Top 10 Best Items in Pokémon GO

Even if you play Pokémon GO casually, your bag can get pretty full. Gifts and Pokéstops provide a lot of items, suddenly you find yourself unable to obtain any more. This is why you need to know which ones to keep track of, and which are the best. There’s no point having 150 basic Pokéballs for example!

With so many items available, it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Evolution items can be confusing, do you want to keep hold of them? Not knowing when you’ll actually use them. Don’t worry though, I’ll be giving you the 10 best items to look out for. Make sure you never get rid of these entries, they’ll all be extremely useful at some point!


10. Lucky Egg

How to acquire: Purchase at the Shop with PokeCoins. Or earn as a reward for reaching level milestones.

A Lucky Egg provides double experience earned for 30 minutes after activation. You can power-level quite easily utilising this item alongside a Lure Module & Incense at a Pokéstop. Of course, after reaching the max level of 40, this item becomes redundant. Until then, make sure you don’t waste your eggs, and use them alongside other items!


9. Incense

How to acquire: Purchase at the Shop with PokeCoins. Or earn as a reward for reaching level milestones.

Incense lures Pokémon to your area, great for completing research tasks that require you to catch plenty. While idle/standing in one spot, a Pokémon will appear every 5 minutes. However, if you’re walking, you can reduce this timer to up to 2 minutes per spawn. The faster you walk, the more Pokémon appear!


8. Ultra Ball

How to acquire: After reaching level 20, you’ll find Ultra Balls in Pokéstops or Friend Gifts. Or earn as a reward for reaching level milestones.

Of all Pokéballs available in Pokémon GO, Ultra Balls are the best. Providing high catch rates for almost every Pokémon in the game, you’ll never want to waste Ultra Balls, even a large supply can deteriorate quickly. Running into a red circle Pokémon, only to realise you have no Ultra Balls left, is a nightmare!


7. Max Potion

How to acquire: Purchase at the Shop with PokeCoins. You can find Max Potions almost anywhere. In Pokéstops, Friend Gifts and general rewards for tasks like levelling up and raids!

Potions are easily obtainable and required to keep your Pokémon topped up as there are no Pokémon Centers in this game. Gym & raid battles take their toll, having a good supply of Max Potions is highly recommended. Normal & Super Potions restore health too but at higher CP levels, they provide minimal healing.


6. Lure Module

How to acquire: Purchase at the Shop with PokeCoins. Or earn as a reward for reaching level milestones.

If you’re in need of catching a lot of Pokémon, for Stardust or exp, a Lure Module is your best friend. Placed at a Pokéstop, it’ll provide a constant stream of Pokémon for 30 minutes. Other players can make use of it too, so you might encounter someone looking to trade!


5. Golden Razz Berry

How to acquire: Can only be found by completing Raids.

With 2 amazing uses available, the Golden Razz Berry is a premium item to say the least. It can be used to completely restore a Pokémon’s health in a gym. Either that or it can be fed to a wild Pokémon to pretty much guarantee you’ll catch it. They are exceedingly rare though, so use sparingly!


4. Star Piece

How to acquire: Purchase at the Shop with PokeCoins. Some research tasks reward it too!

Using a Star Piece will provide 50% more Stardust for 30 minutes. Stardust is a resource every player needs, new attacks and CP boosts are expensive. Having this item in your inventory will act as a trump card for low Stardust reserves. There’s a few ways you can maximise Stardust earnings, such as hatching 10km eggs for up to 9600 Stardust at once!

Other ways include just catching as many Pokémon as possible, utilising a Lure Module & Incense at a Pokéstop. You can earn a reported 50k Stardust in one sitting, thanks to this item!


3. Silver Pinap Berry

How to acquire: Some special research tasks reward it. Can also rarely be found as Field Research rewards!

Feeding a Silver Pinap Berry to a wild Pokémon will not only double the candies you get, it increases the catch-rate too. While it doesn’t make hard-to-catch Pokémon a breeze, the boost is really nice alongside those precious candies. Unlike the Golden Razz Berry, this item is only quite rare, instead of extremely rare.


2. Super Incubator

How to acquire: Purchase at the Shop with PokeCoins. Also rewarded by some special research tasks.

Eggs are incredible items to help fill your Pokédex or earn some Stardust, Incubators are tough to get. A Super Incubator is an amazing item, halving the distance you need to travel to hatch an egg. 3 hatches per Incubator is more than enough for it to be a valuable item!


1. Rare Candy

How to acquire: Dropped by Raid battles, very rarely though!

Up to 3 Rare Candies can be earned from raids if you’re lucky enough. Using a Rare Candy on a Pokémon will transform it into that Pokémon’s candy, if that makes sense. So if you use it on an Onix, you’ll earn 1 Onix candy. 

Candies are by far the most important resource, being required to power up, evolve and learn new attacks. Whether you’re completing your Pokédex or playing competitively, no other item is as useful as the Rare Candy!

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