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Top 10 Best Yugioh Psychic Type Monsters

Released during the 5D’s era, the psychic type was an interesting addition that added an entirely new strategy to Yugioh. These monsters have powerful effects but, unlike the cards released today, have drawbacks you need to play around. Fortunately, cards were released that help massively to reduce the effects of such drawbacks, giving psychic players epic combos while making it fair for the opponent. This list will focus on the best psychic type monsters in Yugioh!

Disclaimer: Archetypes have been avoided. Lets be honest, you already know the best archetypes. This list will focus on lesser known and/or ‘independant’ cards.


10. Armored Axon Kicker

Armored Axon Kicker, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

If you aren’t familiar with the strategies of psychic type monsters, you might think Armored Axon Kicker is terrible. While it’s not the best psychic monster to grace the game, it’s still a great choice that can be useful in a lot of situations, especially against opponents on the defensive. Just a single psychic monster on the field is required to normal summon this without tributing!


9. Number 74: Master of Blades

Number 74: Master of Blades, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

Not just a great psychic type monster, this card is an awesome rank 7 XYZ monster overall. The reason its number 9 on the list is due its situational effect, a lot of cards will have no problem destroying this monster. In the right situations though, it’ll contribute massively to your deck. I wouldn’t recommend putting this in a psychic type deck as it doesn’t gel as well as other cards but it’s definitely worthy of being on this list.


8. Serene Psychic Witch

Serene Psychic Witch, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

All decks need some reliable ways of special summoning for them to be even a little bit viable, Serene Psychic Witch contributes well in this regard. It’ll allow you to get any monster you can think of, assuming you meet the 2000 ATK or lower requirements. It’s a good little monster, effective in a number of ways. It does have quite a few weaknesses though, such as its low ATK/DEF stats and weakness to being banished, which is why its so low on the list.


7. Grapple Blocker

Grapple Blocker, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

Grapple Blocker will seriously hard-counter a variety of decks, imagine using this against Monarchs? Then again, Monarch players deserve all the hate they can get.  It does need to be normal summoned to use its first effect which is fine, it has a cool 2000 DEF to act as a decent stall if you need to. As its level 4, it’ll be useful as a XYZ material too. I’d say it’s worth putting at least 1 Grapple Blocker in your psychic deck.


6. Psychic Lifetrancer

Psychic Lifetrancer, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

One of the most recognisable psychic monsters in the game, Psychic Lifetrancer is easy to summon and will help to prevent you from commiting suicide via your own psychic monsters effects. It’s oh so common for an inexperienced psychic player to get a bit too low on their life points so this card will keep you topped up.


5. Storm Caller

Storm Caller, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

Jesus, what even is that effect?!

Having an effect that places a single monster to the top of the deck is massively underrated by the Yugioh community, in my opinion. So having the ability place up to 5 monsters to the top of the opponent’s deck is ludicrous. Of course you take a lot of damage if this card is destroyed by a card effect but that’s barely a disadvantage, there’s so many ways you can get rid of this card before your opponent manages to destroy it.


4. Mind Protector

Mind Protector, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

This is what I meant when I said psychic type monsters have powerful effects, this monster in particular can shut down your opponent’s early game and give you ample time to build up your combos. It’s purely defensive but it can provide a material for a rank 3 XYZ monster too. Mind Protector should fine itself in any psychic type deck.


3. Magical Android

Magical Android, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

Now we’re getting to the really, really powerful monsters!

Taking effect damage is a part of a psychic type deck, that’s the price you pay for such awesome effects. If you have this monster on the field though, suddenly you’re gaining a lot more life points than you’re losing. You can gain up to 3000 life points per each of your end phases which is an insane amount for just one card, imagine if you have 3 of them on the field..


2. Hyper Psychic Blaster

Hyper Psychic Blaster, one of the best Yugioh psychic type monsters

If you can summon Hyper Psychic Blaster and have cards that can protect it then you’ve already won. This monster will tear your opponent apart, dealing heavy damage to them while restoring your own life points. It is vulnerable to spell/trap/monster effects which is why it needs protection, but it’s still by far the best psychic monster for any psychic type deck.


1. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, the best psychic type monster in Yugioh

This card is the best psychic type monster overall, just not the best for a psychic type deck, if that makes sense. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit sees play in a variety of meta decks, something which no other psychic type monster can boast. Hand “traps” are exceptional in today’s Yugioh, giving players yet another way of making sure their opponent can’t respond. This monster is definitely the best & more useful psychic type monster in the game!