Top 10 Best Ritual Monsters In Yugioh

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  1. Avatar Jason says:

    The big problem with Ritual monsters is getting them into your hand. Both Preparation of Rites, and Pre-Preparation of Rites can help, as can Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, but each has limitations.

    Unfortunately, with the way the game is going, with Extra-Link monsters taking both Extra Deck zones we’ll probably have to figure out how to fit strong searchable Ritual monsters into our decks so that we’re not dependent on the Extra Deck.

  2. Avatar Hao says:

    where is shinobaron/shinobaroness peacock

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Not generic enough unfortunately

  3. Avatar Thomas Hunt says:

    Vendread Ritual Monsters can be used in any Zombie Deck, and Zombies are now becoming meta with the new Necronise and such

  4. Avatar Matt Withers says:

    Where is Shinato King Of A Higher Plane? His is literally just better than The Masked Beast in every way

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