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Top 10 Best Level 7 Monsters in Yugioh

Just above the level 6 is level 7, the lowest possible level to require 2 tributes when normal summoning. Giving up 2 monsters is not something you do lightly, so the monster consuming them has to be great. While these monsters do lack the ATK/DEF stats of their higher level counter-parts, they tend to have powerful effects and more relaxed summoning conditions. Yugioh is all about having fun, level 7 monsters are a joy to use as they require a tad bit more skill than other high level monsters.

This list will take a look at the best level 7 monsters in Yugioh. Archetypes have been avoided in order to rank cards that aren’t specific to a certain deck!


10. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, one of the best fiend type monsters in Yugioh

Such an interesting card had to make the list, Gorz is relatively unique when you look at what it does. Very few cards can match this monster’s effectiveness when taking a direct attack and it’s nice knowing you have a backup option if your main strategy isn’t working out.

A huge downside is Gorz being unable to summon when you have a face-down spell/trap card. Makes him useless if you have that one card that you can’t get rid of.

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9. Fog King

Fog King, Yugioh Spellcaster Type Monster

I’m surprised how little recognition Fog King gets, its absolutely ludicrous for summoning XYZ monsters or shutting down your opponent’s tributes. Monarchs in particular will hate this monster just as much as non-Monarch players hate them. The water attribute does prevent it from appearing in decks it would usually fit right into, which is disappointing. Overall though, if you have any deck hoping to summon rank 7 XYZ monsters, Fog King is the man for you!

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8. Naturia Landoise

Naturia Landoise, one of the best level 7 monsters in Yugioh

From the awesome art of the previous 2 entries to whatever this monster is supposed to be. In all seriousness, I’m sure Naturia Landoise has no problems with its funky appearance, preferring to do its talking while on the field. With such simple synchro requirements, you’ll be able to put this clump of rock in any deck containing earth attribute monsters. Monster effects are seen constantly in Yugioh, with a large majority of decks utilising them in some way. Having a card that can negate these effects is important!

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7. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, one of the best level 7 monsters in Yugioh

Yuya’s ace card, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is certainly a great level 7 monster. While the pendulum scale is quite lackluster, everything else makes this card a must-have for a lot of pendulum decks. In battle, Odd-Eyes has no problem whittling down your opponent’s life points, as it deals double battle damage. You can decide to place it into your pendulum scales if required, there it’lll contribute to your defensive stability with its battle damage reduction.

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6. Metaphys Armed Dragon

Metaphys Armed Dragon, one of the best level 7 monsters in Yugioh

Metaphys Armed Dragon (yet somehow a Wyrm type) is the only normal monster to make the list and for good reason, it has the joint-highest ATK stat of any level 7 monster in the game. Note – some rank 7 XYZ monsters have much more attack. A whopping 2800 ATK is more than quite a few level 8 monsters. If only this card was a dragon type, the amount of cool strategies and decks we could create..

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5. Black Rose Dragon

Black Rose Dragon, Yugioh Plant type monster

For those struggling times where a clean slate is required, Black Rose Dragon will be there to nuke the field. No specific types or attributes are needed to synchro summon this dragon monster, making it an ideal candidate for any extra deck out there. Of course, Black Rose Dragon’s usefullness doesn’t extend much past “nuclear bomb” but having that option available is crucial.

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4. Photon Wyvern

Photon Wyvern, one of the best level 7 monsters in Yugioh

Pesky stall decks giving you trouble? Afraid of those face-downs? Doesn’t matter to Photon Wyvern, who’ll heavily punish anyone who dares to swarm set cards. 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF is nothing to turn your nose up at as well, easily enough to hold its own in battle. Personally I believe a single copy of this card should be in any deck based around light attribute, dragon type monsters, as Photon Wyvern’s effect synergises really well!

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3. Dark Armed Dragon

Dark Armed Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Dark Armed Dragon has seen increasingly reduced play over the years, I thoroughly believe it still has a lot to offer to Yugioh. Manipulating your graveyard, as well as the monsters in it, has never been easier for a duelist. Plenty of cards exist to make the special summoning requirements of this card a breeze, Dark Armed Dragon does not require all of the monsters in your graveyard to be a dark attribute. Extremely high ATK and a powerful effect justifies this monster’s place on the list!

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2. Black Rose Moonlight Dragon

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon, one of the best level 7 monsters in Yugioh

Providing an upgraded DEF stat and effect to its older counter-part (entry number 5), Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is definitely one of the best level 7 monsters in the game. Special summoning is arguably the dominant method of summoning in the game, with every card seemingly having some kind of special summoning mechanic. This monster helps immensely in this regard, shutting down 1 special summoned monster per turn. It doesn’t even destroy or send to the graveyard, instead it returns to the hand, which is amazing against extra deck monsters.

A signifant downfall that prevents it from getting close to the #1 spot is the “cost”, as you don’t get to choose whether or not you use the effect, allowing your opponent to bait it out.

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1. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh

Considering how easy this card is to summon, you’d think it’d have a fairly average effect but nope. Your opponent’s choices for approaching their turn are severely reduced if you summon Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. Negating monster effects is awesome against any deck you can face. It can also rake up quite a lot of ATK points too, perfect to use in conjunction with its negating effects. You won’t find a better level 7 monster in Yugioh!

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Wednesday 15th of April 2020

dark armed should be number 1