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Top 10 Best HERO Monsters in Yugioh

Ever since the release of controversial Yugioh GX, the HERO archetypes have been fan favorites among the Yugioh community. While many didn’t like the series itself, Elemental and Destiny HEROs are loved enough to have a whole bunch of cards released for them over the years.

Not only do they look cool and are full of nostalgia, HEROs are arguably one of, if not the most fun archetype in the entire game to play. You have so many options available, every single turn, to summon powerful boss monsters that are strong while being fair to face for the opponent.

This list will detail the 10 best HERO monsters in the game, considering effectiveness in and outside of HERO decks!

Note: Post is created before the release of the Legendary Heroes Decks box set. That will introduce a whole bunch of new HERO monsters, so I’ll update when it’s out 🙂


10. Masked HERO Divine Wind

Masked HERO Divine Wind, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

Masked HERO monsters gave the HERO archetype a massive boost in terms of dueling power. Elemental HEROs in particular went from an unreliable, inconsistent yet insanely fun deck, to an actual fairly competitive anti-meta deck.

Divine Wind gives you a great option, having a monster that can’t be destroyed by battle is invaluable at times. You’d be surprised just how useful the other effects are too, drawing 2 or even 3 cards from Divine Wind feels so satisfying!


9. Elemental HERO Bubbleman

Elemental HERO Bubbleman, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

Perfect for decks in need of level 4 monsters that are easy to summon, simply special summon Bubbleman from your hand if it’s the only card. Having cards in your hand is very, very important in Yugioh nowadays, so this HERO monster’s effectiveness has decreased over time.

One of the original HERO monsters, Bubbleman is loved by all Yugioh players so it’s nice to see him in a deck every now and again.


8. Destiny HERO – Plasma

Destiny HERO - Plasma, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

Maybe it’s blinding nostalgia talking but Destiny HERO – Plasma has been a huge, huge HERO boss monster for many years. While in today’s game it seems to have lost its effectiveness, due to being too slow to get onto the field, when it is on the field it’s almost unstoppable.

Your average hand-trap, such as Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit or Effect Veiler, will shut Plasma down without much trouble. This is the main problem, he’s still arguably the coolest looking HERO monster in the game though!


7. Elemental HERO Shadow Mist

Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

Tailor made for the Masked HERO series of monsters, Shadow Mist also fits well in any HERO deck. After sending it to the graveyard, you can add any HERO monster to your hand, including Evil HERO, Destiny HERO and Vision HERO. As you can see, she’s a must-have for any aspiring HERO player.


6.  Elemental HERO Prisma

Elemental HERO Prisma, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

You can add Elemental HERO Prisma into a huge variety of different archetypes, it helps to dump fodder into the graveyard for other plays and grant easy access to the fusions you need. Such versatility makes him a staple, every player should own a play-set, not just for future competitive strategies but for casual and/or fun decks too!


5. Vision HERO Vyon

Vision HERO Vyon, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

The only Vision HERO on this list, Vyon is particularly great for dumping Shadow Mist in the graveyard, a combo that’ll retain hand advantage by adding a different HERO to your hand. Afterwards, you can even banish the sent monster to add a Polymerisation. As you can see, drawing Vision HERO Vyon in your first hand is an easy Fusion monster.


4. Destiny HERO – Malicious

Destiny HERO - Malicious, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

Since the introduction of Link format, HERO decks have no longer been able to swarm the field with Fusion monsters. Just the 1 extra deck monster simply isn’t enough in Link format, especially seeing as you use most of your monsters for fusion fodder.

Destiny HERO – Malicious helps massively in this regard, giving you even more fodder to make link plays and ensure field advantage. Not only effective in HERO decks, this monster can be tech’d into a number of different archetypes.


3. Masked HERO Acid

Masked HERO Acid, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

Seemingly absurd at times, Masked HERO Acid used to set up OTKs in pre-Link format. Backrow removal is extremely important, so much so that every deck needs some kind of spell/trap destruction/banishment. Having an in-built HERO monster that can nuke pesky traps, annoying Pendulum scales or useful field spells is crazy good.

2600 ATK is nothing to turn your nose up at either, the only problem is the attribute requirements for Mask Change.


2. Elemental HERO Honest Neos

Elemental HERO Honest neos, one of the best HERO monsters in Yugioh

What a card, exactly what the HERO archetype needed. As you’ve likely noticed so far, HERO monsters have relatively low ATK stats, so much so that a lot of boss monsters can easily run over them. Not with Honest Neos though, who can give any HERO monster a massive ATK boost which your opponent will never see coming.

Thankfully for you, Honest Neos is getting a re-print in the Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge set. Prices will go down, allowing you to obtain a play-set for a much lower price.


1. Masked HERO Dark Law

HERO, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

Dark Law had to be number 1 on this list, simply due to the fact that he can win games on his own. Certain decks need the graveyard immensely and if they can’t deal with a first turn Masked HERO Dark Law, they might as well surrender. He’s even made HEROs viable in 2018, with a 60-card HERO deck coming 21st place in a Regional competition.

Casually, your friends will hate you for using this card. Simply too strong and even considered boring to play against, Dark Law seems a huge cut above every other HERO monster.


Wednesday 15th of April 2020