Top 10 Fun Yugioh Decks to Play

Yugioh is a varied game with plenty of different decks, archetypes and strategies to choose from. Of course, only a fraction of these are viable competitively but when it comes to casual play, anything is possible. If you’re the kind of person who simply has a few decks that are strong competitively, selling them when they become bad, then you’re missing out on a completely different side to our favourite card game. To help you get started, here’s the top 10 most fun Yugioh decks to play!

  • Please note I have tried to avoid archetypes and/or decks that are ‘powerful’. These decks are pretty much casual-only. Lets be honest, you’re already aware of all the good decks that are fun to play.

10. Kuriboh

As you can likely tell already, these decks will not be even remotely viable. We all know Kuriboh, that little brown ball that has been with us for years. Having a deck centered around Kuriboh and all of its alternate forms is amazingly fun, you can create some strong combos too as they’re all level 1 monsters. Also, as they’re all either Light or Dark, you can add some Twilight centered cards in there too!

9. Crystal Beast

So far from their glory days, Crystal Beasts have been a fun and engaging archetype since they were released. Popularised by their ace card Crystal Abundance, they’re fun to play with and a nightmare to play against. This is still the case today although they are lacking due to their slowness. With all the new support cards bringing bygone archetypes back to life, you may see Crystal Beasts reign again in the near future.

8. Elemental HERO

Elemental Heroes are still strong, particularly Masked Heroes but this entry focuses on the GX-era cards. Summoning those fusion monsters is insanely satisfying and the base heroes themselves are awesome. It’s mostly for nostalgia but both players will enjoy dueling with this deck.

7. Warrior

Warrior equip decks without archetypes are really fun because you can watch your awesome warriors destroy the biggest of monsters. There are archetypes that take this into a competitive level (looking at you Noble Knights) but choosing your own warriors and your own equip spells is a different kind of warrior deck. You will never really have a boss monster as each warrior will be powerful with equip cards.

6. Normal Monster

There are a ton of support cards that allow normal monsters to swarm the field, deal heavy damage and stay on the field. Having a collection of your best normal monsters in one deck is a joy to use, especially when you actually get to summon and use them. They would be destroyed by any slightly competitive deck but you’ll have the most fun.

5. Umi – Tornado Wall – Water

Who can forget Mako Tsunami’s best cards? A Legendary Ocean reduces all Water monster’s levels by 1 each, making level 5 monsters become level 4. This opens up a whole new world of strategies and combos, all of which are fun to play. Water monsters also swarm quite well so you can get plenty out on the field, then use Tornado Wall to protect your life points. Your opponent might not find this deck so fun, though.

4. Reverse Burn

Your opponent will definitely want to murder you if you ever use this deck. Reverse Burn is the strategy of using cards that reverse any life points gained into life points taken. Use this with cards such as Gift Card and you’ll have a red-faced rival. Quite epic for the player to use though, they watch their opponent do their irrelevant strategies while using cards like Reckless Greed to fill your hand with the cards you need to OTK your opponent.

3. Volcanic

This is here more for the theme and aesthetics, Volcanic cards are some of the coolest looking archetypes in the entire game. With plenty of burn options, big monsters, swarming potential and even cheese (with Raging Flame Sprite or Ultimate Baseball Kid), this deck is great. It is really slow however, so make sure you try to keep the pace low if you decide to use it.

2. Dinosaur

Arguably the longest forgotten Type up until the recent Structure Deck release, Dinosaurs have always been competitively unknown but fun to use. With a myriad of boss monsters, there’s no shortage of beaters to get on the field. The key strength lies in Survival Instincts, which allows you to banish dinosaurs from your graveyard and gain life points for each one. Then you have Tyranno Infinity which gains 1000 ATK for each one. This combo is very strong and even more enjoyable to pull off!

1. Character Deck

This one goes down to you personally. Think for a second, who is your most favorite character out of all of the series? Whose decks did you love the most? Now go build a deck as similar as you can and face someone else who has done the same. Make sure it’s the same ‘series’ though as Yusei’s deck would almost certainly demolish Yugi’s. There’s no better feeling than putting all of those nostalgia-stinking cards into a single deck and seeing them come to life on your field.

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