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10 Best Villains – Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 is all about the epic battles, traversing the map as your favorite hero or villain.

Each game, players strive to earn battle points to get their reinforcements as soon as possible.

Compared to heroes, villains tend to be more offensive, lacking staying power in return for huge damage output. 

Consequently, they’re also the most popular. The power of the dark side is evident even in Battlefront players.

I’ll be ranking the 10 best villains in Battlefront 2. Choices are based not only on their stats and abilities but how effective they are on different maps and game modes. 


10. Boba Fett

Recommended Star Cards: Fuel Efficiency, Quick Refill & Born to Fly

In terms of mobility, Boba Fett is completely unmatched. His blaster is best used at up to medium ranges so use Fett’s jet pack to get height and flank advantages.

His rocket barrage is amazing for quickly nuking heroes, or clearing out groups of troopers. Concussion rocket disables blasters as well as dazing enemies, another great tool for dealing with troopers or blaster heroes.

Getting used to his jet pack is crucual, as you can be exposed to blaster fire or force abilities. Make effective use of cover, use his For the Hunt ability when surrounded and you’ll dominate.


9. Captain Phasma

Recommended Star Cards: Blaster Inspection, Easy Shots & Not Hard Enough

Excelling as a battlefield commander, Captain Phasma can reach a seemingly infinite heat limit on her blaster. 

With the star cards shown above, Phasma gains reduced heat with each enemy she kills, even granting a heat bonus to nearby allies.

After acquiring several kills, she really starts to shine. Her blaster becomes more accurate the more you fire, so you can actually become a long-range death laser.

A huge fire-rate and ability to scope for thermal vision means she can be effective in all situations.

And finally, if an enemy hero decides to seek you out, drop your droid and head-shot them while they’re stunned, then finish with Phasma’s staff strikes.

Overall, you need to be able to get some kills for her to really get going.


8. Count Dooku

Recommended Star Cards: Masterful Duelist, Initiative & Sith Control

The premire anti-hero villain, Count Dooku’s entire kit revolves around high saber damage, more than enough to one-shot troopers and deal heavy damage to heroes.

His lightning stun is great against multiple troopers, but damage is reduced for each additional enemy hit so you’ll need plenty of follow up damage to take them out.

Expose Weakness helps defeat heroes sooner, increasing their damage taken and reducing any bonus health. So if you see that Yoda yeet into your control point with 1000 health, you know what to do.

Overall, Dooku’s role as a duelist isn’t the greatest. Too susceptible to mass troopers and too skill-based to be used as a duelist, unless you’re very familiar with him.


7. General Grievous

Recommended Star Cards: Beating Heart, Cowardly Retreat & Line up Weaklings

Performing well with hit and run tactics, General Grievous has the size of a tank but doesn’t fit the role at all. Instead, focus on small skirmishes and assassinating isolated targets.

Claw rush is his best anti-trooper deterrent, with the right star cards you can enter a room full of troopers, kill them all while taking 90% less damage then leave to recover up to 350 health.

Thurst Surge is great for a quick trooper kill, or to deal heavy damage to enemy heroes. But Grievous struggles greatly when exposed, Unrelenting Advance is decent at best for these situations.


6. Darth Maul

Recommended Star Cards: Flow Motion, Ranged Throw & Lightsaber Defense

Darth Maul is by far the most mobile saber user in the entire game, sporting up to 3 long dashes as well as his 2 dodges. His saber throw attack is a great way of dealing damage to heroes while closing the distance.

Backed up by a huge saber attack speed, Maul should be used as a constant harassing tool, dipping into enemy lines and getting out before they know what’s happened.

You really should never be blocking laser fire, take full advantage of your mobility and get out of any situation that isn’t ideal.


5. Kylo Ren

Recommended Star Cards: Bloodlust, Closing In & Solid Freeze

My personal favorite, Kylo Ren is utterly savage in this game, capable of deleting entire legions of enemies.

Ren’s Frenzy ability, combined with Freeze, is an easy way of dealing with troopers & heroes alike. 

Of all villains, Kylo is arguably the most simple. Run in, swing your lightsaber for many kills, onto the next target.


4. Iden Versio

Recommended Star Cards: Cooled Blaster, Shock Reach & Alternative Methods

The best trooper you’ll find on the battlefield, Iden is a competent soldier in every sense of the word.

If you see an enemy hero coming your way, worry not. They’re sure to deflect your primary blaster fire so fire an alternative shot, then stun droid, then headshot them with primary fire while they’re stunned.

Even if they manage to survive that, you can dodge their saber strikes and continue firing into them. 

While your stun droid is on cool-down, avoid hero fights like the plague.

I rarely use the Pulse Cannon, except to snipe heroes/reinforcements at long range. Iden’s main blaster is powerful enough as it is.


3. Emperor Palpatine

Recommended Star Cards: Lightning Reach, In Full Control & Growing Darkness

A decent Palpatine is an absolute nightmare to face off against, and he isn’t that difficult to learn. 

Keep yourself elevated as often as you can, only using cover to restore health. Sheev’s power comes in the form of his lightning attacks, which can melt troopers and heroes alike.

Missing the ability to block saber attacks and blaster fire, you really do need to be careful. Thankfully, Palpatine’s unique dodge animation makes him even slippier.


2. Bossk

Recommended Star Cards: Lingering Dioxis, Spreading the Disease & Name Your Poison

Bossk is the only hero or villain capable of regenerating to full HP, as well as the only blaster hero or villain with a large jump. 

A great all-rounder, there’s no situation where Bossk can’t come out on top. For getting through choke points or large collections of troopers, few villains will serve you as well as this guy. 

Predator Insincts reveals all nearby enemies and equips a powerful grenade launcher. You can legit punch through dozens of troopers in a few seconds if you aim well enough.

Against heroes, drop your dioxide grenade and keep dodging, you’ll come out on top.


1. Darth Vader

Recommended Star Cards: Furious Resilience, Bonus Health & Surrounded by Fear

Considered to be the most newby friendly villain in the game, Darth Vader is actually a monster in the right hands. 

Focused mostly on being the front-line tanking, absorbing damage and taking attention away from team-mates. However, Vader still hits for 130 damage with a frontal attack and 160 from behind.

Lack of mobility is a slight problem, especially when he seems to soar, instead of fall, after jumping. 

Just make sure you’ve always got back up, Vader can only be killed when he’s completely surrounded!