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Epic Seven: My Top 10 Favorite Heroes!

Once you’ve reached the mid-game of Epic Seven, you’ll have a large collection of heroes, no doubt you’ve tried using different team compositions and have your sights set on a few specific heroes.

While different heroes have their own unique strategies and playstyles, with many not being great in certain aspects, we tend to latch onto those who appeal to us thematically.

Gear is the whole grind of Epic Seven but most players put some decent sets on sub-optimal heroes, solely out of enjoyment of their character and abilities.

I’m no different, as I still use several heroes I obtained in the first week of playing Epic Seven!

Here’s a list of my 10 favorite heroes in Epic Seven 🙂 rankings are based purely on how much I enjoy using them, as well as how much their aesthetic speaks to me.

You’ll see the stats behind each hero, with descriptions of their gear build and what I use them for. It should give you some great insight into building and utilising some of the best heroes in the game.

10) Sigret

Considered by many to be the go-to selective summon when a new player first starts the game, I only recently acquired Sigret in a normal covenant summon.


I wanted her to be really fast, as well as hitting hard to destroy any heroes who try to revive.

Gear hasn’t turned out exactly as I wanted. More speed, as well as 4k attack and 250% crit damage would have been much nicer!

She does exactly what I need her to do though, so I’m not looking at changing her gear any time soon.

Playstyle & Uses

I use Sigret almost exclusively for PvP.

I’m so, so tired of facing Arbiter Vilred, so I use Sigret to counter him. Most Arby Vildreds are glass cannons, with tons of critical damage to nuke teams after he uses his self-revive.

Sigret almost always one-shots the enemy Arby, her extinction prevents his revive.

Other than that, I haven’t found much use for her. My Wyvern 13 team already has a high win-rate 🙂

9) General Purrgis

Used one of the few free 5* selectors on this guy after many recommendations. Haven’t looked back since, definitely one of the most important heroes for new players!


I gave General Purrgis the free HP set you get when you first start Epic Seven. Did replace his helmet though, for more HP 🙂

Overall, his stats are very nice for a tank and I can’t see a reason to change anything. Maybe swap the crit chance for more effect resistance but that’d take a lot of gear investment for such a small consolation.

Playstyle & Uses

General Purrgis is simply a meat shield, his entire existence is based around being assaulted, incinerated, chopped up, and stabbed.

He’s my main Wyvern 13 tank but I also bring him into PvP, depending on the enemy team. If I see a lot of AoE damage, Purrgis’ combat readiness increases can help provide extra turns for his team mates.

8) Researcher Carrot

I ignored Researcher Carrot for the longest time, as her kit isn’t the greatest for PvE, so I thought she wasn’t worth building.

After using her in an arena battle as a test against Earth heroes, she really shined and from there, became one of my most favorite heroes!


Building Researcher Carrot was a bit difficult as I was torn between a speedy high damage build and a bruiser build.

In the end, I kind of hit the middle mark between the two. High attack, moderate speed & decent bulk.

If I could replace the effect resistance with extra speed, as well as a bit more health, that’d be awesome.

For now, the items are fine and I don’t see too much point in investing so much resources to improve her.

Playstyle & Uses

She’s one of the heroes in my Arena defence team, purely because of the utility she provides.

When she’s attacked, she grants herself a shield with a small amount of health regeneration, as well as applying a burn to the enemy attacker.

Using her skill 3 will launch an AoE attack at all enemies which, combined with the Sira-Ren artifact, applies a ton of debuffs.

Many defence teams run anti-AoE heroes so I don’t use

7) Tenebria

Honestly don’t know how I got her but she’s been with me since the start, my go-to Fire element hero who I’ve built as a hybrid of single-target and AoE damage.


As I’ve built her for huge single-target damage and a ton of dual attack chance, max offensive stats are important. Each time she dual attacks, she’ll hit like a truck.

Would be nice to have some more crit chance though, as the 85% chance feels like 20% sometimes.

Playstyle & Uses

Pretty much only for PvE, my Tenebria is catered for taking down bosses in Abyss, Labyrinth and Automation Tower.

While she has a ton of offensive power, her low speed and 85% crit chance are too unreliable for PvP.

She’s absolutely amazing for ripping through mobs and bosses though, one of my most used PvE heroes.

6) Angelica

One of the best Soul Weavers to work your way through Arena and Wyvern hunts. Angelica is acquired through Connections and you’ll regularly see her imprints in Covenant Summons


While she did have the free HP set equipped for a while, I decided I wanted my Angelica to be a lot faster, at the expense of some health and effect resistance.

She’s very tanky, with enough speed to apply immunity before enemies get a chance to apply debuffs.

Playstyle & Uses

She’s a great pick for PvP battles while retaining her excellency in PvE, often running her in a duo Soul Weaver team composition.

