Top 10 Melee Weapons in Rust

You’ll need to defend yourself the instant you spawn into a Rust server. Players aren’t the only thing to worry about, animals are just as dangerous, if not more so in the early stages. To help you get through this initial survival, a melee weapon is needed to grant you much better chance. Some melee weapons are only available late-game and well, they hit really hard, as expected. This list will go through the 10 best melee weapons in rust, it can be seen as a sort of guide as well!

Disclaimer: rankings are affected by how easy a weapon is to obtain. An easily obtainable bad weapon for a new spawn is better than a late-game half-decent weapon.


10. Bone Club

The Bone Club, the 10th best melee weapon in Rust

The Bone Club should be your first weapon as it has piddly resource requirements. Just 20 bone fragments are required to craft this blunt weapon, such resources are easily obtainable by mauling a few dead bodies or crushing a skull. It’ll provide you with a low damaging but effective weapon for early hunts or naked fights. Get a better weapon as soon as possible though!


9. Hatchet

The Hatchet, the 9th best melee weapon in Rust

Primarily used as a wood cutting tool, the Hatchet is competence in battle too. It won’t decapitate any bears but it’ll allow you to put up a fight if you have nothing else available. It should never be used as your main weapon but as a backup, it’ll put a good shift in. It does require quite a bit of resources to craft too but overall, it deserves to make the list.


8. Bone Knife

The Boneknife, the 8th best melee weapon in Rust

Requiring just 10 more bone fragments than the Bone Club, this small knife is far superior in terms of combat abilities and versatility. It’s the best low-level item for harvesting corpses, the fast attack speed in particular makes collecting item from dead bodies a breeze. It has short range so you have to get up and close in a player vs player fight but the damage is respectable.


7. Stone Spear

The Stone Spear, the 7th best melee weapon in Rust

With high damage & a long reach range, the Stone Spear is an amazing choice for players who are just starting to build up their base. This weapon also has a chance of making your opponent bleed critically, which is pretty much a mortal wound. The crafting requirements are a tad bit high though (300 wood, 100 stone & 5 cloth), so it’s not a viable choice for a lot of players. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, just there are other melee weapons which are slightly less effective with a much lower cost, as you’ll see later…


6. Mace

The Mace, the 6th best melee weapon in Rust

A case could be made for the mace being in the top 5, maybe even the top 3. It deals extremely high damage, its capable of killing your enemy in one hit to the head, or a few body shots. The crafting requirements are quite good too, needing only 100 wood and 50 metal fragments to create. The disadvantage is the considerably slow attack speed, making it unforgiving if you miss an attack or two.


5. Wooden Spear

Wooden Spear, the 5th best melee weapon in Rust

Of course, this weapon doesn’t have the combat capabilities of the previous two entries. The reason it’s in the top 5 is almost solely because of how easy it is to obtain. Only 300 wood is demanded to procure the wooden spear, allowing you to obtain it within minutes of spawning. Then you have a weapon that can hunt animals or nakeds extremely easily, food will no longer be a problem!


4. Salvaged Sword

The Salvaged Sword, the 4th best melee weapon in Rust

What a cool sword, you have to love the art style of Rust. The Salvaged Sword deals heavy damage with a fast attack speed and medium range, it’s a great all-rounder and should definitely be considered as your main melee weapon. While its resources are steep (15 metal fragments and a rarely found metal blade), the sheer flexibility of usefulness makes up for it.


3. Salvaged Cleaver

The Salvaged Cleaver, the 3rd best melee weapon in Rust

Fielding the second highest DPS of any melee weapon in the entire game, the Salvaged Cleaver is a weapon you should run from. It deals heavy slashing damage, it looks awesome and it can make the enemy bleed. Such power is enough to make it come 3rd on the list, even when you factor in its rather tedious crafting requirements.


2. Machete

The Machete, the 2nd best melee weapon in Rust

The machete has lower DPS than the previous entry but it has much better crafting needs, requiring only 100 wood and 40 metal fragments. You can get your hands on a machete fairly quickly, it’ll likely be your main weapon after you move on from spears. You can arguably put this at the number 1 spot, its the perfect weapon in terms of accessibility and combat potency.


1. Longsword

The Longsword, this is the best melee weapon in Rust

The highest damaging melee weapon had to come first, it’ll deal an insane 75 damage per slash, which is enough to one-shot anyone without full health, or close to full health. Due to its long blade, you’ll have no problem chopping arms off from a fair distance away, you’ll also look awesome while doing so!

Of course, such immense power comes with disadvantages. To craft this weapon, you’ll need a cool 6 metal blades and 200 metal fragments, quite a large investment. It’s worth it though, no other melee weapon can compare to the longsword!

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