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Top 10 Best Synchro Monsters in Yugioh

Ever since their release, synchro monsters have made the game much more fun and enjoyable. It gave Konami more freedom when it comes to designing new cards, synchro monsters can be insanely powerful with the trade-off of difficult summoning conditions. Over the years, stronger and stronger synchro monsters have been released, yet the veteran cards are still going strong. Finding the right monsters for your extra deck can be a pain, understandably, as there’s countless synchro monsters to choose from. Hopefully this list will help you to determine which cards are best for your deck!



10. Formula Synchron

Formula Synchron Yugioh Machine monster

Quite a few high-level synchro monsters require a synchro type tuner monster as their summoning materials. Formula Synchron was born for this, acting as a link between your little monsters and those big boss cards. Additionally, you can use it to synchro summon in your opponent’s turn and also draw a card when it’s summoned!


9. Crimson Blader

Crimson Blader, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

What an awesome level 8 synchro monster, Crimson Blader is a game-winner in the right situations. It needs some protection as it has no innate spell/trap security but if you can destroy a monster, your opponent’s turn will become ten times more difficult. Getting rid of a card like this requires a higher ATK monster if Crimson Blader is protected. Summoning the needed monster is almost impossible though if this card gets its effect off!


8. Ally of Justice Catastor

Ally of Justice Catastor, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

One of my personal favorites, I’m a big fan of Neo-Spacian Grand Mole so I was amazed when I saw this card. Ally of Justice Catastor can take down any non-dark attribute monster it likes with its effect, destroying them before damage calculation. For a level 5 monster with 2200 ATK, this effect is actually quite insane.


7. Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

Simple but effective, Brionac can guarantee an OTK if needed. While its ATK & DEF stats are quite low, the competence of Brionac’s effect cannot be understated. It’ll give you the opportunity to clear your opponent’s field before you finally go in for that killing blow. Such an effect is also great for returning any of your cards or dumping cards from your hand into the graveyard!


6. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

The only level 7 synchro monster you will ever need is this one, it offers way too much to turn down any other. Let’s be honest, pretty much every deck has easily accessible high level monsters. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is the bane of such cards, shutting them down before they even get going.


5. Goyo Guardian

Goyo Guardian, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

Goyo Guardian has arguably the most restrictive synchro materials on the list (as it requires an earth attribute monster) which knocks it down a few rankings but my god, it had to make the top 5 at least. No wonder it was banned for years, such a disgusting effect was broken before it hit the forbidden list. A level 6 monster with 2800 ATK & the ability to special summon any monsters it destroys is ludicrous!


4. Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragon, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

One of the more classic cards on the list, Stardust Dragon was among the first synchro monsters for us to be introduced to. Even though it was released nearly 10 years ago (seriously!), you shouldn’t underestimate this card as it can save your day if used in the right situations. Having the ability to negate a destructive card is surprisingly underutilized but Stardust Dragon is both easy to summon and powerful when it hits the field.


3. Ultimaya Tzolkin

Ultimaya Tzolkin, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Ultimaya Tzolkin has a unique summoning method, something in-between a synchro and XYZ summon. It’s also by far the most unique synchro monster overall, applying effects never before seen in Yugioh. While it’s on the field, it’ll stay there untouched as it gives you a free level 7 or 8 synchro dragon type monster each turn, so long as you set a spell or trap card. Ultimaya Tzolkin is awesome both in its art and effects, it definitely deserves to reach the top 3 on this list.


2. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Yugioh Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Once worth over $40, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is one of the most coveted non-archetype cards in the entire game. This card will leave your opponent in a precarious position, wondering which monster effect you’ll negate and how to get rid of it. For a card that does have some fairly demanding synchro material requirements, it is understandable why they made it so epic!


1. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier, the best synchro monster in the entirety of Yugioh!

Literally any tuner can summon Trishula so long as it has 2 or more non-tuner monsters to help it out. Once Trishula hits the field, it’ll clear out up to 3 cards which will contribute heavily to your victory aspirations. This synchro monster is a level 9 card which can be tricky to summon but the raw power of its effect warranted the top spot on this list. Overall, it offers more than any other card on the list, compared to their easiness to summon, which makes it the best synchro monster in Yugioh!