Top 10 Best Sona Odyssey Augments – League of Legends

Sona is an integral part of the Odyssey crew, being the only champion with a dedicated healing ability. This gives her a unique spot, you pretty much have to choose her for any semi-serious attempt at a higher difficulty.

A permanent blue-buff level of mana regen makes her fairly over-powered in this gamemode, constant heals and movement speed boosts work perfectly with the augments on this list!

Note, Sona is the best candidate for the Ziggs/Sona only mission though. Build her full AP with Lich Bane/Boots -> Seraph’s Embrace -> Luden’s -> Rabaddon’s Deathcap. Good dodging skills is required of course!


10. Flurry

Description: Song of Celerity’s active blocks all nearby projectiles, turning them into heals.

Sona’s E is pretty much the last ability you want to max, as well as the least useful ability available to her. If you only have a few augments, Flurry is a good choice if you have no others on this list. Projectiles from monsters like the Kog’Maw can delete you and your allies easily, having Flurry helps to alleviate such problems.


9. Drop

Description: Healing and shielding grant charges that can be expended with a powerful basic attack.

A nice little DPS augment is Drop, enhancing Sona’s basic attacks after casting some healing/shielding spells. Cooldown reduction is required, do not use this augment if you’re having a tough time getting past the first round or two!


8. Benediction

Description: Aria of Perseverance’s activation heals 1 additional ally.

More healing is always welcome, spamming W off-cooldown with a few augments can carry a whole round. Although all champions have built in healing in the form of the passive default augment, a Sona support is much needed, particularly for newer or worse players.


7. Boisterous

Description: Power Chord affects all enemies near its target.

AoE damage is something Sona lacks severely, support Sona doesn’t make use of this augment as much as others. If you intend to be a damage dealer, Boisterous is an excellent choice, particularly for dealing with large groups of enemies she’d usually get destroyed by.


6. Hyped

Description: Song of Celerity’s aura cleanses allies and grants increased movement speed.

This augment can be a godsend at times, mass groups of Skarner monsters can become a huge menace and force a wipe quickly. Of course, you never know which monster rotation you’ll get but it’s an insta-win against any CC heavy rounds.


5. Cadence

Description: Gain Power Chord after casting 2 spells. Power Chord lowers the cooldown of Crescendo.

Sona’s Power Chord procs are a massive source of damage if she’s full AP, or a big utility debuff if she’s support. Being able to spam more Power Chords is invaluable.

The ultimate cooldown reduction is huge too, giving you more DPS and CC to use, so helpful in Onslaught!


4. Oasis

Description: Aria of Perseverance’s aura continually pulses to heal nearby allies.

The amount of healing you can produce with Oasis is ridiculous, Sona’s base heals are strong on their own but with this augment (and others), she’s incredible.

Just know it only pulses while her W aura is active so if you switch abilities, this augment will no longer apply.


3. Concerto

Description: Crescendo fires in 8 directions around Sona.

For some crazy AoE damage and CC, Concerto turns Sona’s R into a mini nuke. Combining this augment with others like Cadence is both satisfying and powerful, as you thrown ultimates out constantly throughout the round.


2. Rhythm

Description: Hymn of Valor’s cooldown is reset when Sona casts another spell.

For raw DPS output, Rhythm is unmatched. Each W, E or R cast will reset Q’s cooldown, giving you huge burst potential. Thanks to this augment, running Onslaught mode as Sona-only is definitely possible, definitely pair it up with the other Q augments for maximum power!


1. Clutch

Description: Aria of Perseverance’s shield increases based on its target’s missing health.

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Clutch massively boosts your shields on allied champions. So many wipes have been avoided thanks to this augment, it makes your entire team almost unkillable with the constant shielding.

Shielding allows your heals to be more effective too, your allies will have full HP by the time combat has ended!

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