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When is the Next Steam Sale? Here is the Official 2023 Steam Sales Schedule!

What gamers have all been waiting for is finally here: Valve has just revealed official Steam sale dates and fests schedule, and registration and discounts are now up for grabs!

Every year, the schedule of Steam sales has been a guessing game for PC gamers. Steam has never announced the sales and fests calendar ahead of time, leaving the gaming community on their toes throughout the year in fear of missing out on sudden sales and fests announcements.

Thankfully, for a change, Valve had decided to simply reveal this year’s biggest seasonal sales and fests ahead of time in an effort to give the gaming community ‘a jump on planning out their year of promotional activities.’

As the famous saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm.”—plan your year ahead and grab the hottest deals and discounts on Steam!

Here is Steam’s Official Sales and Fests Schedule 2023 as released by Valve:

Steam Sales and FestsSchedule
Mystery FestFebruary 20 to 27
Spring Sale (Major Seasonal Sale!)March 16 to 23
Puzzle FestApril 24 to May 1
Sports FestMay 15 to 22
Next FestJune 19 to 26
Summer Sale (Major Seasonal Sale!)June 29 to July 13
Stealth FestJuly 24 to 31
Visual Novel FestAugust 7 to 14
Strategy FestAugust 28 to September 4
SHMUP FestSeptember 25 to October 2
Next FestOctober 9 to 16
Return of Steam Scream Fest (Halloween)October 26 to November 2
Autumn Sale (Major Seasonal Sale!)November 21 to 28
Winter Sale (Major Seasonal Sale!)December 21 to January 4, 2024

Most of these events are already open for registration and discount applications. You may visit the Sales Approvals Page in Steamworks to see if you qualify. 

2023 Steam Sales Dates and Events to Watch Out For

Major Seasonal Sales 

Steam runs seasonal sale events four times a year, and all these events give out massive discounts to all released games and participants. 

Major seasonal sales also come with a major spending tip: Steam’s best deals and biggest discounts happen during summer and winter sales—we strongly advise you to save your budget for these semi-annual mega sales!

Next Fest

The official schedule indicates that Next Fest will take place twice—with the first one to be held on June 19 to 26 and the other one on October 9 to 16. The fest runs 3 times a year, and deriving from its name, Next fest is a multi-day event where fans are given a chance to know what’s next in the gaming community. 

During Next fest, fans can try out upcoming games’ demos, chat with developers and watch livestreams, while game developers get an opportunity to attract an audience and gather early feedback for their future game launch on Steam. 

The 2023 February Next Fest, which took place on February 6 to 13, has just concluded, and the next two have just been announced and are currently open for registration. To find out more about the event’s registration and discount, visit Next Fest documentation 

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know everything about this year’s Steam sale dates, scooping up the best discount deals and sales is now entirely up to you! Happy bargaining!