Top 10 Best Malphite Odyssey Augments – League of Legends

Malphite is a must-have for any Odyssey clear, particularly for inexperienced players who are having trouble on higher difficulties.

I highly recommend this build for Malphite: Blade of the Ruined King -> Guinsoo’s Rageblade -> Berserker’s Greaves -> Thornmail -> Titanic Hydra -> Spectre’s Cowl

That build combined with the right augments, as you’ll see below, will allow you to tank while outputting an insane amount of damage!

Great for new players who don’t want to feel useless, you can use this strategy in any difficult and it’ll work!


10. Landslide

Description: Seismic Shard deals more damage and hits additional enemies behind its target.

Malphite usually suffers from a huge lack of mana, throwing a few Qs out on Summoner’s Rift will diminish your mana quickly. He doesn’t have this problem in Odyssey, as the increased mana regen allows him to spawn abilities off-cooldown.

Siesmic Shard gets a nice aoe damage boost with this augment!


9. Concussive

Description: Brutal Strikes cleaves a wider area and deals bonus damage based on Malphite’s health.

As you’ll find out later in this list, Malphite’s W “Brutal Strikes” is his most crucial ability, buffing it as much as possible is key to success. The Concussive augment increases damage dealt, as well as the radius in which it hits enemies.

Maximising area of effect damage makes large groups of enemies a breeze to get through, you’d be surprised just how much damage Malphite can do!


8. Echo

Description: Enemies hit by Ground Slam echo the attack, damaging other enemies nearby.

Even more aoe damage, Echo seeks to upgrade Malphite’s E, creating a sort of pulse after each cast, affecting even more enemies. After a few items, Ground Slam starts to deal some nice damage, while retaining a low cooldown.


7. Onslaught

Description: Unstoppable Force deals more damage. Reduce its cooldown per enemy hit.

Mobility is quite obviously a huge factor in Odyssey, the map can get overwhelming in unlucky situations so having an extra movement ability is useful. Onslaught’s key aspect is the cooldown reduction, up to 75% if it hits 5 enemies!


6. Intimidating

Description: Enemies hit by Ground Slam target Malphite and have their defenses lowered.

Specifically for a tanky Malphite build, the Intimidating augment massively increases his effectiveness, targeting all enemies hit by his E. Combined with the Echo augment, entire mobs of minions will be attacking you, rather than your squishy team-mates.


5. Goliath

Description: Bonus HP gives Malphite extra size, attack range, and damage.

This is where Titanic Hydra is useful, the bonus HP synergises with Goliath really well. At this point, you’ll have a large attack speed (if you followed the provided build), with a nice attack range and high damage per hit. The extra size is a small downside though, making you vulnerable to being swarmed.


4. Transmute

Description: Bonus AD grants Malphite AP, and AP grants Malphite bonus AD.

On-hit Malphite makes use of both AD and AP, which are both provided by Guinsoo’s Rageblade. For every 3 ability power gained, Malphite earns 1 attack damage. For every 4 attack damage, Malphite gains 3 ability power. Obviously doesn’t stack with itself.

It’s only a small boost but every little helps, especially when taking down bosses.


3. Relentless

Description: Unstoppable Force is a dash that carries enemies hit until Malphite runs into terrain.

Displacement abilities are exceptional in Odyssey, getting swarms of enemies and bosses away from a failing team is massively under-rated.

Additionally, moving all enemies into one single small area helps to clean up for an easy round.


2. Berzerker

Description: When a shield on Malphite breaks, gain bonus attack damage and movement speed.

If Malphite retained his default shield, this augment would be pretty terrible. He doesn’t though, in Odyssey his shield can re-apply in combat and each auto-attack/spell hit decreases its cooldown by 1 second. You’ll easily proc this augment multiple times per fight, even more against bosses.

Providing 120 bonus AD as well as 60% attack speed is simply too good to turn down!


1. Charged

Description: Brutal Strikes deals more damage and causes Malphite to leap to distant targets.

Increasing Brutal Strikes’ damage by 150% is one thing but the Rengar-like auto-attack leap is insane, completely removes all weaknesses from Malphite’s kit. Tendencies to be caught out, even with a strong build, can cause issues for Malphite and his team. Utilising this augment correctly is essential.

Your team-mates won’t believe you when you buy that Blade of the Ruined King at the start of the game but show them how to play him properly and they’ll thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Malphite Odyssey Augments – League of Legends

  • September 17, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Transmute is by far the most important.

    Transmute + Charged + Unstable + Aftershock + Berzerker
    STERAKS GAGE + IE + Rabadon + Gunblade.

    1500AP + 1000AD with 100% crit strike.

    • September 17, 2018 at 11:06 pm

      Wow mate didn’t know of that combo! Will update asap!


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