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Top 10 Best Banned Cards in Yugioh

Archetypes have come and gone, metas have changed and TV seasons have passed. The banned list though, doesn’t change all too much. Sure, a card or two is removed or added every now and again, but the core banned cards have always been the same. These cards were actually unbanned at one point, long long ago. God, I remember those times, I’d be lying if I said Yugioh is worse without these cards.

This list will look at the top 10 best banned cards in Yugioh, of course they’re all extremely powerful though. Out of pure interest and curiosity, I thought it’d be fun to rank them all anyway!


10. Graceful Charity

Graceful Charity, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

Upon first seeing Graceful Charity’s effect years ago, you wouldn’t think it was good enough to be banned. Drawing 3 cards and discarding 2 seems like a fair trade but when you consider how many cards take advantage of this, it has to be banned. The Dark World archetype in particular are guilty of abusing Graceful Charity, almost all decks nowadays would make use of this banned card.


9. Morphing Jar

Morphing Jar, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

I used to hate Morphing Jar when it was unbanned, it was rarely more beneficial for you than your opponent and it’s understandable banned, as is the similar Card Destruction. Adding 5 cards to your hand is absurdly overpowered and can turn a losing game into an easy victory. When you’re playing casually, Morphing Jar can be bearable but on the competitive scene, it’s ludicrously good.


8. Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

The world of twilight players rejoiced when Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning was unbanned but they’ll be waiting a long, long time to see this monster available again. With 3000 ATK and piddly summoning condition, Chaos Emperor Dragon is rightfully banned for being way too excessive. Maybe if it had much harder summoning requirements it’d be limited but right now, the nuking effective is insane for how easy it is to get on the field.


7. Cyber Jar

Cyber Jar, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

Many duels have been won by the destructive power of Cyber Jar, a level 3 Flip monster that had no problems decimating entire fields. The most annoying thing about Cyber Jar was its fluidity with other Jar monsters, a deck based around them was boring and unfair to play against. Cyber Jar would completely shake up the meta if it were to be unbanned even today, it offers so much like graveyard dumping and deck milling.


6. Heavy Storm

Heavy Storm, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

This card’s existence was the bane of many decks, very few archetypes could survive a Heavy Storm. It’s so versatile, being a staple in any deck yet providing massive advantages to decks that can make full use of its spell/trap zone nuke. Why a card like this was ever released is beyond me but thankfully Konami realised this and banned it. Here’s to hoping we never let Heavy Storm see the light of day again!


5. Fiber Jar

Fiber Jar, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

I believe Fiber Jar was one of the first banned cards ever and for good reason, the effect is crazy!

It essentially resets the game back to turn 1, although it does keep life points the same. Has your opponent summoned a big boss monster? Are you down to your last cards? Doesn’t matter with Fiber Jar, it gives you the opportunity to start all over again. Even Fiber Jar lovers can’t say this card is fair to use!


4. Change of Heart

Change of Heart, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

Any card with a powerful effect at no cost will always be banned, Change of Heart is one of them. While cards like Dark Hole are powerful but unbanned, most monsters nowadays have “cannot be destroyed” or “when this card is destroyed” effects. Change of Heart doesn’t care for such things, giving you a free monster from your opponent to attack with or tribute for a tribute summon. Not enough counter-play is offered for cards like this so it deserves to be banned.



3. Painful Choice

Painful Choice, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

Way back when this card wasn’t on the forbidden list, Painful Choice was fairly strong without being too over-powered. As strategies started to form, archetypes popped up and players grew bolder, it became clear just how broken this card is. Just imagine it in today’s game, Foolish Burial is limited to 1 for sending monsters to the graveyard, Painful Choice allows you to send 4!


2. Harpie’s Feather Duster

Harpie's Feather Duster, one of the best banned cards in Yugioh

Under no circumstances should this card be unbanned, ever. Heavy Storm is powerful in its own right but Harpie’s Feather Duster is head and shoulders above any previous entries on this list. Being able to nuke your opponent’s spell/trap zones for no cost is undeniably wrong, it’d shut down the large majority of decks seeing as Pendulum monsters now exist.


1. Pot of Greed

Pot of Greed, the best banned card in Yugioh!

Put simply, Pot of Greed is the best card ever created. I’m sure a player who isn’t knowledgeable about Yugioh would say it doesn’t look too powerful but any veteran will iterate the might of Pot of Greed. It offers more than any other card in the game, there is no circumstance where playing Pot of Greed wouldn’t be beneficial. The previous entry for example does at least require your opponent to have spell/traps and you have to make the decision to use it now, or wait another turn. Pot of Greed though, is arguably the only generic card that is always useful!

PeGasUs bOy

Saturday 24th of August 2019

Never knew Pot of greed & Change of heart is a banned card.


Wednesday 19th of September 2018

My freind had 10 and 4. I learned that because he tought me with his own cards. I used change of heart and i agree, it was good that it was banned


Wednesday 19th of September 2018