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Epic Seven: Top 10 Best 3-Star Heroes 2021

3-star heroes go under the limelight in Epic Seven with many players preferring to invest their resources into 4 and 5-star heroes.

While this is a good choice, 3-star heroes are considerably cheaper to skill enhance and awaken. For a lot of content, including PvP, some 3 stars are actually viable!

Hunts are your primary method for obtaining equipment in Epic Seven, spending resources to build a hunt team of high star heroes is a bit of a waste as 3-star heroes can easily do the job.

I’ll be detailing the 10 best 3-star heroes in Epic Seven today, you’ll be surprised just how many are really strong for countering certain PvP teams, killing hunt bosses and clearing other PvE content!

This list does not include Specialty Changes as they have their own article.

10) Kikirat V2

Element: Light

Class: Knight

Recommended Set: Counter/HP

How to get: Book of Memories – Reingar’s Chaotic Full Moon Festival

Auto-FireDefense Mode (Passive)Cleaning Mode
Attacks with a gatling gun, with a 65% chance to dispel one buff. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Defense.Increases the defense of the Caster by 7% after attacking. Effect can only stack up to 5 times.Burn Effect: Increase damage dealt.

Fires indiscriminately at all enemies, with a 60% chance to decrease Hit chance for 1 turn, before triggering counterattacks from the caster for 2 turns. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s defense.

More of a meme hero but I had to include at least one fun hero to make use of your scuffed gear.

Synergising perfectly with a counter set, most players have counter items with mostly defensive stats and don’t know what hero to equip them to.

Kikirat is perfect for this type of gear and can work as a fun meme build for playing against friends!

If you can build him with around 1.5k defence, 20k hp and 100% effectiveness, you’ve got a good niche hero to have fun with. 🙂

9) Mistychain

Element: Ice

Class: Mage

Recommended Set: Crit Chance / Crit Damage

How to get: Covenant Summon

VampirismCurse of BansheeLife Drain
Claws the enemy absorbing some of the damage to heal all allies.Casts a spell at the enemy with a 80% chance to make them unhealable and decrease Attack for 2 turns.Burn Effect: Increases damage dealt.

Attacks by absorbing the enemy’s life force. Some of the damage dealt is absorbed to heal all allies. When the enemy is defeated, grants revive to the ally with the lowest Health for 2 turns.

Mistychain is one of the best wyvern heroes to build up early on, acting as a debuffer and DPS.

Wyvern needs debuffs to reduce its damage output and ensure it focuses on your front-line hero.

A nice 3k attack, 35% crit chance (element advantage + Furious crit buff gives 100%), 250% crit damage and 60% effectiveness is perfect and not too difficult to achieve.

Once you start getting to Wyvern 11 and 12, you’ll want to drop Mistychain for more powerful Wyvern DPS units.

In terms of PvP and other content, Mistychain isn’t too useful as her kit is suited specifically for boss fights.

8) Jecht

Element: Earth

Class: Soul Weaver

Recommended Set: Speed / HP

How to get: Covenant Summon

Staff AssaultTailwind (Passive)Gale
Attacks with a staff, with a 50% chance to decrease Hit Chance for 1 turn.80% chance to dispel one debuff inflicted on an ally at the beginning of each turn.Burn Effect: Extends buff duration by 1 turn.

Attacks all enemies with wind magic, granting continuous healing and increased Speed to all allies for 2 turns.

Great for early game Abyss and Adventure missions, Jecht’s debuff dispel passive is great for tackling specific bosses.

If you can get a Wondrous Potion Vial artifact equipped, debuffs don’t stay on your team for long.

You’ll want to build him with a lot of speed. At least 200, if possible. This ensures his combat readiness is always high, giving plenty of turns to dispel debuffs and provide utility.

Before you get some of the best healers like Angelica and Tamarinne, Jecht can also fill the role of main healer for your team with the free HP set.

This is about as far as his usefulness goes though, with a speed buff not doing too much for your team.

