Top 10 Best Illusion Spells in Skyrim

Frenzy, a Skyrim Illusion Spell
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  1. Avatar Josh M. says:

    You can actually use Frenzy on fairly high level NPCs with perks and dual casting(even more so if you pop a custom Illusion potion first). You can use it successfully against a level 100 Gaius Maro. Pacify is a higher level calm type spell with an area of effect. With dual casting and perks, it can work on the likes of a level 50 Serana and level 50 Lydia if they get in a fight with one another(which can totally happen if Serana carelessly casts chain lightning, something she is prone to do).

  2. Avatar jack says:

    wait clairvoyance is on the list? insert spiderman jjj laugh track here
    also calm and fury i can see why but the others are better
    invisibility is op and should be at least number 4

  3. Avatar Sujiiiie says:

    I only use muffle cuz the places I sneak into and no one knows I’m there even tho I’m in front of them its hilarious. I don’t even use clairvoyance even tho I can’t find my way around good 🙂 I can wait till I unlock invisibility to

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