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Top 10 Most Bizarre Pokémon

The world of Pokémon has produced a huge number of creatures to discover and obtain. The games are famous for their flexibility when it comes to choosing your team, you have hundreds of Pokémon to choose from. These Pokémon come in all different shapes and sizes, from huge dragons to tiny babies. Among this huge array of choices are some that are particularly weird and bizarre to behold, making them a rare choice for players who want their team to reflect their own personality and appearance. I’ve ranked the top 10 most bizarre and weird Pokémon for your enjoyment!



10. Diglett

Diglett, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

One of the most famous questions about Pokémon is “What is Diglett’s full body?!?!”. This question has remained unanswered for years and without knowing what it is, Diglett is considered mysterious and bizarre.


9. Goomy

Goomy, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

It’s a ball of goo with eye and weird antenna things. Who in their right mind wouldn’t drop kick a Goomy if they encountered it in real life? This monstrosity is mind-boggling and completely bizarre.


8. Muk

Muk, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

Throw a Goomy into a polluted river and Muk is what will come out. Just imagine the smell of this Pokémon, it’s gag-reflex inducing to behold. The way it manouvres around the floor like a slug is cringe worthy.


7. Exeggcute

Exeggcute, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

A clump of eggs as a Pokémon is bizarre enough, what exactly do they hatch? They just evolve straight up into a palm tree, what happens if you take an egg away from an Exeggcute?

These are the reason questions, the most bizarre thing about this Pokémon is the one egg that’s had its cranium smashed open. Dear lord..


6. Garbodor

Garbodor, one of the most bizarre Pokemon


Imagine sitting at your desk, desperately trying to think of a new creature for the upcoming Pokémon game. You’re stumped, but you look out of your window to see a bin man taking some rubbish. The spark ignites, you have your Pokémon and it’s truly grotesque.


5. Palossand

Palossand, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

Out of all the inanimate objects in the world to choose from and a sand castle gets a Pokémon designed after it. I guess it works to conceal itself on a beach, until that one spoiled brat 8 year old comes over to round-house kick it.


4. Musharna

Musharna, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

The actual ‘body’ of Musharna is fairly cute with those bright colors and calming demeanor. Then it starts snorting some kind of pink smoke, yeah sure it has magical Poké powers but still, I wouldn’t be seen within 20 feet of a Musharna.


3. Luvdisc

Luvdisc, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

Every Pokémon game needs a useless fish looking water type Pokémon, Luvdisc is one of those. I remember the first time I encountered this little heart shaped sea creature, I was sickened but curious. While it can be considered a cutie, it’s still bizarre as it’s clearly a gimmick.


2. Probopass

Probopass, one of the most bizarre Pokemon

For a long, long time, Probopass was the most disgustingly bizarre Pokémon to ever grace the series. That nose is too huge to be considered anything but silly, Zlatan Ibrohimovich would be proud. Then you get to the moustache or whatever the hell that black bush is. The entire idea of Probopass is revolting.


1. Xurkitree

Xurkitree, the most bizarre Pokemon

Looks like the creators of Pokémon let their children all draw a little design each, then merged them all together to make this legendary (for some reason) Pokémon. It’s a freakishly repellent being, capable of making the bravest of people soil their pants. You can stare at it all day every day for years and you won’t understand how this Pokémon functions.