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Top 10 Best Perks In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has a lot of deep elements that allow players to survive and build their character exactly how they like. One of these features is the Perk system, each perk gives you unique stats to make your character stronger. Of course, all perks are worth getting but some are much better than others. Here’s a list of the 10 best perks in Fallout 4, as well as how to get them!


10. Fortune Finder

This is a simple perk that is definitely worth obtaining as soon as possible. It grants you extra Bottle Caps from containers but, when it’s fully upgraded in the Luck skill tree, enemies will sometimes explode into a pile of caps too. You can never have too many caps, they’re great for getting shipments of items you need for your settlements or simply buying weapons and ammunition.


9. Ricochet

With this perk, there’s a chance a bullet fired at you will ricochet back and kill the attacker. This chance increases the lower your health is and at max rank, if ricochet occurs, you’ll also fill your critical meter. This perk is the best on tanky or melee characters but is a great perk to have on any character build. You do need to have 10 stats in Luck though, which you may not want to do, this is why it’s so high on the list.


8. Close to Metal

Close to Metal is obtained by reaching maximum affection with Nick Valentine as a companion, it stays with you regardless of whether Nick is your active companion or not. It gives you an extra try when hacking terminals and also reduces the lock-out time by half. No matter your character build, this perk is amazing as hacking terminals is always a good choice. They usually contain secret tips, quests or just security control.


7. Small Guns

Not everyone uses ballistic weapons on their character, some are melee or like sticking with lasers. Either way, you will end up using ballistic weapons at some point so when you do, this Bobblehead is perfect. It gives you 25% extra critical damage with said weapons which is incredible if you use ballistic weapons often and useful anyway if you don’t. The Bobblehead is found in Gunner’s Plaza


6. Know Your Enemy

This perk grants you 20% more damage against super mutants, ghouls and synths. These are some of the most common enemies in the Commonwealth so obtaining this perk will improve your playthrough drastically. You do have to reach maximum affinity with Paladin Danse though, so it’s not the easiest to obtain.


5. Better Criticals

Better Criticals makes it return from previous Fallout games, you need to level your Luck SPECIAL stat to obtain it but when you do, your crits will be 1 shotting everything. The first rank gives 50% more critical damage, then 100% and the last rank gives a massive 250% more damage. Quick note though, this only works for VATS criticals, not sneak bonuses.


4. Live & Love

There’s actually 9 magazines but I’ll stick them all together as they’re all so good. Each magazine grants a perk. These perks boost your companion’s stats like damage, resistances and carry weight. You also gain extra XP when persuading people and a bonus 5% to everything with a companion. It’s just a general set of perks to have, make sure you get these whenever you see them.


3. Killshot

Earned by reaching max affinity with MacCready while he’s your companion, Killshot is undoubtedly one of the best perks in the game. It grants a bonus to your head-shot damage in VATS, they already do a lot of damage so having this means less AP, ammo and time spent trying to kill one enemy.


2. Unstoppables

Another magazine set, these perks are absolutely life-saving and definitely needed on literally any character. There are a total of 5 magazines and each one gives you a 1% chance to completely dodge an attack and take no damage. So if you collect all 5, you’ll have a 5% chance which is incredible. All 5 are available in the South side of the map at Hubris Comics, D.B Technical High School, Shaw High School, Suffolk County Charter School and Westing Estate.


1. Wasteland Survival Guide

Yet another magazine set, the Wasteland Survival Guide is all-round the best perk set in the game. They all grant a nice bonus to different aspects, from extra health and better prices for/from items, to faster swim speed and extra looting. One of the guides even permanently marks Diamond City on your map which will help a lot in determining your direction. Overall these perks are way too useful not to put first.


Monday 21st of January 2019

ricochet has a very low chance of happening killshot is literally broken in a good way fortune finder isnt very good and could be replaced with something like science or first rank of inspirational or critical banker curies ability is a life saver (unless your level 1000)