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Top 10 Best Flying Types in Pokémon Let’s Go

In previous games, a Flying type Pokémon was mandatory with one of them needing the Fly move. However, Pokémon Let’s Go has put all HMs into your cover Pokémon (Pikachu or Eevee), but a Flying type Pokémon is still recommended for your team.

Flying moves are super effective against Fighting, Bug and Grass types. Which are all found commonly in pve and pvp alike. Additionally, being immune to Ground type moves is a very nice bonus.

So you know the details, but do you know which Flying Pokémon are the best? Choosing the right one is important, as some of them can lead to some significant weaknesses, while others have tons of benefits. This will cover the top 10 best Flying types in Pokémon Let’s Go!

Note, I have left out the three legendary birds Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. We all know how good they are, this list should help you choose a different option.


10. Doduo

Doduo, one of the best Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 310

Recommended move-setDrill Peck, Swords Dance, Roost & Headbutt

Doduo’s stats are well organised, favoring Attack and Speed massively. This will result in a hard-hitting attacker who has a good chance of striking first. Many players turn their nose up at this Pokémon as we tend to encounter it later on in the game.

Evolving at level 31, this Normal/Flying type Pokémon can be found as early as route 16.


9. Farfetch’d

Stat total: 377

Recommended move-set: Iron Tail, Poison Jab, Sky Attack and Swords Dance

Found exclusively in routes 12 and 13, Farfetch’d is an odd niche choice you might want to choose. Boasting slightly more Attack than Doduo but less Speed, Farfetch’d also has more defensive stats too.

With a weird variety of moves available to learn, this Normal/Flying type Pokémon has some versatility. Weirdly, this Pokémon is even able to learn Razor Leaf.


8. Pidgeotto

Pidgetto, one of the best Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 349

Recommended move-set: Wing Attack, Roost, Headbutt & Sand Attack

Pidgeotto is the last of the pre-final evolutions on this list. No doubt you’ve had Pidgeotto in your team at some point, the entire Pidgey line is iconic. Evolving from Pidgey at level 16, this Normal/Flying type Pokémon is a great choice for your first few gym badges.

Sand Attack is pretty potent and can carry battles by itself, so make sure you don’t make your Pidgeotto forget it!


7. Fearow

Fearow, one of the best Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 442

Recommended move-set: Drill Peck, Roost, Drill Run & Headbutt

Like Doduo, Fearow’s stats are heavily skewed towards Attack and Speed. Evolved from Spearow at level 20, you can find Fearow as early as route 3.

The ability to learn Drill Run is very nice, as its a Ground type move that can be used against Fearow’s type weaknesses, such as Lightning type Pokémon.


6. Gyarados

Gyarados, one of the best Water and Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 540

Recommended move-set: Waterfall, Outrage, Earthquake & Crunch

While technically a Flying type, Gyarados can’t actually learn any Flying type moves. However, it’s my favorite Pokémon due to how awesome and intimidating it looks. Few Kanto Pokés can compare to Gyarados’ ferocity, its known the level entire cities in the Pokémon universe.

Weak only to Rock, as well as a x4 weakness to Electric, Gyarados can take a beating from most types before fainting. For some reason, this Pokémon is capable of learning a massive pool of both physical and special attacking moves, even ones like Thunderbolt and Fire Blast!

Mega evolving Gyarados will replace its Flying type with Dark though.


5. Pidgeot

Pidgeot, one of the best Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 479

Recommended move-set: Wing Attack, Roost, Headbutt & Sand Attack

Pidgeot is likely one of, if not the first 3rd evolution stage you encounter on your Pokémon journey. Due to this, Nintendo have gave it some well rounded, reliable stats. Instead of focusing on one area, Pidgeot’s stats cover all offensive and defensive areas.

However, you can use Mega Pidgeot if you get its mega stone. Which will increase its Sp. Attack and Speed considerably. If you decide to use your mega evolution on Pidgeot, here is an updated move-set: Heat Wave, Air Slash, Razor Wind & Roost.


4. Dodrio

Dodrio, one of the best Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 470

Recommended move-setDrill Peck, Swords Dance, Roost & Headbutt

With 110 Attack and Speed compared to Pidgeot’s 80 and 101, Dodrio deserves its place at number 4. It’s a surprisingly good Normal/Flying type Pokémon, one that can be considered the best Normal/Flying type in the game. You don’t want a mixture of stats between Attack and Sp. Attack, you want stats funnelled into one.

I feel like Dodrio should have a mega version with 5 heads but alas, it’s not to be. Nintendo needs to do more with this Pokémon though, give it the recognition it needs!


3. Charizard

Charizard, the best Fire type and one of the best Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 534

Recommended move-set: Air Slash, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse & Roost

The Flying type of choice for most players, Charizard is just too damn epic to turn down. Few Pokémon fulfil that “fire dragon” fantasy and this is the closest you’ll get. Its stats point towards Sp. Attack and Speed, although regular Attack is also featured. You can build Charizard for either attacking prowess though.

Evolving into Mega Charizard X will turn Charizard into a Fire/Dragon type Pokémon so make sure you’re using the Mega Charizard Y stone to retain its Flying type!

Charizard is one of the three Pokémon you can ride and fly freely throughout the Kanto region.


2. Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl, one of the best Rock and Flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 515

Recommended move-set: Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake and Wing Attack

With Rock for a secondary typing, this Pokémon is weak to Rock, Steel, Water, Electric and Ice, you’d think Aerodactyl has way too many weaknesses. You’d be right, kind of. While Aerodactyl has a tendency to be one shotted, it’s incredibly high Attack and Speed stats allow it room to one-shot them beforehand. You can also mega evolve it to give it an extra 100 stats.

In terms of its moveset, Aerodactyl can only learn Wing Attack as its main Flying type move but the other options available more than make up for it!

You can acquire Aerodactyl from an Old Amber fossil, obtained from the back of the Pokémon Museum in Pewter City. After you’ve gained access to the Cerulean Cave, you can find more fossils in there.


1. Dragonite

Dragonite, the best Flying and Dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Stat total: 600

Recommended move-set: See the list of moves it can learn on Bulbapedia and decide for yourself which ones you need!

Evolving from Dragonair at level 55 (found in any route after beating the Elite Four), Dragonite is a pseudo-legendary Pokémon with a ton of benefits. With a stat total of 600, it has the 2nd highest stats of any Pokémon in the entire game!

So, how to build Dragonite’s moveset? It’s up to you, it has more base Attack stats than Sp. Attack but either can be built. Good defensive stats and high HP allow it to be built tanky, the only stat that suffers is Speed and even then, it’s not that low.

I recommend the physical approach though, as Dragonite really can deal a lot of damage.