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Top 10 Best Armor in Halo 5

The detail that goes into the armor in Halo 5 is incredible, 343 Industries have done an amazing job with their customization. Getting your Spartan to look how you want is a difficult task, there’s so much options for what you can do. Getting your desired look is down to preference, but there are some armors that are just great overall. No fancy gimmicks or futuristic metal bending, straight up cool and practical armor. Take a look at the top 10 Best Armor in Halo 5!

Please note this is specifically the armor, not the helmet.


10. Athlon Iccus

Athlon Icus, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Starting off nice and simple, the Athlon Iccus armor is a minimal design that looks crisp. The best thing is, it’s a Common REQ! So you can obtain it early on and use it until you get one of the other armors on the list!


9. Foehammer

Foehammer, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Another Common REQ, the Foehammer is a cool option to get early on. Featuring a breastplate the size of the moon, it makes your Spartan look powerful and intimidating. Although it does make you a big target (doesn’t affect your hitbox), it’s still a really cool armor choice.


8. Technician

Technician, one of the best armor in Halo 5

You have to love well done armor, the Technician is a Mythic REQ with some unique features. It fits the Technician theme well, being minimalistic in design while sporting the required features for the technician to do their job.


7. Anubis

Anubis, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Human variant of the Grunt’s armor anyone? Big, strong and sturdy. This armor beefs up your Spartan to make him an intimidating threat. It works well with every helmet out there, providing a cool look for your favourite soldier. As a Common REQ, you can expect to obtain this armor quickly!


6. Air Assault

Air Assault, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Simplistic but effective, the Air Assault armor has been available for a number of Halo games and is a good choice in any of them. As a Common REQ, you’ll have no problems getting your hands on it.


5. Soldier

Soldier, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Yep, the armor you start off with is on the list. Specifically for the breastplate, the fact that it’s thick armor and it contains ammo pouches. Very practically for the average Spartan soldier and looks great. Perfectly fits the Spartan theme.


4. Argonaut

Argonaut, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Ignore the abomination of the helmet, the body armor is great. Everything from the chest to the feet is looks powerful while retaining a simple design. Such awesomeness comes with a downside, as a Rare REQ it can be difficult to obtain.


3. Commando

Commando Verde, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Uncommon REQs never looked so good, the Commando armor has some variants that range from Rare to Legendary but the base version is find on its own. Get your spartan looking stocky with this armor!


2. Mark IV GEN1

Mark IV GEN1, one of the best armor in Halo 5

The legend itself, the Mark IV Gen1 armor is unlocked as a Legendary REQ by completing the second mission of Halo: Combat Evolved in Halo: Master Chief Collection. So yeah, it’s really easy to obtain if you own the game. It’s worth it too, as the armor looks incredible even today!


1. Wrath

Wrath, one of the best armor in Halo 5

Had to be didn’t it? The Wrath armor is the most epic and unique in the entire game. Previously belonging to Noble Team’s Emile, it sports numerous unique features such as the knife on the shoulder. It looks amazing and is worth using if you have it, although as a Legendary REQ, it’s doubtful you do!

juan jose ramirez tovar

Wednesday 29th of January 2020

this no the soldier armor is the war master armor