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Top 10 Most Useful Fallout 4 Junk

How’s your base going? Are your weapons and armor well upgraded? Maybe you already have piles of the most useful resources but it never hurts to get more. Even if you have thousands of Steel & Copper, you’ll find your reserves getting low after a lot of building and upgrading. You need to find these resources efficiently, which means keeping an eye out for the best kind of junk. While picking up anything and everything that contains your desired resource is fine, that inventory space could be taken by items that give the same resources but more of them. To help you take advantage of this, here are the top 10 most useful Fallout 4 junk!


10. Flip Lighter

Flip Lighter item in Fallout 4, useful junk

The Flip Lighter is a common item that is easy to spot, yet provides some great junk items. Usually found on Raiders or Gunners, you should keep an eye out for this item as you’ll obtain a lot of useful resources from it. It provides 1x Oil, 1x Steel and 1x Spring. You can never get enough oil!


9. Telephone

Telephone item in Fallout 4, useful junk

You can likely see the trend already, this list isn’t just the items that give the most resources. The rarity of the item is important too, there would be no point in placing an item on the list if you encounter one every few hours. The Telephone can be found in abundance, in nearly every building. It provides the ever-useful Copper aswell as some Circuitry and Fiberglass.


8. Vase

Vase item in Fallout 4, useful junk

Vases provide Ceramic, yes that’s it.

So why is it on the list?

Because Ceramic is a resource you should keep an eye out for, Vases don’t take up much inventory space and are found everywhere. Simply picking up a few Vases here and there can keep your Ceramic stockpile topped up.


7. Desk Fan

Desk Fan item in Fallout 4, useful junk

Absolutely ridiculously easy to obtain, Desk Fans should be picked up at all times. Found commonly inside buildings, you can get a good handful of Desk Fans per location run. This will provide you with 2x Gears, 2x Screws and 2x Steel per Desk Fan. These are items that can be overlooked but are useful to have.


6. Gas Canister

Gas Canister item in Fallout 4, useful junk

Oil and Steel. Gas Canisters have surprisingly low weight while providing practical resources. Oil especially can run out quickly, Steel is always useful. You likely bypass Gas Canisters, dismissing them as simple objects that you can’t interact with. Keep an eye out for this item and your oil troubles will be gone!


5. Economy Wonderglue

Economy Wonderglue item in Fallout 4, useful junk

Ah, Adhesive, the bane of every Fallout player’s life. Any kind of Wonderglue is uncommon and provides Adhesive but Economy Wonderglue gives you a massive 5x Adhesive for your crafting adventures. They can be found all over the place really, from houses to factories. Never miss Wonderglue, it’s just so damn helpful.



4. Hot Plate

Hot Plate item in Fallout 4, useful junk

Found absolutely everywhere, the Hot Plate item should always be picked up as it provides Circuitry, Copper and Screws. They’re so common that if you give priority to picking them up, you’ll never run out of Copper. You can usually find at least 1 or 2 in most dining areas.


3. High-Powered Microscope

High-Powered Microscope item in Fallout 4, useful junk

The High-Powered Microscope can solve all of your optical needs. Providing 2 Crystals, 1 Fiber Optics, 2 Gears and 2 Glass, you should pick this item up whenever you can. With an inventory weight of 5, it can take up a bit of space but it’s worth it. Mostly found in the Institute, they can be obtained in factories and laboratories all over the wasteland.


2. Military Grade Duct Tape

Military Grade Duct Tape item in Fallout 4, useful junk

Duct Tape is an excellent source of Adhesive, as Duct Tape can be found commonly in all kinds of areas. Military Grade Duct Tape is a whole other kettle of fish, providing 4 Adhesive and 2 Ballistic Fiber. The latter is fairly scarce, if you have your heart set on getting a ton of Adhesive and Ballistic Fiber, raid bases belonging to the Gunners to get your hands on this item.


1. Steel

Bucket item in Fallout 4, useful junk

This isn’t technically a single junk item, rather a tip for getting Steel. Items such as buckets, shopping baskets, metal plates, cutlery, cups and brushes provide Steel without taking up any noticeable inventory space. You can never have enough Steel, even if you have thousands!