Top 5 Best Power Armors in Fallout 4

T-45, one of the best power armors in Fallout 4
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  1. Avatar Chris G says:

    The Court 35 spawn is not a guaranteed spawn. A lot of people are saying this, but it’s not the case. Confirmed at level 52.

  2. Avatar Josh says:

    I found a T-51(?) full suit in perfect condition while swimming in the river I believe just east of good neighbor (approximately). Its on a partially sunken ship inside a wire cage that can be unlocked through a novice level terminal. I was only level 16 or 17 when i found it.

    1. Avatar Josh says:

      Just checked and it is t51

  3. Avatar Matt says:

    Nearly a full x01 set is available in the glowing sea at the abandoned shack , underneath is a secret military installation power armour is on the bottom floor with a converted .308 combat rifle the armour is absolute boss.

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