The Best Archetypes of Each Yugioh Attribute

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  1. Avatar Anonyk says:

    For dark, blackwings are probably better now, and for wind, ritual beast are still very viable

  2. Avatar That one guy says:

    what about Divine????

    1. Avatar A Dude says:

      The only divine monsters are Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk

  3. Avatar A Dude says:

    For wind I might have said Yosenju. 😐

  4. Avatar Frederik Erskov Krogh says:

    Best fire Attribute right now is salamangreat

    1. Avatar Rohooster says:

      I second this. I personally think that Salamangreats are much more viable than Shiranui. They are very consistent and have really good search tools. They also have more room for hand traps than the other good decks in this format. I might be biased, being a Salamangreat player myself. I hope Gazelle doesn’t get hit(Though seeing the recent OCG banlist, it probably will LOL)

  5. Avatar Frederik Erskov Krogh says:

    Salamangreat is the best fire deck

  6. Avatar Dylan says:

    What about nekroz?

  7. Avatar Leokai says:

    I think an Infinitrack and Superdreadnought deck is the best earth attribute deck.

  8. Avatar StormFury says:

    Im making a Dragon and something deck but iv nevet played Yugioh before and I dont know my playstyle

  9. Avatar StormFury says:

    and personally i dont really like the salamangreat deck and cards

  10. Avatar StormFury says:

    but i have some good cards in my unfinished deck cards like 5 headed dragon

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