7) Taranor Guard

Element: Ice

Class: Warrior

Recommended Set: Speed / Effectiveness

How to get: Covenant Summon

Spear ArtDiscipline (Passive)Pierce
Knocks the enemy into the air with a spear, with a 50% chance to decrease Defense for 1 turn.Increases chances of Dual Attack by 5%. Combat Readiness of all allies increases by 25% and the caster is granted increased Attack for 1 turn when a Dual Attack is triggered.Burn Effect: Skill cooldown is decreased by 2 turns.

Pierces the enemy’s weak point with a spear, absorbing Combat Readiness by 40%.

Created almost exclusively for Wyvern, some end game players swear by Taranor Guard as their primary defence breaker.

Personally, I’ve never had to build him, as I’ve always relied on Furious (and then Clarissa) for defence breaks and debuffs.

That being said, Taranor Guard’s passive increases his damage out-put massively, as well as providing an almost 100% defence break uptime.

With a speed build, he can also be useful in certain PvP fights if you’re below Master rank!

6) Hurado

Element: Dark

Class: Mage

Recommended Set: Speed / Immunity

How to get: Covenant Summon

Staff StrikeDark Magic (Passive)Dark Explosion
Attacks with a staff, with a 35% chance to silence for 1 turn.Decreases amount recovered of all enemies by 35% at the beginning of battle, and increases the caster’s Combat Readiness by 20% when the enemy uses a non-attack skill.Burn Effect: Grants an extra turn.

Attacks all enemies with dark magic, with a 80% chance to dispel all buffs before decreasing Combat Readiness by 15%.

No other hero is as effective against Soul Weaver teams as Hurado, almost completely invalidating entire team compositions.

Basically only usable in PvP, it’s all too common to face annoying defence teams full of Montmorancys, Angelicas, Rueles, and Roanas.

For lots of players, those kind of teams are an uphill battle as killing even one unit takes way too long.

Hurado counters these kind of teams considerably, reducing their healing received while dispelling buffs and silencing.

A lot of speed. effectiveness and tankiness is recommended for him.

5) Otillie

Element: Dark

Class: Mage

Recommended Set: Attack / Effectiveness

How to get: Moonlight Summon

Dark ArrowArea Defense (Passive)Mana Release
Attacks with dark energy, with a 35% chance to make the enemy unhealable for 2 turns.Decreases damage received from AoE attacks for all allies by 25%. When this effect is granted more than once, only the strongest effect is applied.Burn Effect: Skill cooldown is decreased by 2 turns.

Exhales powerful darkness, decreasing Combat Readiness by 25%, and making the enemy unable to be buffed and inflicts Silence for 2 turns.

Otillie’s “anti-cleave” kit is designed to deal with targets who use powerful AoE attacks. Think of heroes like Arbiter Vildred, Landy, Seaside Bellona, and Straze.

Her Mana Release skill will nullify any enemy unit, ensuring they’re taken out of the fight for a turn.

Due to her particularly skill-set, Otillie is only used in niche PvP situations.

When you face AoE heavy teams in one of the various Arena sections, keep Otillie in mind.

Speed or tanky builds both work depending on what you need more. Even a counter build could work since the unhealable buff is so strong against AI in control of PvP teams.

4) Alexa

Element: Ice

Class: Thief

Recommended Set: Crit Chance / Crit Damage

How to get: Covenant Summon

FellCold EdgeCrushing Blow
Cuts the enemy with dual-wielded swords. A critical hit will activate Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt can only be activated once per turn of the caster. 

Lightning Bolt: Rapidly cuts the enemy with dual-wielded swords.
Burn Effect: Ignores effect resistance.

Attacks with a cold blade with an 80% chance to inflict two Poison effects for 2 turns, and increase the caster’s Combat Readiness by 30%.
Attacks the enemy continuously, dealing damage proportional to number of debuffs inflicted on the enemy.

