Top 10 Most Hated Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the biggest games in the world, with over 100 champions its hard for someone not to fall in love with a specific one and play continuously. Among these champions are some that many players believe to be toxic to the game. These champions aren’t overpowered, some aren’t even strong but their kit and playstyle give players a horrific experience. Here’s 10 of the most hated champions in League of Legends!


10. Rengar

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The bane of all squishies, Rengar has been frustrating marksman and mage players ever since his release. He jumps on you, bursts you from full health to 0 and then retreats to safety. Riot’s recent rework of him did add some counter-play but the one-shotting is still there and players are still sick of him.


9. Katarina


This assassin is a nightmare for enemies, especially in low ELO. Her burst is crazy, against unco-ordinated teams she can obtain pentakill after pentakill. She sees absolutely no play on the pro scene so its obvious she has satisfying counter-play, in the form of CC and team co-ordination. But for players who don’t have this, she punishes them hard and leaves victims with a bad taste in their mouth.


8. Fizz

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Fizz is hated mostly for his E ability called Troll Pole. The availability of untargetability is frowned upon by players everywhere, Fizz takes this to another level by having a skill that grants untargetability as well as high damage and mobility, as well as a low cool-down. It’s extremely annoying when you try to punish a bad Fizz, only for them to skip off to safety without a scratch. Especially when the champion has such high damage, he can easily one shot any squishy.


7. Caitlyn

This entire champion screams the word ‘oppressive’, with lane bullying and late game dominance meaning players hate facing her. Her traps have no counter-play other than ‘don’t stand on them, or wait until she’s gone’ but she can just throw 5 down in lane and completely zone you off. Try to stand on one? Say bye to half your health bar as she gets a huge damage bonus. Her basic attack range is among the highest out of all the marksman so she can just basic attack her lane opponents without a reply.


6. Zed

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A good Zed is absolutely frustrating for a not so good player. Zed punishes misplays hard and snowballs like crazy. Because of this, players simply don’t want to deal with him. Although he has a lot of counter-play and hasn’t been considered ‘overpowered’ for a while, he still retains a high ban-rate, especially at low elo.


5. Blitzcrank

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This champion is hated for one reason and one reason only; his grab. His hook easy to predict and dodge, with a high mana cost and cool-down. Players still hate playing against it though, if you can’t dodge it or punish him for using it, he can feel extremely overpowered. He can zone you out of lane completely and get easy picks for his team throughout the game.


4. Lee Sin

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Lee Sin is disliked due to the favoritism given to him by Riot, if Lee falls out of the meta he’ll be promptly buffed to get him back in. Players are frustrated because there’s many champions they love that haven’t been meta for years, yet are nerfed the second they get close. Lee Sin’s kit is also annoying to play against, his mobility allows him to get away unpunished for a bad engage or bad positioning. His ult has insane scaling damage so he can build full tank and still one shot squishes with his QR combo.


3. Graves

Players at all elo levels, from Bronze to pro play, see Graves a lot. They’re tired of him being a tank, assassin, marksman and bruiser all in one champion. He has mobility, insane burst, high dps, tank-iness and can be built with sustain items to become unkillable. He’s definitely overpowered but he’s overloaded, there’s too much in his kit and it reduces the margin for error to very low.


2. Vayne

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Arguably the biggest Bronze stomper on the list, Vayne’s weaknesses are completely ignored in low ELO. Her late game 3 shotting of tanks is countered by her abysmal early game, but players do not acknowledge this and let her get through laning fairly unscathed. Then they wonder why she suddenly starts 1v3’ing for triple kills. Her 3-hit true damage passive is quite frustrating though, it’s not overpowered but it’s toxic to play against, although fun for the Vayne player.


1. Yasuo


Even if Yasuo is played by a braindead idiot and goes 0/7/0 in lane, he can always come back for quadra kill later on. Players, myself included, don’t think he’s overpowered but hate playing against such a toxic kit. His Windwall ability is one of the most ‘oh wtf why can he do that’ abilities in the game, as he can stop multiple ultimates with it (not even Braum’s shield can do that..). His passive is insanely overloaded as it doubles his crit chance and grants him a shield every now and again. He is squishy though and very vulnerable to CC, which is why he’s not played in pro play. But like most others on this list, low ELO players just cannot stand trying to take advantage of such weaknesses.

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  • May 10, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    What about Teemo? What about Master Yi? What about Garen?


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