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Top 10 Most Balanced League of Legends Champions

Riot loves to shape up League of Legends, they often make huge changes every season to keep the game fresh. These changes almost always result in a completely new meta, some champions go from god-tier to trash tier and vice versa. Despite this, many champions remain vigilant throughout multiple big changes, staying both fun to use and effective on the Rift. The same can’t be said for other champions, some are dumpstered due to toxic kits or for being too strong. We’ll ignore these for now though, instead we’re going to have a look at the most balanced champions in League of Legends!


10. Jax

Jax, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

Although he can feel broken if you make some mistakes and get him fed, I can assure you Jax is completely balanced with well-defined strengths and weaknesses. He’s a great split-pusher and duelist, you can’t send one person to end his push because they’ll be easily 1v1’d. However, he can be easy to shut down during the laning phase and if you do so, he won’t be a problem towards the mid-late game.


9. Illaoi

Illaoi, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

Illaoi is like Jax with clear strengths and weaknesses. If you’re getting stomped by an Illaoi, no doubt it’s due to your own team for not punishing Illaoi’s mistakes. If you try to 4v1 her while her ult is up and continue the fight while she slams you, she’ll seem way too strong. Her ultimate is super easy to disengage from & bait, Illaoi herself is slow with barely any gap-closers, making it simple to kite her. She’s well balanced yet extremely powerful against bad players.

It’s definitely worth maining Illaoi if you need to get out of low ELO, she stomps bad players and she’s not likely to be nerfed at all.


8. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

The Card Master has received very few changes during his League of Legends career, post-launch anyway. Obviously he was absurdly overpowered in the early stages of the game, with his R being a basic ability. Since he got his current kit though, he’s been viable in pro play & solo queue for years with just a few small changes here and there.


7. Kassadin

Kassadin, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

For a long time, Kassadin was the most disgustingly broken champion to ever hit League of Legends. Now though, he’s strong but completely balanced. He gets thrown into the mid-lane, there he has to CS well against mages and assassins to stay relevant. Towards the late-game, he’ll achieve massive burst capabilities and outplay potential. This was after some buffs a few seasons ago as he was garbage-tier at the time.


6. Nasus

Nasus, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

Nasus can be devastating in the right hands, a good late-game Nasus will take down towers and champions in a matter of seconds. His stacking strategy is completely unique, players know to either end the game quickly when facing Nasus, or take him out of the game in the early game. He has received numerous buffs in recent months but Nasus has never truly been a bad choice for anything below Master rank.


5. Olaf

Olaf, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

The Berserker has flourished for season after season, he brings such a unique gameplay aspect that pro players and solo queue players love. He can build bruiser items and be a damaging threat, although this is only recommended while fed. The most effective build is mostly tank & juggernaut items, as you can dive the backline while their tanks/supports desperately try to peel. Overall he’s not received that many changes, yet he’s stayed relevant at all ranks for years.


4. Bard

Bard, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

While most viable as a support, Bard has shown competence in the top and mid lane. His game revolves around chimes, which requires him to leave his lane temporarily to get the power he needs to match his opponent. Such an ability is perfect for balance, he was weak on release and has received a fair few buffs ever since. He’s in a great spot right now, some would argue he’s the most balanced champion in all of League of Legends!


3. Braum

Braum, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

Braum is an excellent support choice, he brings tankiness, peel and CC to his team. His kit looks quite overloaded on paper but skill is required to make the most of it as well as deal with it as an opponent. Because of this, he sees regular pro play and Braum is awesome in solo queue as well. No one can doubt he’s not incredibly balanced though, no one!


2. Warwick

Warwick, one of the most balanced League of Legends Champions

Believe it or not, Warwick hasn’t received any changes (other than bug fixes) since his rework in January of 2017. He’s barely seen any pro play but that’s understandable, in solo queue he’s a beast who can dominate. Warwick is flawless for new players, allowing them to get used to the jungle and how it works, as well as learning how to gank. I’d argue the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun is the best designed champion in the game!


1. Sion

Sion, the most balanced League of Legends Champion

Sion is widely regarded as the most balanced champion and one of the best designed champions in League of Legends. His kit screams counter-play, giving players the ability to out-play a Sion or get punished severely if they can’t. He’s a monstrous juggernaut, being insanely tanky while bringing tons of damage and CC. His weaknesses are a little too defined for pro play, a Challenger level player will have no problem dealing with a good Sion. Generally speaking though, Sion just pips Warwick for the number 1 spot on this list!