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Top 10 Best Grass Types in Pokémon Let’s Go

With no real sought after type match-ups, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the Grass type for a member of your Pokémon party. Significant weaknesses to Flying, Poison, Fire & Ice add up to a type you don’t use for super effective hits. Instead, Grass type Pokémon tend to have a lot more utility. Even though the typing won’t be in their favor, they can still pull out a win or at least perform better than any other type.

I thoroughly recommend each Pokémon team has a Grass type in it. You really don’t want to choose a weak one though, there’s enough available to select the wrong Pokémon and miss out any potential benefits. Having said that, always go for the Pokémon you find coolest.

This list will detail the 10 best Grass types in Pokémon Let’s Go. Not only will it consider raw power, it’ll take utility and potential into account too!


10. Weepinbell

Weepinbell, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

As the Grass type is fairly under-represented in the Kanto region, some Pokémon on this list will not be final evolution. That’s fine though, it at least shows you some great options for the early game. Weepinbell is also a Poison type, removing its weaknesses to Bug and Poison, instead giving it a weakness to Psychic!

This Pokémon’s stats are spread over Attack, Special Attack & Speed. It’s definitely an offensive Grass type overall.

All it needs is a Leaf Stone to evolve into its next form as well. Weepinbell is exclusive to Let’s Go Eevee!


9. Gloom

Gloom, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Gloom is very, very similar to Weepinbell. However, it does have slightly more stats over its predecessor on this list. Speed is sacrificed for Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, which is much more viable overall. Move wise, Gloom can learn Moonblast, a Fairy type spell which will help massively in terms of utility!

Evolve this Pokémon with a Leaf Stone too. Gloom is exclusive to Let’s Go Eevee!


8. Ivysaur

Ivysaur, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Another Grass Pokémon with Poison as its secondary type. Ivysaur is quite tanky while retaining decent damaging stats. Boasting considerably higher stat totals than the previous two entries, this one will serve you a lot better through your adventures.

How to obtain an Ivysaur? Simply acquire a Bulbasaur first, found in Viridian Forest. Try to collect as many TMs as you can though, Ivysaur doesn’t learn too many good moves by itself, or its next evolution.


7. Tangela

Tangela, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

No doubt you’ve faced NPC trainers who use Tangela, it’s always a massive pain as even super effective moves don’t take it down in one hit (unless there’s a large level difference of course). If you’re looking for a Grass Pokémon with high Speed and offensive stats, you’re looking at the wrong ball of blue spaghetti.

Tangela’s strength doesn’t lie in damaging moves, rather it’s ability to stall out a battle. As it’s a Grass type, it can apply status effects like Toxic, or use Sleep Powder. Leech Seed helps Tangela whittle down the opponent even further while keeping itself healthy.

Tangela has a massive Physical Defense stat, at the expense of an almost non-existent Sp. Defense stat. You can find it in Route 21.


6. Parasect

Parasect, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Technically a Bug type Pokémon with Grass as its secondary type, Parasect is still a decent option as its easy to acquire. Very low base stats make it a terrible option towards the late game to be fair, but up to level 50 or so, it’s great. X-Scissor is a hard-hitting Bug type move learned at level 41 and Spore has a 100% chance of putting the opponent to sleep.

Unfortunately, Parasect’s stats are mostly focused on Attack rather than Sp. Attack and it can’t learn any physical Grass type moves!


5. Victreebel

Victreebel, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

I used to be a huge fan of Victreebel, it has to be one of the most badass looking Pokémon in the entire Kanto region. Being a physical based Grass type has its advantages, giving you a different route to victory than you’d usually expect from a type like Grass.


4. Vileplume

Vilepume, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Vilepume has the same amount of stats as Victreebel, only with a better dispersal of them. Focusing almost exclusively on Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense make it far more effective in the right situations. The learning of Petal Dance increases Vileplume’s competence even more.

Just make sure you know how to use this Pokémon properly as it has barely any Speed stats, try to make sure you aren’t fighting against a bad type match-up.


3. Exeggutor

Exeggutor, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Boasting the most Sp. Attack of any Grass type Pokémon in the game is Exeggutor, a truly powerful beast. As well as being Grass type, Exeggutor has Psychic as its secondary. Having it’s weaknesses increased to Dark, Ghost and even more to Bug doesn’t sound too great. On the other hand, such high Sp. Attack stats accompanied by a varying move pool is actually amazing!

Leaf Storm hits like a truck while Mega Drain can recover health quickly. The only downside is its puny Speed stat but overall, Exeggutor deserves the number  3 spot on this list.


2. Venusaur

Venusaur, one of the best Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

My personal favorite, I always recommend Venusaur to newer players, for a long time it was the best Grass type Pokémon of the original 150. Nowadays, it’s still an exceptional choice, capable of going toe-to-toe with the majority of Pokémon in the game.

A huge stat pool of 625 in total make it the strongest option on this list in terms of raw power. Most of the power goes into defensive stats as well as Sp. Attack, making it surprisingly sturdy while hitting hard.

Upon reaching level 71, Venusaur will learn Solar Beam, a truly awesome move.


1. Alolan Exeggutor

Alolan Exeggutor, the bet grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go!

Perhaps the most bizarre Pokémon to ever hurt our eyeballs, Alolan Exeggutor has the same stats as the normal Exeggutor, only it swaps 10 Speed for 10 Attack. The reasoning behind it being number 1 is for its secondary typing, as it’s actually a Dragon type too!

Most of its main weaknesses are now gone, forcing opponents to use lesser used types like Bug, Fairy or Poison. Ice moves do deal x4 damage so watch out for them. Having Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Mega Drain and Psychic add up to a seemingly unstoppable Pokémon.