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Top 10 Most Fun Top Laners – League of Legends

Being a top lane main can be exhausting at times, you’re so far away from the action and it seems you’re on your own little island up there. Teleport plays can shake things up a bit but for most of the game, you’re not doing much except farming or split-pushing.

A remedy to this is playing a really fun champion, not only do they encourage aggressive plays to get adrenaline pumping, they tend to be extremely powerful if you can play to their strengths.

This list will detail the 10 most fun top lane champions in League of Legends. If you’re looking for several fun champions to add to your top lane champion pool, this list is perfect for you!

Some small extra details have been provided too.

Skill floor refers to how easy it is for players to understand and use a champion effectively

Skill ceiling is based on how difficult it is to get the absolute maximum out of your champion

An example of a low skill floor, low skill ceiling champion is Garen.

An example of a high skill floor, high skill ceiling champion is Camille

Also note I’ll be ignoring champions who aren’t primarily top laners such as Vayne and Ryze!


10. Poppy

Poppy, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

Riot did an amazing job when they reworked Poppy 3 years ago. I can’t speak much for what she was like beforehand as I very, very rarely saw her in-game but current Poppy is incredible. Her W in particular stops dashes, which are so prevalent nowadays. Poppy bring susprisingly high damage to the table too, with the tank stats to keep her in the fight.

She’s really easy to pick up, providing a safe top laner who can flex to the support role, as well as carry a game if she needs too. Veteran players may be looking for something a bit more flamboyant and if you are, keep reading!

Skill floor: Low

Skill ceiling: Medium


9. Jax

Jax, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

While he’s desperately in need of a visual update, Jax is the go-to fighter for new players learning the ropes on the Rift. Full of versatility, Jax can do anything from AP burst, attack speed sustained damage to a tanky stun bot.

Trading in lane separates the good Jax players from the bad ones, it’s quite hard to play perfectly in every match-up but that just adds to the excitement. Jax will teach you all about lane control, map awareness and other core gameplay mechanics while also being a good carry option!

Skill floor: Low

Skill ceiling: High


8. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

I know Dr. Mundo is a binary, straight-forward champion who goes where he pleases but he’s quite fun to play. The satisfaction of landing multiple Qs is awesome, you can CS or poke from range before going in for the kill.

Late-game, playing a champion who can run straight past the enemy team into the back-line is also satisfying, who doesn’t love headbutting a squishy?

His split-pushing potential is great too, requiring the enemy team to bring at least 2 members just to get Mundo away from a tower, never-mind killing him.

Skill floor: Low

Skill ceiling: Low


7. Rumble

Rumble, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

AP top laners are a bit out of the norm but Rumble is a champion every top lane main should add to their pool. If a team-mate chooses an AD champion mid-lane and you have no other AP threats, Rumble is the perfect choice unless the enemy has heavily counter-picked him.

Managing your heat levels must be pointed out though, even a slight mis-play can mean the difference between life or death. As you get more items, Rumble’s ultimate causes serious damage and can win entire team-fights on its own.

Skill floor: Medium

Skill ceiling: High


6. Gangplank

Gangplank, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

Almost every player must dream of playing Gangplank well, those barrel crits are so satisfying, unless you’re on the receiving end of one. A huge weakness of the Saltwater Scourge is his laning, he really needs items to get up to speed, although that’s been accelerated with the Kleptomancy keystone.

Positioning, map awareness and correct item builds gives a Gangplank player few margins for error. If you can successfully play this champion competitively, you’re one hell of a player!

Skill floor: High

Skill ceiling: Very High


5. Aatrox

Aatrox, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

Many players will argue Aatrox was much, much better pre-rework. The fact is, he was a stat-checking auto-attacking melee boss who was frustrating to play against and barely fun to play as. Now he’s got a whole new kit and Aatrox is still tearing up the Rift.

His new skillshot based Q is hugely rewarding to land, dealing massive damage and being awesome aesthetically. The Darkin Blade has come a long way over the years and he’s now one of the best and most fun top laners in the game!

Skill floor: Low

Skill ceiling: High


4. Camille

Camille, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

Since Camille’s release, top laners have loved her unique playstyle and her ability to flex into the jungle. She’s a jack of all trades, with a stun, shield, true damage, auto resets, zoning and endless combos. Like seriously, you can play 100 games of Camille and still find new strategies to approach a fight or delete a squishy.

As expected, mastering Camille is no easy feat, you’ll have to play hundreds of games to be get a complete grasp of what her kit has to offer.

Skill floor: High

Skill ceiling: Very High


3. Fiora

Fiora, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

One vs one, two or even three, it doesn’t matter to Fiora. If you can land her Qs correctly and appropriately time her W, you’ll have no problem being a split-pushing harasser, giving your opponents nightmares for weeks.

Fiora’s combos with E and Tiamat require excellent mechanical skills to output the most DPS, something a lot of newer Fiora players struggle with. Adding her to your champion pool is a great idea, she’s never really not viable and who knows how soon it’ll be until she’s broken again!

Skill floor: Medium

Skill ceiling: High


2. Kled

Kled, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

No doubt you’re a top lane main if you’re reading this list, that means you’ve likely faced a good Kled player or 2 and you can remember how much of a nightmare he is, in the right hands. Seemingly impossible to stop when he gets ahead, Kled offers a ton of outplay potential and is still one of the best top laners.

Such a unique mechanic in the form of his mount Skarl grants you some truly epic getaways, escapes of outnumbered double kills. Let’s be honest too, Kled is one of the most tilting champions to face, sometimes that can win you the game!

Skill floor: Low

Skill ceiling: High


1. Riven

Riven, the most fun top laner in League of Legends

Learning Riven is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in the entirety of League of Legends. Past Diamond or even Platinum level, Riven doesn’t offer enough to be a viable pick (unless you’re VERY good with her) but for climbing out of low ELO or just for a fun game, she’s the best top laner by far.

Her lack of a Mana system gives you one less thing to worry about, short cooldown on mobility skills encourage aggression as well. In terms of snowball potential, Riven is possibly the best snowball champion in the game.

As soon as you get a few kills and take first tower, you can start roaming and deleting the other enemy players. Even tanks aren’t safe from Riven’s ruthlessness, as she can constantly hassle and chase down would-be survivors.

Skill floor: Medium

Skill ceiling: Very High