Top 10 Easiest Overwatch Heroes

As of January 27th 2017, Overwatch has over 20,000,000 players! It’s so popular for good reason, it’s a well-polished first person shooter that runs well and has constant updates. Pro play is as popular as casual play but for those new players who want to catch up to the experience players, learning an easy hero is the best way to go. Thankfully there are plenty of newbie-friendly heroes so choosing one shouldn’t be too hard!


10. Junkrat

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Junkrat isn’t the easiest but you can be successful with him without learning much. His grenade launcher deals an obscene amount of direct damage and decent splash damage. You can shoot your grenades over walls or other obstacles to reach enemies on the other side. Just watch out for airborne targets or those with a height advantage. His trap is great for catching flankers and his mine is a useful escape tool that can be used to deal damage too. His ult can be difficult to use at first but you’ll be getting multi-kills after you’ve used a few!


9. Soldier: 76

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The go-to guy if you’ve played first person shooters such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. Soldier 76 emulates many of the features in modern first person shooters such as sprinting, an assault rifle, med pack and noob-tubes. His ult is by far the easiest¬†offensive ult to use in the game as it auto-targets your enemies for you. Soldier 76 is great at all skill levels so he’s worth putting time into if you enjoy that kind of playstyle.


8. Roadhog

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Junkrat’s BFF, these two love causing havock together. Roadhog is so easy to get kills with, his hook almost guarantees a kill and his self-healing allows you to stay in the fight. The combo is right click -> hook -> left click. This kills almost every character in the game. His ult is easy to use at the wrong time though so that takes practice.


7. Bastion

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Bastion’s sentry mode sacrifices complete mobility for much higher damage. In recon mode his weapon has a max ammo size of 25 and has a less than average fire rate. In sentry mode however, it has a max ammo size of 300 and a much higher firerate. You can decimate a whole team in a few seconds if they don’t deal with you. His ultimate turns him into a tank which sounds great but it’s difficult to land the rocket shots without lots of practice.


6. Mei

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Often labelled the ‘devil’ or ‘troll’ of Overwatch, Mei inspires saltiness and rage quits wherever she goes. Her main fire mode shoots short-range freeze particles that, after a few seconds of hitting an enemy, will freeze them in place. Her secondary fire mode shoots a long range icicle with high¬†damage. You can 1v1 almost every hero in the game by freezing them and using your secondary fire for a headshot or two. Her ult throws down a aoe freeze which allows you wipe for multikills if used correctly. She also has an invulnerability heal for herself and can summon walls.


5. Torbjorn

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This Stunted Swede is a master mechanic, he uses a variety of tools to beat his enemies. He can place a turret on the ground that, after a few seconds of him hitting it with his hammer, will upgrade to a powerful sentry that can defend chokepoints. He himself uses a rivet gun that can fire 1 bullet for long or a ‘buckshot’ of rivets to hit enemies at short range. He can also throw armour packs for his team to pick up, which grants them extra HP. His ult upgrades his turret from a machine gun to a rocket launcher/machine gun. It also grants him a ton of HP, armour and drastically increases his fire rate.


4. D.VA

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D.VA is a professional Starcraft player turned Overwatch Agent. She uses her combat mech suit in-game but, if the mech gets destroyed, she ejects and uses a small pistol until her mech returns. She’s a fairly binary hero, her mech does not need to reload but her buckshots are very low range/damage. She uses a Defense Matrix to destroy incoming projectiles and also has a ton of HP so she’s great for a front liner. Her ult ejects her from her mech and it becomes a nuke, eradicating anything nearby.


3. Winston

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Winston has one main tactic – Jump in to the enemies, disrupt and confuse, get out. His gun deals low damage over time in an arc, you won’t 100-0 anyone other than a squishy but if you get their healers or dps’ attention, you’re doing good. His first ability lets him just great heights or distances, perfect for getting into the enemy backline. His other ability drops a dome shield on the ground to protect him while he’s in the backline. His ult turns him angry, he ditches his gun for his fists as well as gaining double HP which, as a tank, is massive. His ult attacks knock enemies back and his jump cooldown is greatly reduced.


2. Lucio

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Classed as a healer although he doesn’t do much healing. Lucio has an aura around him constantly, this aura can either heal a low amount or give a slight speed boost. You can switch between the two at will!
He has an ability called Amp It Up! that increases the power of his aura temporarily. He also has a wall-ride ability that lets him glide along walls. He’s a slippery hero that’s for sure, he has low health but he’s difficult to kill. His gun has a slow fire rate, low damage and an alternative fire that knocks enemies back (usually to push them off the map and into their death, or get enemies away from him). His ult grants a rapidly decaying shield to all nearby allies. He’s honestly a great all-round support and perfect for those who are new.


1. Mercy

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By far the easiest hero is Mercy. Her staff does not deal damage to enemies, in fact if you ‘shoot’ it at a nearby ally you will heal them. Alternatively you can use the secondary fire to boost their damage. Her wings allow her to fly over to any ally in her line of sight which really helps her survive as she’s quite squishy and an easy target. And last but not least, she has an aoe Ressurect ultimate!

If your team gets wiped by a huge enemy ult combo it doesn’t matter, use Mercy’s ult and they’re back up to fight again!

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