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Yugioh: Top 10 Best Playmats

Playmats are a requirement for playing Yugioh, they help provide aesthetics to your set-up and protect your cards from dirt and damage.

Many players simply don’t use a mat or go for the default one you get in structure decks.

Investing in a good playmat can provide excellent functionality for years!

Plenty of variants exist, from 1 player artworks to 2 player mats with all the zones.

Mind games a big part of Yugioh, forcing your opponent to make mistakes and mis-play with their cards.

Having a good playmat can add that extra bit of seriousness to your approach as a duelist.

Options exist for more fun variants though, if you’re more of a goofy casual player!

10. BDLV Playmat

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Clearly showing all zones with descriptions, as well as a colorful space background, make this playmat the best available for beginners.

It even has a zone for your banished cards, something that few zoned playmats fail to add!

9. Paramint Scourge Playmat

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Epic art and patterns, not really resembling anything from Yugioh but it adds a cool color theme that you can build around.

Use some card sleeves to match it, maybe even wear darker clothes with some dark gold in there!

8. Doge Playmat

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100% a meme entry, but every player should be aware of the doge playmat’s existence.

Recommend using this mat alongside troll decks, like Exodia or burn/stall decks.

Of course, you can probably get any meme playmat somewhere on the internet, but the doge one was too good to not be featured.

7. GMC Deluxe 2 Player Gamemat

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Perfect for tournament hosting, playing casually with friends or testing your own decks against each other.

Each zone is perfectly shaped and ready to use, with the only exception being the lack of Pendulum zone markers, but that isn’t a big deal if the mat is being used by experienced players.

6. RFG Playmat

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Few monsters are as epic as the Egyptian God Cards, some of the most powerful monsters in existence (in-universe).

In this artwork, you can see the three Divine-Beasts towering over an army of warriors. 

It’s just so awesome and every player will be in awe at the size of these creatures.

5. Dark Magician Playmat

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Since it first appeared as Yugi’s flagship card, the Dark Magician archetype has been a staple of any Yugioh player’s collection.

Bolster your loyalty with an entire playmat dedicated to them!

The colors used will fit well with a majority of archetypes, types, and attributes, not just Dark Magicians.

4. Wenini 2 Player Playmat

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Never forget your roots, bring you and your opponent back to Egypt, where Yugioh was created (in-universe).

Ideal for playing with kids. I’ve been using this mat to play with my 6 year old soon.

He loves the original Yugioh series and can’t really get into the newer things.

Using more casual decks on this playmat creates a ton of immersion and to be honest, you won’t find a better playmat for this purpose!

3. Kaiba Playmat

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Seto Kaiba is one of the most recognisable characters in western cartoons.

Having acted as an anti-hero for many years, pushing the beloved Yugi to his limits, he’s well respected by the Yugioh community.

As such, this playmat is perfect for any kind of try-hard deck, bonus points if it contains dragon-type monsters.

2. Gypsy Goblin Playmat

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A mono-color playmat is well worth investing in, as it can provide ample protection for your cards, without drawing too much attention.

They come from various companies and designs but the title company is well respected across all card games, definitely recommend them for their high-quality products.

1. Exodia vs Blue-Eyes Playmat

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Featuring some of the coolest Yugioh art ever seen on any medium, this playmat is sure to impress.

Exodia simply grabbing a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with one hand is crazy. 

It also encapsulates the very reason we duel, for the ability to see awesome monsters duking it out.

No other play or game mat will serve you as good as this one!