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Top 10 Best Yugioh Wyrm Monsters

Wyrm monsters are an odd type in Yugioh, a number of them have the word “Dragon” in their name despite not having the Dragon type (Weird, like Gyarados being a Flying type Pokemon without actually being able to fly..). Regardless, they’re a cool type with awesome art and effects. There aren’t that many outside of the Yang Zing archetype, but that doesn’t mean the others are no good! Have a look at the top 10 best Yugioh Wyrm monsters, no archetypes!



10. Dragon Dowser

Dragon Dowser, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

Get a free Pendulum monster in your extra deck! Dragon Dowser is a useful Wyrm type monster which fits into any Pendulum deck that utilises Earth Pendulum monsters. It can be amazing if used correctly but it is quite situational. As expected, Dragon Dowser doesn’t fit into the majority of decks so it has to be quite high up on the list.


9. Mystery Shell Dragon

Mystery Shell Dragon

A simple Wyrm monster, Mystery Shell Dragon is an awesome little beat down card that gives you some great options. With an attack stat of 2000, it can be used to deal a ton of damage when attacking directly, or simply stall if your opponent can’t summon anything with higher ATK. I’d say the art is stunning as well, this Wyrm monster looks so cool!


8. Mare Mare

Mare Mare, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

Loads of options, so many options. Mare Mare can be a nightmare (see what I did there?) to get on the field but when it’s on there, you have a ton of different ways you can approach a strategy. Granting up to 3 level 1 Tokens per turn, as well as reducing it’s level by up to 3 per turn, is crazy good for getting the XYZ or Synchro monsters you need. As its a Tuner, there’s less set-up required because you can simply use Mare Mare and its tokens as Synchro materials!


7. Giant Pairfish

Giant Pairfish, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

A simple yet effective card, it does have pitiful ATK/DEF stats for its level but the effect is great. Send a monster to your graveyard to summon a level 4 or lower Wyrm monster from your deck!

If you can get this card on the field, you’ll have a superior advantage as you’ll be able to get a monster in your grave and another monster from your deck. This is perfect for a variety of combos, although summoning it is the difficult bit.


6. Tatsunoko

Tatsunoko, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

Aww, what a little cutie. With 1700 ATK (which is decent for 3 star monster), you won’t be taking down any Gate Guardians but Tatsunoko’s strengths lie in its effects. Being able to Synchro summon using monsters in your hand is unbelievable, it opens so many options up for you to utilise your extra deck. It’s also unaffected by other monster effects which isn’t really that useful, but it can be practical in the right situations.


5. Pandora’s Jewelry Box

Pandora's Jewelry Box

Do you have a stall deck of any kind? Pandora’s Jewelry Box is the card for you, unless you have an extra deck of course. Drawing two cards for your normal draw phase is exceptionally powerful, but of course it has drawbacks. Its ATK/DEF stats are pretty terrible. It needs to be face-up during the draw phase so you will either have to play it face-down and hope your opponent doesn’t attack it with a half-decent ATK or higher monster, or play it face-up and risk the same, but with the risk of losing life points too. It can be amazing in the right decks though.


4. Tornado Dragon

Tornado Dragon, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

Pretty much a double Mystical Space Typhoon, Tornado Dragon is particularly easy to summon with a great effect. Rank 4 XYZ monsters tend to have a fair bit more in terms of ATK/DEF but             with an effect so powerful, having 2100 ATK and 2000 DEF is understandable. The effect even works in your opponent’s turn, Tornado Dragon is an amazing card and I want one!


3. Al-Lumi’Raj

Al-Lumi'Raj, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

This can be considered a bad Wyrm monster because it does reduce the ATK/DEF of your own monsters. It’s not too bad though, it can be useful in a large number of situations. First, it’s a Tuner monster with a level of 3, which is valuable. But it can massively turn a fight in your favor as a Blue-Eyes White Dragon would actually have less ATK than AL-Lumi’Raj (Blue-Eyes with 600 ATK, AL-Lumi’Raj with 700 ATK.). The effect applies to any monster summoned after it so your opponent will have a tough time taking it down, giving you enough time to use is as a Synchro material!


2. Magma Dragon

Magma Dragon, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

I wanted to put Magma Dragon first on the list, purely because of the art, god damn it is glorious. The effect is also incredible, providing easy access to Wyrm type monsters in your graveyard. Literally any Wyrm can be summoned by Magma Dragon, although it does need to be special summoned to use its effect. It would be outrageously overpowered if it didn’t have this weakness though, it’s already easy enough to special summon monsters anyway!


1. Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon

Number 24: Draculas the Vampiric Dragon, one of the best Yugioh Wyrm type monsters

What a card, it can fit in a large variety of decks, not just decks that revolve around Wyrm type monsters. Your opponent gets rid of it? Doesn’t matter, it’s coming straight back and it’ll use its effect to destroy a card. It’s a good counter to monsters summoned from the extra deck (Pendulum monsters too!). As you can see, it is by far the best Wyrm monster, this type doesn’t have too many great cards unfortunately. But Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon isn’t just a good Wyrm monster, it’s a great monster overall!


Saturday 20th of January 2018

Just thinking, I'm pretty sure Lindbloom should be on this list. It has some serious capability if combined with Destiny Hero- Defender.