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Epic Seven: Top 10 Best Artifacts

Artifacts are a staple of any character build, enhancing a hero’s skillset & granting them new abilities.

With nearly 170 different artifacts available in Epic Seven, it can be a nightmare to figure out which ones you should invest resources into.

Artifact charms are quite rare, it’ll take a while to upgrade several artifacts so always make sure you’re spending your precious charms on the best artifacts.

For this post, you’ll find out which 10 artifacts are the best in the game. Keep an eye out for them in shops, summons & tickets.

10. Crimson Seed

Class: Warrior

Description: Has a 35.0% chance to dispel one debuff when attacked. Can be activated once per turn.

No matter how good your carry is, how strong their gear is or how fast they are, a debuff can mess their entire kit up.

Crimson Seed is perfect for bruisers, as they deal decent damage, even though they’re happy to take hits to the face.

It’s available in the Hall of Trials shop for a fairly expensive price, taking at least 2 Hall of Trials runs to purchase just one copy.

9. Moonlight Dreamblade

Class: Thief

Description: Increases Evasion Chance by 10.0%. After successfully evading, the caster is granted increased Attack for 1 turn.

Commonly found in Covenant Summons, this artifact is perfect for specific heroes who already have evasion in their kit, such as Violet.

Certain heroes require this artifact to be completely effective in PvP, watching them dodge big attacks is awesome as it wastes an opponent’s turn, then increases attack.

8. Prophetic Candlestick

Class: Any

Description: 20.0% chance to reduce cooldown by 1 turn when attacked. Can be activated once per turn.

Prophetic Candlestick is one of the best healer artifacts in the game.

Building a healer with a full HP set makes them quite tanky so having cooldown reductions on top can make them unkillable.

Especially good in hunts, abyss and automation tower.

Obtain it via ordinary Covenant Summons, no doubt you’ll have a bunch of them in your inventory anyway.

7. Rosa Hargana

Class: Ranger

Description: Increases Dual Attack Chance by 7.0% and increases Attack by 30% when it’s not the caster’s turn.

Dual attack teams are actually really good for PvE, especially when paired with high single-target DPS heroes.

Hunts, abyss floors & labyrinths will all have big bosses to chew through, Rosa Hargana can help deal damage and apply debuffs consistently.

6. Wondrous Potion Vial

Class: Soul Weaver

Description: 50.0% chance to dispel one debuff from an ally at the beginning of the turn.

At max upgrade stacks, the effect becomes a 100% chance.

Many PvE bosses will apply annoying debuffs to make life a misery for your heroes.

A potion vial like this can make bosses a LOT easier (looking at you, Fastus).

But it can be ridden with bad luck, dispelling a debuff from the wrong ally.

Still, it’s definitely worth investing some resources into for its niche purposes.

5. Alexa’s Basket

Class: Thief

Description: 20% chance each to grant increased Attack (Great) and Critical Hit Chance to the caster for 1 turn at the start of the turn.

Players consider this to be an absolute nightmare PvP, as it is basically a chance to insta-win a fight.

Equipping your best DPS with the best gear & this artifact can allow them to destroy an entire team in one ability, if it procs.

At the same time, the chance is quite low even at max level, at 40%.

You sometimes see this artifact on defense teams, there’s nothing quite like watching a Vildred one-shot both your DPS & tank.

4. Song of Stars

Class: Ranger

Description: 50.0% chance for an enemy to become targeted for 2 turns after a Single Attack. Damage dealt on targeted enemies is increased by 15%.

Specifically for wyvern hunts, Song of Stars is the best artifact for the best wyvern hero in Epic Seven.

Wyverns deal less damage when they have 3 debuffs or more, which is something many players struggle to achieve.

Song of Stars gives an additional debuff, as well as increasing the damage it takes considerably, massively improving clear speeds.

3. Idol’s Cheer

Class: Soul Weaver

Description: When attacked, increases Combat Readiness of the ally with the highest Attack by 10.0%

Some PvP teams are built around supporting a single unit who will happily cleave their way through an entire team.

Idol’s Cheer is a key component of this strategy, increasing combat readiness by up to 20% per hit.

It’s a 5-star artifact so can be difficult to acquire, unfortunately.

2. Proof of Valor

Class: Any

Description: Decreases damage taken by 15%. Effect decreases by 1.5% with each attack suffered, down to 7.5%. Only the strongest damage reduction effect is applied. This Artifact can only apply to one Hero within a party.

Almost every team can make use of a tank, Proof of Valor is the best damage reduction artifact in Epic Seven.

Available in the Guild Shop, it doesn’t take too long to rack up the points to purchase it.

At max rank, it’ll start with a whopping 30% damage reduction, falling down to 15%.

It’s especially good for General Purrgis wyvern builds.

1. Daydream Joker

Class: Any

Description: Deals extra damage equivalent to 1.5% of the enemy’s max Health when attacking.

The one true staple artifact that literally every player needs a few copies of.

Daydream Joker is essential for hunts & big bosses, dealing up to 3% of the enemy’s max health when attacking.

The extra damage can crit too, it all adds up to a crazy amount of damage.

No other artifact is as essential as Daydream Joker.