10 Hardest Yugioh Monsters to Summon

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  1. Avatar Farhan says:

    No. I think you are getting the wrong Theinen card. Google it.
    The real effect is when Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia is destroyed simultaneously, you can pay 500LP to summon Theinen from hand/deck.
    Also, you might want to check the combo with ‘Pyramid of Light’ card. While this card is on the field, you can special summon Andro or Teleia for 500LP; and when this card is removed from field, Andro and Teleia is also destroyed, then you can summon Theinen.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      You’re absolutely right!

      I’ve updated the list, thank you 🙂

  2. Avatar Perdana says:

    Sir.. Don’t forget the horakhty the creator of light. Bringing 1 Egyptian god to the field is already such a task, horakhty need 3, one for each of them.
    And also Zushin the Sleeping Giant, the most extremely dificult moster to summon in yugioh that makes no one would play it in real game

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Holactie is a great shout but it’s not available in English 🙂

      Zushin could easily make the list though!

  3. Avatar h5p says:

    u forgot The Creator God Of Light, Horakhty geez need 3 god card at the same time —-

  4. Avatar Trung Nguyen says:

    You should add “A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon” to this list. And also, “Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon”, which requires WVXYZ and Armed Dragon Lvl. 7.
    My friend can summon 3 D/D/D High Kings in one turn (which includes 1 Fusion, Synchro, XYZ) so my only job is to summon “Blue-eyes Chaos MAX Dragon” or “Black Luster Soldier”, then I could summon Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth.
    Creator God of Light is quite easy to summon, unlike what people say. You need to tribute 3 monsters your opponent controls using the Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere mode, and then Pendulum Summon the other gods. Another way is to Foolish Burial and Soul Charge them again.

  5. Avatar Jorge Carrillo says:

    My oh my, how times have changed. Three years since this post was made to be exact. For those unaware, let me set the scale and say that, Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, is no longer the hardest monster to summon thanks to the Cocoon of Ultra Evolution spell. Let that sink in.
    Same can be said for the V-Z machine with Armed Dragon series, even the Egyptian God and Scared Beast (fusion included), thanks to recent support.
    I go as far as to say Sophia is far easier to summon due to the way most play a variety of monster types, including Ritual in some. Though that is still the hardest to achieve most of the time.
    Now some things remain hard to summon, namely The (not at all) Great Sphinx monster and the Spirit of the Pharaoh monster. But the point is, the majority on this list are no longer impossible to summon.
    You just have better options.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 the list was outdated for sure, but I’ve updated it now!

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