Top 10 Best Shiny Pokemon

Do you remember the first time you encountered a shiny Pokemon? That feeling is incredible, shinies are so rare so when you finally obtain one, you’re overcome with joy. My first “legit” was a Gulpin, however it was found during a horde battle after I had numerous shiny-chance boosts enabled. On my Leaf Green emulator, after hundreds of hours I encountered two shinies in total. First a Geodude, then a Caterpie.

You’ll never forget your first shiny found in the wild, every single shiny Pokemon in the game is amazing and you should be proud if you have just a single one. Some are much cooler looking though, the shiny Pokemon that appear on this list are hand picked as they look the best. They’re also a lot more useful than others, granted some are much harder to obtain. Lets get right into it anyway, with the top 10 best Shiny Pokemon!


10. Magikarp

Shiny Magikarp

How many shiny Pokemon actually have a gold color? Okay, I just looked and there’s quite a few. But none of them pull it off with a much swagger as Magikarp does!

Despite being the most pathetic, weak and idiotic Pokemon to ever exist, Magikarp holds a special place in every Pokemon player’s hearts. Who can ever forget that moment when your ‘karp evolved in Gyarados? When you didn’t know what to expect, if it even evolved at all. Golden Magikarp had to make the list!


9. Tyrantrum

Shiny Tyrantrum

Maybe Tyrantrum is on the list because it’s a huge dinosaur, not just because of its shiny form. This form provides a massive color change, producing what could be seen as a Water type Pokemon. Maybe even a Ghost or Ice type, there’s lots of ways you can interpret this color change.


8. Greninja

Shiny Greninja

Shiny Greninja looks like a proper ninja, the normal colors are fine but this version fits the theme a whole lot more. Greninja looks a lot darker and sneakier with this form, ninjas love wielding shadows to their advantage and the shiny version of Greninja fits this description.


7. Espeon

Shiny Espeon

In terms of raw cuteness, Espeon is right up there with the Pikachus and Hoppipps. But if you make Espeon a bright green color, the result is so cute it had to make the list. I believe a shiny Eevee isn’t the most difficult to obtain so if I managed to figure out how to actually evolve one into Espeon, I’d make getting this shiny Pokemon a priority.


6. Gigalith

Shiny Gigalith

Personally, this is one of my favorite looking Pokemon (the base form). Even though it’s a lump of rocks with crystals coming out of it, Gigalith has an awesome name with an intimidating appearance. The shiny version is much better, making the crystals brighter and the colors blend much more smoothly.


5. Trevenant

Shiny Trevenant

There’s something about a shiny Trevenant that looks so good. Don’t get me wrong, normal Trevenant looks cool as well, but the shiny version expands on the Pokemon’s theme and appearance a lot more.


4. Ho-Oh

Shiny Ho-Oh

Lets be honest, the base colors of Ho-Oh make it look like a giant chicken. The shiny version on the other hand, makes it look like a true legendary bird. As is expected of a shiny legendary Pokemon, you’ll probably never ever obtain a shiny Ho-Oh, which is fine as such exclusivity should be earned!


3. Giratina

Shiny Giratina

Just me who prefers shiny over the base version of Giratina? The colors fit the body and theme of Giratina so well, producing an eerie vibe reminiscent of a true Ghost type Pokemon. I’ve never owned a Giratina in my life, I’ve tried hard but it’s just so damn rare to obtain.


2. Metagross

Shiny Metagross

Metagross looks absolutely incredible already, the giant X on its face combined with those massive legs is amazing. So what happens when you paint Metagross Silver and Gold? You get this beauty, shiny Metagross is definitely one of the best shiny Pokemon.


1. Charizard

Shiny Charizard

Had to be Charizard, this Pokemon is frightening enough in his normal colors but turning him black? Yeah, easily the best shiny Pokemon. Good luck obtaining a shiny Charizard though, you’ll need to breed over and over and getting a Charizard in the first place can be difficult in the newer games.

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