Top 10 Best URF Champions

Very few players dislike URF, it’s a casual game-mode with little to play for. Some games are complete stomps, where you can never leave the comfort of your tower but that’s what URF is all about. Getting a fun champion in URF is more important than winning in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t abuse URF for easy wins.

Choosing the right champion can win the game in champ select, so you’ll need to know which champions do the best in URF. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best URF champions, so make sure you use any of these if you come across them!

Rankings have been determined by win-rate but also, my URF experiences. Win-rates are based on players of a Platinum rank or higher. I play with Gold/Plat and the occasional Diamond players.


10. Fizz

Fizz, one of the most fun assassins in League of Legends

Win-Rate: 60.5%

In any other game-mode, Fizz is an annoying assassin who can delete a squishy and escape unharmed. In URF, Fizz does this so often it gets tilting. Few abilities are as frustrating as his E, making him untargetable with an extremely short cool-down.

Thankfully, CC is everywhere in URF so it’s not like Fizz has free reign. I’m glad URF is now random as he always used to make an appearance. For me, he’s the champion I least like to see!


9. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Win-Rate: 61.4%

Wielding Zhonya’s Hourglass, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Liandry’s Torment, Heimerdinger can be a nightmare to deal with. In addition to his constant sieging, any kind of collpase on him should be done with extreme caution. All it takes is a well placed R turret and a Zhonya’s invulnerability for him to get a triple kill.

On the other hand, his abilities are still skill-shots and can’t be landed easily, so you need some skill to make him work.


8. Veigar

Veigar, one of the best URF champions in League of Legends

Win-Rate: 59.6%

Veigar’s win-rate is likely boosted by his E, which is absolutely absurd in URF with such a short cool-down. To be fair, during the first 5 minutes or so, Veigar is insanely squishy and can be pushed out of lane by most mages. However, after a few items, he really starts to take over the game.

His R is a point-and-click execute that almost always provides a kill. So just spam E, wait for an enemy to get stunned then Q-W-R for an insta kill regardless of their tankiness. Just watch out for assassins and flanks as a simple flick in Veigar’s direction will kill him!


7. Orianna

Orianna, one of the best URF champions in League of Legends

Win-Rate: 60.6%

Full AP Orianna should be put in a duo lane whenever possible, as her ball is too difficult to dodge so she can take over lane easily. A Luden’s Echo & Rabaddon’s Deathcap will allow her to start one-shotting people with her Q-R-E combo.

Such high damage is usually off-set by immobility or a lack of utility but not with Orianna. A movement speed boost paired with a surprisingly strong shield is pretty crazy. There’s a reason her win-rate is so high and personally, I’ve never not hard-carried an URF game as Orianna!



6. Sylas

Sylas, one of the best URF champions in League of Legends

Win-rate: 53.4%

I’m kidding you not, I’ve witness a full AP Sylas with a third of his health bar be collapsed on by 3 enemies and come out of it with full HP. Such is the nature of his kit, it’s actually quite broken in URF. Of course, you’ve likely not had the same experience as players are still figuring out what he can and can’t do.

Once Sylas obtains 2 or 3 items, he’ll start to become immortal with so much stupid self-healing and shielding. His ult stealing capabilities are pretty potent too, overall he could be one of the highest champions on this list when we figure his kit out properly.


5. Ahri

Ahri, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Win-Rate: 60.8%

All it takes is one E landing during the laning phase for an Ahri to carry the game. As an assassin based around cool-downs, Ahri requires exceptional skill to get through the early stages unscathed in normal game modes. In URF though, she’s different. Low cool-downs allow her to melt creep waves, landing an E is usually a guaranteed kill if you’re running Ignite too.

I firmly believe Ahri is one of the best champions available but her win-rate doesn’t reflect this too much, maybe some players have difficulty landing her skillshots..


4. Malzahar

Malzahar, one of the best ARAM champions

Win-Rate: 59.7%

One of the worst experiences you can have in League of Legends is laning against a Malzahar in URF. The constant barrage of mini-silences, voidlings and DoT abilities make him so frustrating. If you’re on the other side of the screen though and you’re playing as Malzahar, enjoy your free win.

In addition to tilting enemies off the face of the earth, Malz brings a ridiculous ult to the table, making picks considerably easy and often.


3. Sivir

Win-Rate: 61.5%

One of, if not THE best wave-clear champion in the entire game, Sivir auto-wins lane in URF. No other champion can compare to her creep killing, allowing you to push enemies under their tower and earn a ton of gold from turret plating.

All you do from there is keep pushing, keep getting those advantages and snowball once you get 2 items. Such a short cooldown on E and R allow you to over-extend a lot further than you normally would!


2. Xayah

Xayah & Rakan, a really fun ADC and Support

Win-Rate: 61.8%

As I’m sure you’re away, URF doubles any attack speed boosts. This means that her level 1 W will provide a 60% attack speed boost, alongside a 20% increase to auto attack damage. Such a boost allows for an easy laning phase, making any all-in from either side a double kill for her.

As it gets to level 18, she’ll have a massive 100% attack speed boost just from her W. This allows Xayah to built more AD items, she’s insanely strong at all stages of the game.


1. Vladimir

Vladimir, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Win-Rate: 61%

Vladimir doesn’t have the largest win-rate but I’ve never encountered a champion so devastating in URF. Vlad’s self-healing is so, so frustrating when it has a half-second cooldown. He can build full AP to shred entire teams in a few seconds too, while retaining a high degree of tankiness.

If you play him, make sure to use his W for escaping only and make use of Zhonya’s Hourglass where possible. You’ll become a menace, capable of 1v3’ing or even higher depending on how fed you are!

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