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10 Best URF Champions 2021

Very few players dislike URF, it’s a casual game-mode with little to play for. Some games are complete stomps, where you can never leave the comfort of your tower but that’s what URF is all about.

Getting a fun champion in URF is more important than winning in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t abuse URF for easy wins.

Choosing the right champion can win the game in champ select, so you’ll need to know which champions do the best in URF.

I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best URF champions, so make sure you use any of these if you come across them!

Rankings have been determined by win-rate but also, my URF experiences. Win-rates are based on players of a Platinum rank or higher. I play with Gold/Plat and the occasional Diamond players.

Many of these champions require good mechanical ability, which only comes with either natural talent or experience. 

If you plan on taking them into URF, be aware you might struggle for the first few games, unless you’re already familiar with the champions!


10. Zed

Zed, the most fun assassin in League of Legends!

Equipped with a QSS, Zed is near impossible to catch as he roams the map, deleting any squishies.

Most likely banned but if you manage to get him through, some basic knowledge is required to combo effectively and escape soon after.

Build the item mentioned above as well as lethality for an epic amount of kills.


9. Fizz

Fizz, one of the most fun assassins in League of Legends

In any other game-mode, Fizz is an annoying assassin who can delete a squishy and escape unharmed.

In URF, Fizz does this so often it gets tilting.

Few abilities are as frustrating as his E, making him untargetable with an extremely short cool-down.

Thankfully, CC is everywhere in URF so it’s not like Fizz has free reign.

I’m glad URF is now random as he always used to make an appearance.

For me, he’s the champion I least like to see!


8. Xayah

Xayah & Rakan, a really fun ADC and Support

As I’m sure you’re away, URF doubles any attack speed boosts.

This means that her level 1 W will provide a 60% attack speed boost, alongside a 20% increase to auto attack damage.

Such a boost allows for an easy laning phase, making any all-in from either side a double kill for her.

As it gets to level 18, she’ll have a massive 100% attack speed boost just from her W. This allows Xayah to built more AD items, she’s insanely strong at all stages of the game.


7. Ekko

Ekko, one of the most fun assassins in League of Legends

Ekko’s ultimate is annoying enough with a normal cool-down, in URF it’s a constant pain for anyone facing it.

Alongside a Lich Bane, Ekko deals considerable damage consistently.

Allowing him to quickly assassinate even tankier targets before escaping through his ultimate.

Keeping track of your ultimate position is important though.

Many new players will ult straight back into sight of multiple enemies. 


6. Twitch

Twitch, one of the highest winrate champions in League of Legends

Rarely seen in normal modes, Twitch has been silently destroying URF games for many years.

You can literally just build several Infinity Edges, the attack speed buffs from URF and his Q do the rest. 

Emerging from invisibility to kill multiple enemies in less than 2 seconds is both bizarre and awesome.


5. Kai’Sa

Kai'Sa, one of the most fun AD Carries in League of Legends

Go AP and spam your W. At max rank and 2+ items, it’ll deal at least half of a squishy target’s health.

Her E and R are used to re-position to avoid skill-shots, you don’t need to engage when you’re spamming W from range.

Of course, against targets with high mobility, they can dodge the W easily. Full crit/AD will be your choice for match-ups like that.


4. Lulu

Lulu, one of the most banned champions at the League of Legends World Championship 2017

Assassins are constantly sighted in URF, having a disengage enchanter like Lulu can be invaluable at times.

However, she also provides some incredible poke damage during the laning phase.

What this means is a guaranteed free lane, up until the enemy assassins with 10 kills at 8 minutes come down.

When they do that, CC them and kill them. Easy!


3. Sylas

Sylas, one of the best URF champions in League of Legends

I’m kidding you not, I’ve witness a full AP Sylas with a third of his health bar be collapsed on by 3 enemies and come out of it with full HP.

Such is the nature of his kit, it’s actually quite broken in URF. Of course, you’ve likely not had the same experience as players are still figuring out what he can and can’t do.

Once Sylas obtains 2 or 3 items, he’ll start to become immortal with so much stupid self-healing and shielding.

His ult stealing capabilities are pretty potent too, overall he could be one of the highest champions on this list when we figure his kit out properly.


2. Yuumi

Yuumi has the highest ban-rate of any URF champion at 67%, much higher than the next champion (Zed at 60%). 

Because she’s absolutely oppressive and can turn a champion into a raid boss who will take over the game.

Singed, Master Yi, Kayle, Akali, Hecarim, Sylas, Lee Sin & Kassadin are the main offenders.

Attach yourself to your preferred team-mate and press E as often as you can. Enjoy your win!


1. Fiora

Fiora, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

Wielding the highest win-rate of all champions in URF, Fiora has just a 10% pick-rate while maintaining a 58%(!!) win-rate.

In terms of KDA, you’re likely to die a lot. Which is fine as you’ll usually take at least 2 others with you.

She does require some pretty good mechanical knowledge though, as timing her W to avoid CC is basically mandatory.

Having her Q dash on a 1 second cool-down, reduced if it hits an enemy, grants her some stupid mobility.

With a Trinity Force and Tiamat, clearing waves and team-fighting is like a knife cutting through butter.