Her team-wide immunity buff is invaluable against certain heroes, especially Fire element heroes who really struggle to defeat this Angelica.

She’s on my defense team.

5) Landy

One of the most defining PvP heroes of 2021, Landy is a Limited hero who is well worth sinking your resources into if you see her banner up.


Some players build Landy with a counter set, or a general bruiser build, but I wanted a full damage version.

Sure, she’s squishy but the sheer amount of damage she dishes out is insane, she just needs some protection.

10k health isn’t great but it’s enough that she usually survives a hit from the enemy carry.

Playstyle & Uses

I use her in all aspects of Epic Seven, especially PvP and Automation Tower, she dominates them.

My entire offensive Arena teams are built around her, as she almost always goes first and deals a ton of damage while decreasing the enemy combat readiness.

From there, heroes like Violet and Sigret can follow up to exterminate whichever enemy hero looks the most intimidating.

Landy’s built-in attack boost is great for extended fights against bosses too, especially expeditions and banshee hunts.

4) Vildred

Another hero I’ve had since I started, didn’t even realise how good he was until a few months in, then placed him as my number 1 DPS hero.

Many players get Arbiter Vildred from the Moonlight Blessing but I chose Ruele of Light, then replaced her for Dark Corvus. Kind of a shame although Earth Vildred is still a force to be reckoned with.


Building a PvE Vildred is as simple as giving him as much damage as possible, with little emphasis on speed.

There are some wasted stats in my Vildred’s gear but it doesn’t matter too much for what I need him to do.

Playstyle & Uses

Vildred is my go-to PvE farmer hero, he shreds entire adventure stages and has carried me through a lot of early game content.

I love using him as a back-liner in the Automation Tower with the right augments!

He can work well in PvP with an allied hero who can boost his combat readiness. A lack of debuffs in his kit doesn’t help his case though, I only bring him against teams with 3-4 Ice element heroes.

3) Tamarinne

Reddit’s Epic Seven subreddit recommended Tamarinne from the hero selector for any players who didn’t have her and at first, I was baffled as to why. Her overloaded kit was too difficult to understand.

After a few Abyss attempts, it all started to click. Tamarinne is by far the best Soul Weaver in the game, excelling the healing power of any other hero.


This Tamarinne build is fine for what I need her to do, she’s PvE only so you don’t need a perfect stat-line.

Many players give her the free HP set which has basically zero speed but that’s a mistake, Tamarinne needs speed!

Playstyle & Uses

No other hero can provide as much healing power and debuff cleansing as Tamarinne. She does take a fair few turns to upgrade to her Idol form, where most of her power is held.

Best used in Abyss & Adventure, her constant cleansing & healing keeps your team topped up against even the gravest of threats.

Wondrous Potion Vial is the go-to artifact for her as it’ll get rid of even more debuffs. If she gets locked down with stuns and silences, she loses a lot of her power, so that artifact makes her far more viable.

2) Kitty Clarissa

Kitty Clarissa is a powerful Dark hero who is the Moonlight version of the Ice hero Clarissa. She doesn’t provide much DPS to the team, instead relying on her supportive capabilities.


This build is pretty good, having enough speed to get a turn after allied attackers, while having the bulk to survive an attack or two.

Could do with reducing effectiveness for effect resistance but it’s not too important, so long as she’s landing her debuffs.

Playstyle & Uses

Kitty Clarissa is quite distinctive from other heroes in terms of her role. You don’t want her as an opener but you don’t want her to get a turn too late.

I use her to dispel any debuffs provided by counter-attackers after my AoE openers have used their abilities.

After cleansing, she’s great for reducing enemy combat readiness and applying the Unhealable debuff.

Recently, with the emergence of anti-AoE heroes (like Belian & Angel of Light Angelica), she makes for a good single-target attacker since her first skill forces your strongest allied hero to attack with her.

In terms of aesthetics, I think she’s simply the cutest hero in the game 😀

No other hero makes the game more silly and fun than Kitty Clarissa. While she isn’t my most used hero, she’s certainly one of my favorites.

1) Violet

Husband of Luluca, Violet is a powerful Earth hero who uses his sword to dish out powerful single-target attacks.


The vast majority of Violets are built with a lifesteal set. Minimal speed but good attack, as well as a ton of bulk.

I prefer the speed/crit build, with a little bit of bulk to help him survive a few hits, rather than being one-shot.

I’m very happy with this build as it’s a general, jack-of-all-trades stat-line!

Playstyle & Uses

Excellent for both PvE & PvP but he really excels in PvP.

I’ve watched my Violet 1v4 so many arena teams, and my 50% defensive win-rate says a lot about his performances.

In PvE, he can be used against almost any content, so long as it doesn’t include a load of Fire element mobs.

Overall, Violet is simply the 1st hero pick for pretty much any section of Epic Seven I delve into. No other hero fits the bill as much as him, so he’s definitely my favorite!