Alexa is one of the best wyvern heroes in the game with a huge amount of DPS.

Her first skill “Fell” attacks again if it crits, with both attacks triggering Daydream Joker (which is where most of the DPS on Wyvern comes from).

Bonus damage from Daydream Joker can also crit, so make sure you have her built for either 4k attack and 250% crit damage, or 3k attack and 300% crit damage.

Alexa is useless in PvP so don’t bother trying to use her there.

Overall though, she’s still a staple in many millions of Wyvern teams across the world and should be one of the first heroes on the list to build for any new player.

3) Adin

Element: Earth

Class: Thief

Recommended Set: Speed / Crit Chance

How to get: Reach Adventure Episode 4

Ankle CutBlade GustLightning Bolt
Attacks the enemy with a sword, increasing the caster’s Combat Readiness by 20%.Attacks all enemies with a blade gust, with an 80% chance to make them unable to be buffed for 2 turns. When there are three or fewer enemies, damage dealt increases with fewer enemies.Burn Effect: Ignores Effect Resistance.

Attacks the enemy repeatedly, granting increased Attack and Weakness Shared to the caster for 2 turns. A critical hit has a 75% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns.

Remarkably easy to obtain and cheap to build, Adin is an essential 3-star hero for tackling big boss monsters.

The “Weakness Shared” debuff increases damage dealt to elite or boss monsters by a whopping 10%!

For now, players are content with her being the queen of Banshee hunts.

However, as Episode 4 progresses, SmileGate has hinted at elemental changes so she can be the perfect hero for all hunts!

2) Judith

Element: Fire

Class: Thief

Recommended Set: Speed / HP

How to get: Covenant Summon

Weakness AttackUrgent EvasionMark of Acceleration
Attacks with dual-wielded swords. When the caster is stealthed, has a 75% chance to stun the enemy.When attacked, has a 70% chance to become stealthed for 1 turn.Burn Effect: Grants an extra turn.

Increases the Combat Readiness of allies by 20%, and grant stealth for 1 turn.

Throwback to 6 months ago when I was still learning the game and encountered a team containing Judith in Gold arena.

At the time, I was used to facing heroes like Seaside Bellona, Politis, and Basar. My frown turned upside down at the sight of a level 50 Judith with barely any awakenings.

Then, when the game started, Judith went first to grant her team a combat readiness boost, and I watched with anguish as the rest of the team buffed themselves to oblivion and proceeded to demolish my team.

Annoyingly, Judith herself was stealthed so I couldn’t even exact revenge!

Now I avoid any team containing a Judith. I know there will be one uber hero she’s giving combat readiness boosts to who will melt my heroes.

1) Kiris

Element: Earth

Class: Ranger

Recommended Set: Speed / Effectiveness

How to get: Covenant Summon

Venomous ArrowCorrosive VolleyPreparation
Fires a poisoned arrow at the enemy, with a 35% chance to inflict poison for 2 turns.Burn Effect: Ignores effect resistance.

Fires a corrosive volley to all enemies, extending any debuff duration by 1 turn.
Strengthens the caster’s next attack, granting an extra turn. 

Venomous Arrow: Increases effect chance to 100% and poison effects can be stacked up to 3 times. 

Corrosive Volley: Extends debuff duration by 2 turns.

Renowned as the premier poison applier and best Abyss hero in the entire game, Kiris is the most useful 3-star hero available.

Build her with plenty of speed (at least 200), 100% effectiveness and the rest bulky to stop her from getting randomly killed by Abyss bosses and mobs.

Poison is the only debuff to deal damage based on an enemy’s max health, specifically 5% max HP.

Being able to keep 2-3 poison debuffs on a target consistently is amazing.

She’s so cheap to build and will power through the first 100 or so stages of Abyss.

Kiris is the 3-star hero who stands out the most when recommending tips to new players.

Hope you enjoyed this list and found it useful 🙂 these heroes really do have uses and you never know when they might get a specialty change!