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Top 10 Best Dragon Archetypes/Decks in Yugioh

With many hundreds of archetypes in Yugioh, every player can have multiple decks, unique to others at their locals. You’ll often see players you’ve never met before and when you go to face them, you’ll find they have decks based around archetypes you’re not familiar with. Such variety is great for the game, new players have so many archetypes available to them and you’ll rarely find two duelists with the exact same decks.

One thing all Yugioh players can agree on is the Dragon type being completely awesome, I’ve never met a player without some kind of Dragon deck and I doubt you have either. You’re likely reading this because you’re looking into obtaining some Dragons yourself, it’s important to know which archetypes are the best!

I will be taking appearance into account for rankings on this list, albeit slightly. One of the major reasons people play Dragons is for their epic aesthetics and I want to embrace that!


11. Rainbow Dragon – Bonus Entry!

Rainbow Dragons, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Technically a member of the Crystal Beast archetype, the Rainbow Dragon series isn’t a full Dragon archetype but it’s well worth some recognition. While not particularly competetive, these Dragons look incredible and the Crystal Beast strategy behind them is tremendously fun to both play with and against!


10. Horus

Horus, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Released quite a while ago now in the Soul of the Duelist set, 14 years ago to be exact, the Horus series is still a formidable set of Dragons. A lack of speed affects them quite a lot which is why no one plays them but if you play casually and like the look of the Horus cards, you should definitely have a look into building a deck around them!


9.  Hieratic

Hieratic, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Perhaps only known for the XYZ boss monster (shown above) which is a mighty monster itself, every player should own it. Hieratics have a unique strategy, swarming the field with high level normal monsters, albeit with 0 ATK/DEF. Such low stats are completely fine, they’re just fodder to XYZ summon stronger monsters. You can tech other cards into Hieratics too, such as Galaxy Serpent for even more combos.

You could argue they’re fairly lackluster in terms of appearance, they don’t have that intimidating presence that other Dragons have.


8. Amorphage

Amorphage, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Most Dragons focus their energy and strategy into brute force, to over-power their opponents and summon huge boss monsters. Amorphages are the rebellious Dragons of the bunch, preferring to let their effects talk more than their ATK/DEF stats. Concentrating more on disruption and shutting down your opponent’s strategies, rather than working on their own. Each Amorphage has a powerful disruption effect but they come at a heavy cost, requiring you to tribute a monster or destroying itself during your next standby phase.

If you have any doubt, just check out their boss monster Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord.


7. Chaos Dragons

Chaos Dragons, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Outside of the top 1 or maybe 2 on this list, Chaos Dragons are well-loved by the Yugioh community. While not particularly belonging to a specific archetype of names, a Chaos Dragon deck refers to utilising both LIGHT and DARK attribute Dragon type monsters. The additions of Lightpulsar Dragon and Darkflare Dragon personify this completely. Many fans love such a mixture, as the Dragons look epic and their effects work really well to swarm the field.


6. Dragunity

Dragunity, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Konami tried to update the Dragunity archetype recently with plenty of cards being released in the OCG. This shows the popularity of Dragunity monsters, not just in the OCG but all-over the world. Players are dissapointed as the new support hasn’t hit the mark and Dragunitys have too many problems. Overall though they’re fun to play, look cool and will be getting support for a long time. With a unique Dragon playstyle focusing on combining Dragons as equip cards, a Dragunity deck will bring you plenty of joy and who knows, maybe they’ll be competitive one day!


5. Galaxy-Eyes

Galaxy-Eyes, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon looks insanely cool, as do the many XYZ monsters related to it. Unfortunately there aren’t too many Dragon type “Galaxy” cards so you’ll have to put other monsters in there but they all revolve around the big XYZ Dragons. Containing some of the most stunning Dragons in the entirety of Yugioh, you can’t go wrong with picking Galaxy-Eyes to be your main Dragon deck, unless you’re trying to be competitive as support for this archetype has been lacking.


4. Dragon Lords

Felgrands, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

The first Felgrand Dragon to be released back in 2007 was a huge disappointment, to be kind. However, the Rise of the True Dragons structure deck included a retrained Felgrand as well as the exceptional Arkbrave Dragon. Revolving around the graveyard, this Dragon archetype requires cards to dump them into the graveyard as well as other cards to bring them back. Once they hit the field from the graveyard, they’ll activate their powerful banishing effects.

A huge downside is their own weakness to being banished (such as Masked HERO Dark Law) or cards that prevent banishing (such as Imperial Iron Wall).


3. Odd-Eyes

Odd-Eyes, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

So many Odd-Eyes cards have been released, there’s a seemingly infinite amount of decks you can make. Fusions, Rituals, XYZs, Synchros, you name it, Odd-Eyes can work with them. It goes even further, Odd-Eyes Dragon monsters can be built with a ton of other different types and archetypes. Pure Odd-Eyes with Performapals is arguably the most enjoyable but you have complete freedom when it comes to your Odd-Eyes.


2. Red-Eyes

Red-Eyes, one of the best Dragon archetypes/decks in Yugioh

Who doesn’t love Red-Eyes? Thankfully, Konami does too. That’s why they’ve given us a ton of support for the Red-Eyes archetype over the years. You have the option of making a more Gemini focused deck, although no one does. Or you can look into their incredible fusion monsters and Red-Eyes Fusion that makes summoning them a breeze. Don’t worry, you see a lot of the original Red-Eyes B. Dragon in the deck too, as they can be summoned even easier than their fusions.

Most of these new cards also have burn effects, what they lack in ATK/DEF stats they make up for in other areas!


1. Blue-Eyes

Blue-Eyes, the best Dragon archetype/deck in Yugioh

Number 1 spot has to be owned by the Blue-Eyes archetype, no other Dragon archetype comes close to be fair. Not just in raw power, it hasn’t been easier to swarm your field with Blue-Eyes related cards and their utility is un-matched. Even in 2018, a time when Blue-Eyes shouldn’t be anywhere near an actual important competition, Blue-Eyes are still reaching top 8 in regional competitions.

If you want maximum power, you can take a look at the Blue-Eyes ritual monsters, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon. This card is extremely easy to summon and base a deck around with the capabilities of winning a duel on its own.

Literally the only bad thing about eyeing up a Blue-Eyes deck is their cost which speaks volumes by itself!

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