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Top 10 Best Mill Cards in Yugioh

So many strategies exist in Yugioh, finding one specific to your tastes isn’t difficult. Milling decks are surprisingly strong right now, so many cards have powerful effects when they’re sent to, or already in, the graveyard.

The only problem with milling is the cards required to actually dump your deck into the graveyard. That Grass Looks Greener epitomized this type of card but it’s banned now unfortunately. You’ll have to make do with other cards, like those on this list!

All entries in this post are designed not only to dump cards into the graveyard, but to also provide extra bonuses to further amplify your advantage.


10. Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

For many years, Ryko was a surprisingly good staple card, capable of destroying any monster or spell/trap on the field. Such versatility was useful, over time it lost its effectiveness due to being a Flip monster but in a mill deck, you’ll need a good 2 or 3 copies of this entry.

Just be aware you’ll need a bit of backup, face-down defense monsters are so, so prone to being banished or returned to the hand.


9. Future Fusion

Future Fusion, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

Once banned for being able to dump cards too easily, Future Fusion was errata’d to make its dumping effect in the turn after. This allows your opponent a turn to destroy it but if they don’t, you can send multiple cards from your deck to the graveyard. If combined with Five-Headed Dragon, you can send 5 Dragons to the graveyard, milling your deck heavily.

You can use Future Fusion with any fusion monster you like though, it’s more about milling than summoning a strong monster.


8. Kuribandit

Kuribandit, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

Using your Normal Summon for Kuribandit is well worth it in a mill deck, as it’ll send up to 5 cards from the top of your deck to the graveyard. Adding one spell/trap that was milled is also really helpful, especially considering the added card could help you mill even more. This card can potentially mill the most out of any other cards on this list!


7. Needlebug Nest

Needlebug Nest, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

Nice and simple, perfect for milling. Needlebug Nest can be overlooked due to it being a trap card, making it a bit too slow for some people. However, any mill deck should definitely contain a play-set, if you can activate all 3 in a duel then that’s 15 cards milled.


6. Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn

Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

With a nice ATK stat and being a tuner, Raiden is a great milling card with a ton of uses overall. Sending up to 4 cards per turn is great considering what else it brings, 1700 ATK doesn’t sound like much but if you’re just aiming to mill, such ATK makes Raiden a nice little beat-stick card if needed. You’ll be summoning it and using its effect anyway!


5. Monster Gate

Monster Gate, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

Monster Gate is always a gamble, yet it’s one worth taking as it can work heavily in your favor. An example of luck being on your side is to summon Raiden (previous entry), mill 2, activate Monster Gate, mill a good 3 or 4 before special summoning Kuribandit to mill 5 at the end of your turn. Or you could just get Ryko the Lightsworn Hunter. You never know but this card is still a great mill card, even if it is slightly unreliable.


4. Fiend Comedian

Fiend Comedian, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

There’s absolutely no reason not to run Fiend Comedian in any deck that requires milling, neither effect is a loss for you. Banishing cards from your opponent’s graveyard is always great, so many decks rely on their graveyard nowadays and shutting it down can give you some breathing space. Otherwise, Fiend Comedian can mill a ton of cards, especially if you set it first turn and let your opponent do their combos in their turn.


3. Reasoning

Reasoning, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

Similar to Monster Gate, only Reasoning is a lot more reliable. Of course its still a gamble but you’ll find it works in your favor way more than Monster Gate, making this entry a great choice not only in mill decks, but for other decks too. Considered a staple in the Yugioh community, no doubt you have a bunch of Reasoning copies just sitting in your common piles!


2. Card Trooper

Card Trooper, one of the best mill cards in Yugioh

Another staple, Card Trooper has been the go-to mill card for many years now. Players love a fall-back effect which Card Trooper has, allowing you to draw 1 card when it gets destroyed and sent to the graveyard. That’s after its already milled up to 3 cards as well, Card Trooper is simply a must-have for any deck that needs thinning out or the graveyard filling!


1. Card of Demise

Card of Demise, the best mill card in Yugioh!

Card of Demise is by far the most expensive option on this list and rightly so, it’s absolutely crazy. Technically you aren’t milling straight from the deck to the graveyard but it’ll allow you to draw cards to set, so you can use them to mill. If you draw cards you’d like in the graveyard? Just keep hold of them until the end of the turn, Card of Demise will discard them!

Draw power and milling combined into one card is incredible, no wonder it’s the best mill card in Yugioh!