Top 10 Best Normal Monsters in Yugioh

Vorse Raider, one of the best normal monsters in Yugioh
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  1. Avatar Nick says:

    kaiba fan?

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Who isn’t? :O

  2. Avatar YOYO SIWA says:

    So Actually rabidragon has higher combined stats, and its normal too.

  3. Avatar Ahmadian Noorlight says:

    Elemental Hero Neos should be top 2 because it has a lot of fusion variations and is specifically supported by the archtype Neo Spacian

    Dark Magician must be in the top 3 because there are many cards that support it

  4. Avatar Joseph Nguyen says:

    why not
    Rescue Rabbit: sabersarus, kabazauls
    Evilswarm: Evilswarm Heliotrope
    Perfect Herald: Gyakutenno Megami, Mystic Shine Ball
    Exodia normal monsters

  5. Avatar Johnathan says:

    But where Bean Soldier be doe?

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