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Top 10 Cutest Yugioh Cards

Yugioh is full of epic & intimidating monsters. You can make countless decks based around battle-hardened warriors or powerful dragons. But what if you want something different? Sometimes, having a cool little deck with no competitive viability is refreshing, Yugioh is most enjoyable when you’re truly in touch with your cards and enjoy playing them. If this is the case and you want a different kind of deck, the cutest monsters in Yugioh will be right up your street!

Of course this list is opinionated but I’m pretty sure I chose the rights cards. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions and I’ll update the list if I agree!


10. Marshmacaron

Marshmacaron, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

You can’t go wrong with a little pink slime like Marshmacaron, who would want to hurt this little fairy? It has the added bonus of being fairly decent for getting more of them out on the field!


9. Poki Draco

Poki Draco, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

Appearing like a mix between a baby dragon and a squirrel, this little munchkin is seen eating some kind of fruit on its art. It also appears to have suffered a wound as its forehead has a plaster 🙁


8. Cat Shark

Cat Shark, one of the best beast type monsters in Yugioh

Cats are  the cutest animal to grace planet earth, Yugioh needs more cat cards!

This is a great card in terms of dueling power too, as it has stalling capabilities and the ability to boost another XYZ monster’s ATK/DEF stats.


7. Madolche Cruffssant

Madolche Cruffsant, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

I might have been lying when I said cats are the cutest animals. After seeing this card, I think dogs & cats are joint 1st as the cutest. It’s a little puppy wearing a top hat, what more could you want?!


6. Buten

Buten, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

This is the first pig I’ve ever seen that I’d prefer to cuddle rather than throw in the oven. Those eyes are to die for and those little can’t get much cuter than this!


5. Shiba-Warrior Taro

Shiba-Warrior Taro, one of the best beast warrior type monsters in Yugioh

Not only is Shiba-Warrior Taro an amazingly cute card, it’s also one of the best beast-warrior type monsters in the entire game. I’m not sure what breed of dog it is but with that bone holder on its side, it looks ready for battle!


4. Marshmallon


Marshmallon has been dazzling hearts for years, it’s always been an awesome stalling card but its true powers lie in its cuteness. While most players who have faced a Marshmallon likely get angry when they see their opponent flip one face-up, anyone else is ecstatic to see such a cute card be viable!


3. Winged Kuriboh

Winged Kuriboh, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

The normal variant Kuriboh is cute by itself but when you give it tiny wings, it becomes something else entirely. Enter the Winged Kuriboh, melting hearts from the Yugioh GX era (the crowd’s reaction when Jaden Yuki summons it tells you everything).


2. Catnipped Kitty

Catnipped Kitty, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

Cats are awesome, especially Catnipped Kitty. Most cats don’t look anywhere near as playful as this little beast, that ribbon and bell around its neck is a cuteness overload!


1. Watapon

Watapon, the cutest Yugioh card

Those eyes, man. If you somehow have a copy of Watapon, keep it in your wallet for desperate situations. Whenever you’re stressed, feeling down or depressed, whip out your wallet and take a gander into the eyes of Watapon. Your heart will melt and all your troubles will be gone!