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We Are Warriors: Top 8 Best Skills

We Are Warriors is a popular mobile game with over 5,000,000 total downloads on Google Play alone!

The gameplay is essentially an army-fighting battle game, food is generated over time and you can use it to produce troops to fight for you.

As you win battles, your gold coffers build up and you can eventually progress to the next age. Evolving to the next stage resets your progress, but you unlock powerful new troops.

For example, I am currently running a Space Age army while fighting peasant farmers for their gold. Very fun. 🙂

Once you bypass the initial few stages, you’ll start to unlock abilities we call skills. These activatable perks can turn the tide of a fight, or set up a large force of troops.

I’ll be going over the 8 best skills to use in We Are Warriors. Use this guide to equip the right ability each time you join the fight, saving you valuable time and earning a lot more gold!

8) Shockwave

Description: All of your units on the battlefield release a shockwave, dealing 180% of their damage

Although Shockwave ranks last on this list, it is by no means a bad skill. All the skills in the game are actually quite useful, this just tends to be the least of the best.

You can deal significant damage to all enemies surrounding your troops when activating Shockwave. It is a very simple skill, dealing AoE damage equal to the attack of each unit.

In most timelines, you’ll experience enemy armies that sometimes flood the field with 10 (or more troops). A simple Shockwave can destroy them all at once!

7) Freeze

Description: Freeze all enemy units for x seconds

Freeze is most likely the first skill you obtain, and it starts out only freezing enemies for 0.5 seconds.

As you progress through the ages, you will inevitably upgrade this skill to where it freeze for over 5 seconds!

While freeze doesn’t deal any direct damage, it can stall enemies while you attack them, or save up food for unit production. However, be aware it doesn’t affect any units that spawn after the skill is activated.

6) Buff

Description: The next unit you spawn is bigger, increasing Unit Damage and Unit Health by x%

Perfect for armies that sport a powerful 3rd unit, making it count as almost two units in one. I like to use this on a powerful ranged unit, watching as it mows down any oncoming enemies.

Buff is also exceptional for creating yourself a strong frontline unit, allowing you to invest the rest of your unit production resources in ranged units!

5) Meteors

Description: Bring down a shower of meteorites, each dealing x% of Starting Unit Damage

Meteors can either be amazing or terrible, it depends on where they land. I’ve used the ability and watched as it hasn’t scratched a single enemy. But I’ve also seen it take out a dozen of them.

Such power has to come at the drawback of unreliability. It does fire 20 individual meteors though, so it can be really good against armies that field a lot of fodder units.

4) Decoy

Description: Spawns three fast-moving decoys, each with x% of Starting Unit Health

My personal favorite, as I love to spam ranged units and don’t focus too much on a frontline. Decoy summons 3 moving dummies with a ton of HP, which can easily soak up a ton of damage while you produce several ranged units.

This is another skill you can acquire relatively early on, and it will help to propel you through the early timelines as you struggle in battles.

However, over time you will inevitably upgrade your units max health pools, and this will no longer be as useful as other skills.

3) Morale

Description: Improve the morale of your untis on the battlefield, increasing Unit Damage and Unit Health by x%

As I mentioned earlier, I love producing a constant stream of ranged units, and the Morale skill massively boosts their damage output as a group.

While a 10% boost to health and damage doesn’t sound like much, it counts for a lot when you have 5+ units on the battlefield.

Particularly useful with an elite (3rd option) unit and tons of ranged units, many battles have been won due to this skill.

2) Push

Description: Push back all enemy units, dealing x% of Starting Unit Damage

By far the best offensive skill, Push deals significant damage while also creating distance between your base and the enemy army. Exceptional against large groups of troops, you’ll want to equip Push as your primary offensive weapon, due to its versatility.

Do not underestimate the pushback, as it can give you time to produce more food. Having the food spare for a single additional troop can make a big difference.

1) Recover

Description: Recover all of your units from the battlefield and get x% of their Food Cost refunded

Honestly for much of the game, the units themselves are the best assets you have to defeat your opponents. More units usually mean a much higher chance of winning, this is especially the case for ranged-heavy armies (such as the Cowboys).

My favorite strategy is to use fodder to stall for time while saving food, then quickly use Recover to regain a vast amount of food.

After that, you can simply use the hoard of food to output a massive army. It’s usually smooth sailing from there.

This strategy is tricky as you can lose your base before it is fulfilled, so be sure to time it correctly, and have some quick fingers!