Top 10 Best Yugioh Plant Type Monsters

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  1. Ariesatian kiritobias says:

    I would have put aromage jasmine for its ability to make one strong monster from double normal summons and an extra draw with aroma garden. Also bold move with the plant princess

  2. JIMMY BOB says:

    Black Rose Dragon is a Dragon Type

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      Well, this is awkward…

      I was 100% sure it was Plant type, weird :O will update!

      1. Wyspree says:

        Well if it wasn’t a Dragon-type then it would have certainly been a Plant-type.

  3. Ernesto Roa says:

    chtonian soldier both of you take the battle damage. amazoness swordswoman your opponent takes the battle damage. command knight increases the attack power of any warrior type.

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