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10 Best Light Side Heroes – Battlefront 2

Traversing the map as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo is a fantasy that lies deep in the hearts of every Star Wars fan.

It’s simply awesome, one of the coolest things in video gaming.

Light side heroes tend to be defensive, with more CC. Lacking the raw damage out-put of the villains, requiring more team-work and co-operation.

You can still dominate games for sure but when you come across dark side heroes, you’ll need to understand how to approach the fight.

This list will rank every light side hero available in Battlefront 2. With some explanations of their strengths, weaknesses and what situations they work best in.


10. BB-8

Recommended Star Cards: Self Repairs, Whirlwind & Shielded Roll

Wielding a fairly tame shock prod, BB-8 is considered a meme hero but it’s not a bad choice at all.

Its main attack deals 29 damage every 0.3 seconds, in a small frontal cone.

Other abilities include scrambling enemy radars, as well as revealing enemies to BB-8 and its allies. As well as a Rolling Charge ability that CCs affected enemies, and one-shotting troopers.

Where BB-8 really shines is with its Cable Spin ability, dealing 120 damage per second, for 8 seconds, in a large radius around it, as well as granting a 30% damage reduction.

Check out this hilarious clip of BB-8 solo killing Darth Vader.


9. Lando Calrissian

Recommended Star Cards: Hot and Cold, Wide Eyed & Lingering Smoke

Quite niche but very effective in the right hands, Lando excels at using his gadgets to overcome his foes.

In particular, his Sharp Shoot deals 200 damage to enemy troops and is able to target up to 5 enemies at once. A puny cooldown of 12 seconds allows you to constantly clean out entire squads.

As a blaster hero, he can find himself in trouble due to the lack of mobility. That’s where his Smoke Grenade and Disabler come into play, trapping enemies, reducing vision and allowing him to ambush his prey.


8. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Recommended Star Cards: Jedi Resilience, Give It All & Quickened Focus

Excelling as a defensive support hero, Obi-Wan Kenobi is perfect for players who prefer to stick with their team-mates.

Kenobi’s All-Out Push ability will one-shot any troopers while charged up, granting a huge damage reduction while doing so. Rooms & choke-points are easy to clear, while still coming out with high HP.

Boasting some of the best Stamina stats in the entire game, Obi-Wan will happily be defending his fellow troopers and control points for the majority of the game.

Against other heroes, he really needs support. Kenobi’s Mind Trick ability is useful for sure, but he lacks the raw damage out-put to effectively crush dark side heroes.


7. Leia Organa

Recommended Star Cards: Stay Together, Laser Brain & Rebel Heart

Formerly the worst hero in the game by some margin, Leia is now a force to be reckoned with.

Best used as a support hero, or for flanking enemies, she can deploy a shield or swap into a powerful blaster, which melts troopers and villains alike.

On maps such as Geonosis (Galactic Assault), Leia thrives as a sniper, I’ve seen players rack up 100+ kills by simply sitting at a high point and using her right-click attack.


6. Yoda

Recommended Star Cards: Jedi Mentor, Enduring Presence & Agility

Despite his small size, Yoda is one of the best tanks in the game. 

Being unable to block lightsaber attacks means he should avoid duels against lightsaber-wielding villains. Everywhere else, though, is advantageous to him.

Instead of deflecting blaster fire while blocking, Yoda will absorb it to increase the range & damage of his Unleash. 

Presence allows him to  boost his own health, as well as granting 70 health to nearby troopers.

With his damage reduction star card (up to 8%) and mobility, Yoda is best used to traverse the map, assisting allies in key locations.


5. Han Solo

Recommended Star Cards: Smuggler’s Wits, Broad Shoulders & Sharpshooter’s Calm

Han Solo’s blaster, the DL-44, is a devastating weapon. Capable of one-shotting enemy troopers, other than the Heavy class, with each head-shot. 

His ability are well designed for skirmishes and anti-villainy. Shoulder Charge is a particularly good ability to knock enemies down before delivering a myriad of shots with his Sharpshooter ability.

You’ll need his star card to unlock 3 combat rolls, something that’s invaluable when you have a saber hero on your tail.


4. Finn

Recommended Star Cards: Beacon of Hope, One Resistance & In Charge

In terms of overall killing and supportive power, Finn is the best blaster user available in Battlefront 2. 

Deadeye ability allows 100% accuracy for every shot, perfect for taking out fliers or highly mobile enemy heros. 

Undercover Team removes Finn & nearby allies from the mini-map, increasing sprint speed and revealing nearby enemies. With a few decent players around you, this ability can crush unaware enemies.

Finn’s best ability is his Big Deal, which is basically an over-charged Officer ability. Increasing ability recharge rate, damage reduction, granting bonus health and allowing no over-heat on weapons. A modest 18 second cool-down means you should wait until you have multiple troopers around you before activating.

Aginst enemy villains, Finn can out-put significant damage from range, making him a good choice in trooper game-modes as well as Heroes vs Villains.


3. Rey

Recommended Star Cards: Resilient Dash, Focused Sight & Deep Mind

Rey’s Insight is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, lasting up to 15 seconds with star cards and providing a ton of utility for hunting troopers down.

It’ll grant her 10 extra damage on her lightsaber swings, as well as revealing all nearby enemies and hiding her from the minimap. With her base damage values, you can one-shot any trooper (other than Heavy) from behind.

Dash Strike is best used to close a distance, or escape trouble, as she receives up to 40% damage reduction with star cards.

Even veterans of Battlefront 2 have problems with Rey’s Mind Trick ability, reversing the controls and lowering sensitivity for 4 seconds. Such an ability is your main method of winning those 1v1 or even 1v2 fights against villains.


2. Luke Skywalker

Recommended Star Cards: Jedi Reflexes, Stronger Push & Extended Push Reach

A great all-rounder, Luke is capable of dealing with troopers and villains alike. 

His Push and Repulse abilities are great CC, dealing high damage to troopers and can push villains off the map.

Rush is perfect for closing the distance, escaping a bad fight, or simply repositioning. 

Luke’s lightsaber deals enough damage to one-shot all but Heavy troopers from behind, as well as considerably damage to villains.

Best used to flank enemies, duel villains and clear out buildings or choke-points, Luke Skywalker is a great choice in every situation.


1. Anakin Skywalker

Recommended Star Cards: Tenacious, Raw Strength & Control the Force

Boasting the highest base damage of any saber hero (or villain) in Battlefront 2, Anakin is considered to be the most powerful Light side hero available.

Anakin’s famous Pull -> Passionate Strike -> Heroic Might combo is enough to absolutely delete anything other than villains, who will only survive with low health. 

You can happilly roam the map solo if you’re confident enough but Skywalker performs best with allies. He can wreak havoc on entire teams with team-mates to aggro foes.

If things start to get too tough, simply activate his Retribution ability, which deals 200 damage to non-heroes and stuns them over 2 seconds.