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Top 10 Best Level 8 Yugioh Monsters

Level 8 monsters tend to have a great balance between summoning difficulty and duel effectiveness. If you take a look at some monsters that are level 9 or higher, they are generally more powerful but they have unique drawbacks that make them tough to summon. Similarly, if you look at monsters of a level between 5 and 7, they are usually easy to summon but lack the firepower needed to be strong. If you want a good balance, level 8 monsters are the choice for you!

This list will look at the best level 8 monsters in Yugioh. I have tried to avoid monsters that are only good in a specific archetype deck, instead I’ve focused on cards that should tickle your fancy, regardless of your competitiveness in the Yugioh scene.


10. Tualatin

Tualatin, one of the best level 8 monsters in Yugioh

Coming in at number 10 is the fairly situational but exceedingly good Tualatin. As I mentioned, you do require a few specific set-ups to get the most out of this card. Firstly, 2 or more of your monsters have to be destroyed in battle and sent to the graveyard to special summon it. Even then, your opponent needs to use a single attribute for Tualatin to shine. If these conditions are met, this level 8 monster will completely shut your opponent down as they won’t be able to summon any monsters!

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9. Lava Golem

Lava Golem, one of the best fiend type monsters in Yugioh

So many monsters are immune to the efforts of your opponent’s effects, having the ability to ignore “destroy” or even any “target” effects. Lava Golem gets around this quite candidly, simply tributing your opponent’s monsters and ridding the field of them, without targeting or destroying. Weaknesses come in the form of sacrificing your normal summon for the turn, as well as the fact you’re giving your opponent a monster with 3000 ATK, that can be easily tributed itself.

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8. Phantasm Spiral Dragon

Phantasm Spiral Dragon, one of the best normal monsters in Yugioh

Wielding the highest combined ATK/DEF stats out of any level 8 monster in the game means Phantasm Spiral Dragon deserves a place on this list. While it is only usable in a deck based around it, I felt it was worthy as a shout due to the sheer amount of ATK/DEF stats it has. A deck based around this card will be extremely competent on the casual scene, as well as fun to use!

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7. Mirror Force Dragon

Mirror Force Dragon, one of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

Mirror Force Dragon is the kind of big boss Dragon monsters I love. Too many “boss” monsters have absurdly strong effects with meager summoning requirements, I think Mirror Force Dragon should be the blueprint of any future boss monsters. This level 8 monster is extremely good when it’s out on the field, destroying all your opponent’s cards if they try to play the game.

However, 2 cards are required in the deck to get it out, something which doesn’t fair well with the majority of the playerbase. You’d likely have to have at least 2 copies of each card too. Overall, you have to admire the strength of this card while weighing in the weaknesses.

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6. Cracking Dragon

Cracking Dragon, one of the best level 8 monsters in Yugioh

Sometimes it’s nice to stop getting rid of monsters via card effects and get some epic battles going on. Cracking Dragon contributes significantly in this regard, preventing your opponent from having any kind of advantage in the battle phase. Inflicting effect damage is a nice little bonus that can actually win you the game if your opponent doesn’t destroy this card in time. A large number of small life point hits will rake up a ton of damage over time. With its 3000 ATK, this level 8 monster will have no problem chewing through whatever defenses your opponent is foolish enough to attempt.

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5. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the most nostalgic Yugioh card

Such a legend, Blue-Eyes White Dragon has to be the most marketable and recognisable card in all of Yugioh. This monster is Yugioh’s answer to Pikachu, the face of their respective games. There’s a common theory that Blue-Eyes White Dragon will forever be the highest ATK normal monster in existence, only Cosmo Queen comes close. This level 8 monster has lower combined stats than the #7 entry but come on, how could you have a list of level 8 monsters without Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the top 5?!

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4. Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver

Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver, one of the best level 8 monsters in Yugioh

I know this is a Performapal archetype card but this variant is particularly savvy. Able to fit into a majority of decks that contain Dragon type Fusion monsters or Pendulum monsters, this level 8 monster is well worth obtaining. It’s essentially a free Polymerisation, allowing you to fusion summon easily, even using cards in your Pendulum Zones if required. Downsides come in the form of a lackluster pendulum scale and weak ATK/DEF stats but they’re hardly what you’d be looking to use this card for.

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3. Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons, Yugioh Dragon type monster

With plenty of Dark attribute Tuner monsters available, Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons is surprisingly accessible. Sporting a huge amount of ATK/DEF stats that only increases over time is incredible, you’ll find paving a way to your opponent’s life points a breeze. Immunity to being destroyed is also a nice touch, forcing your opponent to use specific cards to remove it from the field, or forcing them to surrender if they can’t draw any of those cards!

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2. Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

I bet you were surprised, to say the least, when Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning was unbanned. If you didn’t know already, you can actually have up to two copies of this card in your deck. I feel like this card is wildly under-rated, the summoning requirements are peanuts and its effects are crazy when you consider the first point. Any deck containing a few light and dark attribute monsters should find a spot for this level 8 monster!

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1. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Yugioh Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

By some margin, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is not only the best level 8 monster in the game, it’s one of the best Synchro monsters in the entirety of Yugioh. There’s a reason behind the huge cost of acquiring this card, especially if you want a few copies. Monster effects are all the rage nowadays, preventing effects is the best way to make sure you don’t get ripped apart. A levle 8 synchro monster that can negate effects, obtain insanely high ATK and take down boss monsters without much trouble is definitely worthy of the number 1 spot!

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Thursday 23rd of January 2020

You put "Cracking Dragon" and "Tualatin" on the list but not "Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair" or even "Stardust Dragon"? Heck, "Bird of Paradise Lost" is a better Level 8 than "Tualatin", "Cracking Dragon", "Mirror Force Dragon", "Phantasm Spiral Dragon", I'd even argue "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".