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Top 10 Best Greatswords in Skyrim

The greatsword, a monstrous hunk of metal capable of splitting enemies in half. Most ‘warrior’ type players stick to their sword and shield, but using a greatsword is both epic and satisfying. Personally it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, making a hulking Orc warrior with a massive sword is just too awesome to pass up. I bet you’re also interested now, or maybe you have visited this post after already making your mind up.

So you’ve decided you want to demolish foes with fatal swings, but do you know which greatsword you should be using? To help you determine which weapon you should use, the best greatswords have been ranked for you to see!

Note: Some weapons are available only in DLC. I would usually leave these out, opting for only the base version. However, almost every Skyrim player has all of the DLC, it’s ridiculously easy to pirate and costs pennies when buying legit.


10. Nordic Greatsword

Nordic Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 20

Damn this greatsword looks good. Although Nordic weapons aren’t the best in terms of weight and base damage, they look amazing and are great choices for new Dragonborns. Obtain this greatsword early on and you’ll have no trouble getting through the early stages of the game!

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Unfortunately, this weapon (as well as every Nordic weapon) is only available in the Dragonborn DLC.


9. Skyforge Steel Greatsword

Skyforge Steel Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 20

Although it has the same base damage as the Nordic Greatsword, the Skyforge Steel Greatsword is a better all-rounder. It weighs less than its Nordic counter-part, while also being easier to acquire. It does have the same appearance as a normal Steel Greatsword which lets it down. Thematic is important in RPG games, making your character look cool is an important part of a game’s enjoyment.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Simple enough, purchase it from Eorlund Gray-Mane in Whiterun.


8. Elven Greatsword

Elven Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 20

With the same damage as the previous two entries and more weight, you’d expect the Elven Greatsword to be below the others. While it’s less useful practically than the other two, it’s effortless to procure. You don’t need to jump through the same hoops to get this weapon. It also looks much better than the Skyforge Steel Greatsword. If you’re looking for pure base stats, the Skyforge Steel Greatsword is better as it weighs less.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: This weapon is available after reaching level 19, you’ll be able to find it as loot or purchase it from merchants.


7. Glass Greatsword

Glass Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 21

The next step-up from the Elven Greatsword, this greatsword looks stunning in my humble opinion, but it also boasts a damage boost over its predecessor. Damage is the aim of the game when it comes to greatswords, they have a low attack speed so each hit needs to be as deadly as possible.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Available to loot or purchase after level 27!


6. Ebony Greatsword

Ebony Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 22

I’m gonna go out and say it, the Ebony Greatsword doesn’t look all too powerful. The carvings are exquisite to be fair, but it looks more like a saber than a huge sword. Regardless, this weapon has good base damage with the same weight as the Glass Greatsword. It’s just better overall in terms of stats but appearance? Not so much.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Loot it from the corpses you’ve murdered, or throw some coins at shop owners to obtain this item.


5. Stalhrim Greatsword

Stalhrim Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 23

Stalhrim items are pretty awesome to say the least. This particular variant has good base damage, lower weight than the Ebony & Glass variants and an awesome appearance. As is normal with all Stalhrim items, Frost enchantments are a little bit more powerful when placed on this greatsword. With a considerably high sell value, it’ll be a great choice to use in battle, and will sell for a pretty penny when you move on.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Yet another weapon that’s only available in the Dragonborn DLC.


4. Daedric Greatsword

Daedric Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 24

Fielding the highest base damage out of any greatsword in the base game makes the Daedric Greatsword a perfect choice for those high-level Dragonborns. It looks immensely cool, Daedric items are arguably the most epic looking in the entire game. Imagine someone running at you with this weapon, you’d understandably just drop your weapon and get it over with.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Weirdly, they can be found in Skyrim as loot from level 27, albeit extremely rarely. After reaching level 46, you’ll start to find them more and more often.


3. Dragonbone Greatsword

Dragonbone Greatsword, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 25

As expected, the Dragonbone Greatsword has the highest base damage out of any greatsword in the entire game, all DLCs included. It can be considered fairly underwhelming in terms of aesthetic but who cares about the appearance when it does so much damage? There’s a difference between looking cool and having a massive advantage over anyone else!

(Spoiler) How to obtain: The Dawnguard DLC is required to access this weapon.


2. Stormfang

Stormfang, one of the best greatswords in Skyrim

Damage: 17

Stormfang is deservedly on this list for a variety of reasons. The base damage is particularly low of course, but the enchantment more than makes up for it. It deals 30 shock damage and half as much to magicka, so as you can see, it’s powerful indeed. It also has a piddly 17 weight which is awesome for those who need the space. Incredibly, it also has the ability to respawn, so you can keep looting it and selling the copies. It simple has too many awesome features for it to go any lower in the list.

(Spoiler) How to obtain: You’re going to slap me for this but Stormfang is only available in the Dragonborn DLC. Acquirable by defeating a Reaver Lord in Brodir Grove.


1. Bloodskal Blade

Bloodskal Blade, the best greatsword in Skyrim

Damage: 21

What a weapon! The Bloodskal Blade is arguably the coolest looking greatsword in the game, maybe even the most awesome looking weapon. With a high base damage and low weight, it’s certainly an amazing choice for your swinging needs. The enchantment delivers a powerful energy blast upon striking with a power attack, knocking back and dealing damage to enemies. Overall it’s just so damn good and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better greatsword!

(Spoiler) How to obtain: Dragonborn DLC required. Sorry if you don’t have it :'( Found during the quest The Final Descent, next to the body of Gratian Caerellius in Bloodskal Barrow.


Thursday 4th of February 2021

ebony blade is my main great sword until i get the dragonbone of bloodskal

Loki the broke-e

Wednesday 24th of April 2019

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