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Top 10 Trap Hole Cards in Yugioh

Trap hole cards have been staples in most Yugioh decks for years, the original Trap Hole was incredible at the time. Plenty of new trap hole cards have been released over the years, so much so that making a list was easy. There will definitely be at least 1 card on this list you have in your main deck, maybe there’s a few you didn’t even know existed. Choosing the right trap cards is important, they can act as dead draws more than any other type of card. Hopefully a list of the 10 best trap hole cards will help you decide!



10. Chaos Trap Hole

Chaos Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

Being able to negate a summon and banish the card is actually incredible, such power comes with downsides though. Chaos Trap Hole is limited to Light/Dark attribute monsters and you have to pay 2000 LP as well. This card is completely out-classed by Solemn Warning, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of this card in your deck.


9. Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

99% of decks you see nowadays make use of special summoning effect monsters, in fact this strategy is likely the most common in all of Yugioh. A card dedicated to combating this is awesome, allowing you to shut down a play before it happens. As it has no cost, it’s actually a decent choice if you’re running low on generic good trap cards!


8. Void Trap Hole

Void Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

Another card to help prevent your opponent from special summoning, this one is slightly more reliable than the previous entry. While the monster it targets needs to have 2000 or more ATK points, no other requirements are necessary. You can rely on Void Trap Hole to shut down your opponent’s strategies, giving you the edge in the race to summon your boss monsters.


7. Double Trap Hole

Double Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

Quite situational but absolutely devastating in those situations. It’s common for the likes of tokens to be special summoned, Double Trap Hole gets rid of them with ease. Not only does it destroy all monsters special summoned in defense position at the same time, it banishes them as well. Your opponent will never expect this card, allowing you to turn them red-faced when you flip this card over.


6. Adhesion Trap Hole

Adhesion Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

No destroying, banishing or negating, just straight up ATK decreases. This is what Adhesion Trap Hole is all about, offering a different type of trap hole card for your numerous strategies. Working particularly well in stall decks, Adhesion Trap Hole can be considered for any deck out there, although there are better alternatives..


5. Time-Space Trap Hole

Time-Space Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

Time-Space Trap Hole has to be one of the coolest looking trap cards out there, looking like an upgraded Dark Hole. Watching your opponent spend 5 minutes using all these different effects to summon a monster from their extra deck, only for you to activate this card, is glorious. Just 1000 LP are required to send a monster special summoned from the hand/extra deck back to where they came from.


4. Deep Dark Trap Hole

Deep Dark Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

As discussed before, almost every single duel you’ll have from now until the end of time will see a level 5 of higher effect monster summoned. That’s a guarantee, so having a card like Deep Dark Trap Hole available is invaluable. It doesn’t destroy the card, just straight up banishes it. Overall, this trap hole card is definitely worthy of 4th and has a shout for the top 3.


3. Trap Hole of Spikes

Trap Hole of Spikes, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

Trap Hole of Spikes could easily be higher on this list if not for its situational effect. It can only be activated on a monster that was summoned the same turn it attacks, which isn’t always the case, resulting in a useless trap card. When it does work, it can contribute heavily to your victory aspirations, getting rid of a card and inflicting LP damage!


2. Floodgate Trap Hole

Floodgate Trap Hole, one of the best trap hole cards in Yugioh

Similarly to Quaking Mirror Force, a trap hole variant that flips monsters face-down is insanely good. Monsters flipped face-down by this effect are rendered useless as they cannot flip themselves back up. This is possibly more powerful than destroying or even returning the card back to the hand/deck.


1. Bottomless Trap Hole

Bottomless Trap Hole, the best trap hole card in Yugioh

The only trap hole card on the forbidden list (Limited to 1) had to reach the number 1 spot on this list. Ever since Bottomless Trap Hole was released, it’s been a staple in every and any deck. It was even banned at one point, as the ability to banish cards so easily without a destructive cost was deemed a bit excessive. Now it’s available in any deck, so make sure you have one in yours!