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Top 10 Best Helmets in Rust

When I first joined a Rust server, I tried to be friendly and peaceful so I could learn about the game. Little did I know that it’s a pure survival game, players cannot trust anyone so they’ll shoot on sight. I quickly learned this game is all about survival of the fittest, being able to fight is mandatory and you need to learn how to equip yourself. One of the most effective ways of winning firefights is aiming for the head, a well-placed shot can down even the best of players.

So it’s important to protect your head, you need a good helmet to make sure you don’t get killed the second you get into a foe’s line of sight. To help you figure out which helmets to make or look out for, here’s the top 10 best helmets in Rust!


10. Candle Hat

Candle Hat, one of the best helmets in rust

Easily found in minecarts & boxes in or around mines, the Candle Hat is a good starter for those who have recently spawned. While it provides next to no protection, the ability to illuminate surrounding areas can be a lifesaver when you’re searching for resources or building.


9. Beenie Hat

Beenie Hat, one of the best helmets in rust

Another easily obtainable item, the Beenie Hat can be crafted using only 15 cloth. You’ll be able to make this item after finding two hemp plants. It’ll provide you with a small amount of damage protection and a nice boost to your warmth


8. Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap, one of the best helmets in rust

Offering the same protection stats as the Beenie Hat, the Baseball Cap is superior due to its insanely low crafting cost. Just 5 cloth is required to craft this item, allowing both you and a friend to get some nice protection after finding a single hemp plant.


7. Burlap Headwrap

Burlap Headwrap, one of the best helmets in rust

Honestly there’s no reason to craft the previous entry while the Burlap Headwrap exists, it can be crafted with 10 cloth and it provides higher protection than the previous entries. It does look bad aesthetically compared to the others but in terms of protection, this should be your go-to early headwear.


6. Miner’s Hat

Miner's Hat, one of the best helmets in rust

This hat provides a signifant upgrade over the Candle Hat, it has the same ability to light up anything around the wearer but it offers so much more protection. It’s easily found in and around caves, or it can be crafted using 15 cloth, 10 low-grade fuel and 50 metal fragments. The required materials are fairly expensive so you may want to wait until you find one as loot.


5. Bucket Helmet

Bucket Helmet, one of the best helmets in rust

Arguably the funniest looking item in the game, the Bucket Helmet is also one of the best choices, especially for those who are still building up. The cold protection is fairly low but it’ll provide good resistances against any other type of damage. It costs 20 cloth and 50 metal fragments to craft which shouldn’t take long to obtain at all.


4. Heavy Plate Helmet

Heavy Plate Helmet, one of the best helmets in rust

With a respectable crafting cost of 2 sheet metal and 5 high quality metal, you’ll be able to get your hands on this helmet towards the mid-late game. It’ll provide you with exceptionally high resistances, making you a walking juggernaut. Unfortunately it has a number of disadvantages that completely reduce its competence in battle. It reduces your movement speed considerably and your vision is reduced to a small rectangle.


3. Coffee Can Helmet

Coffee Can Helmet, one of the best helmets in rust

The Coffee Can Helmet is awesome, it can be acquired fairly easily and will supply you with unwavering protection. To procure such an epic helmet, you’ll need to 15 cloth, 60 metal fragments and a sewing kit. You’ll likely only be able to wear this once you’ve raided barrels but once you have it, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with and look good while doing so.


2. Riot Helmet

Riot Helmet, one of the best helmets in rust

Contributing less bullet protection than the previous entry makes this helmet a worse choice for combat but for everything else, its an upgrade. Not only does it provide more melee protection, it also gives you a nice boost to your cold protection. The Riot Helmet is an ideal choice for those who are out exploring or farming.


1. Wolf Headdress

Wolf Headdress, the best helmet in rust

This item doesn’t have the best protection in the game but it still bestows exceptionally high armor and it’s much easier to obtain. A wolf skull and 10 cloth are needed to craft this headwear, while it can be rare to find a wolf, they aren’t the most difficult at all. The combination of easiness to obtain & powerful stats make the Wolf Headdress the best helmet in the entire game!