soon as you spawn in.

2) M41 SPNKr

Twin shoulder-fired rocket launcher with a massive blast radius

Range: All

Body shots to kill: 1

Headshots to kill: 1

Magazine Size: 2

My Weapon Drill Score: 36,050

This might be the best version of the SPNKr to date.

Fast rocket projectile speeds combined with a truly huge blast radius makes taking out targets, regardless of infantry or vehicles, an absolute breeze.

Be aware of the soft player collision, as allies can walk through you but still block your shots. Definitely hasn’t happened to me a few times already…

1) Skewer

Sniper Rifle on steroids

Range: All

Body shots to kill: 1

Headshots to kill: 1

Magazine Size: 1

My Weapon Drill Score: 16,050

The Skewer fires a giant nail per shot, one-shotting enemy spartans, and dealing heavy damage to vehicles.

There is no hitscan here, you need to account for the projectile drop, which isn’t that high.

Two hits are required to destroy an enemy vehicle that has taken no previous damage. This is entirely possible at all ranges, even against flying targets.

Some practice is needed for sure as it’s technically a precision weapon.

No other weapon compares to the Skewer in terms of raw killing power!