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Sea of Thieves: Top 10 Best Hats

Every swashbuckling pirate needs a piece of headgear to suit their achievements.

Hats are available to purchase, or as rewards for completing commendations.

To get the most out of the cosmetic options, you’ll want a hat that shows how accomplished you are on the Sea of Thieves.

One that looks epic, fits in with most other clothing pieces yet also signals the fact you’ve tackled some tough opponents.

You’re more likely to demand respect from crew-mates, communicate with other pirates to establish alliances, and look awesome while doing so!

Here’s a list of the 10 best hats in Sea of Thieves. Some of them are really difficult to obtain but there are a few easier ones to get, so this article is perfect for players of all stages of the game.

10. Legendary Hat

Cost: N/A

You’ll acquire this hat by becoming a Pirate Legend, requiring a rank of 50 for 3 different trading companies.

Such a feat is the aim of any Sea of Thieves player, with this hat showing off the esteemed color scheme.

9. Royal Sovereign Hat

Cost: 6800 Gold

Requiring a Gold Hoarders reputation of 49 is this daring hat, marking the sign of a veteran survivalist and treasure hunter.

If you’re into the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Royal Sovereign Hat is the closest you’ll get to Hector Barbossa’s original hat.

8. Rogue Sea Dog Hat

Cost: 6800 Gold

Reaching an Order of Souls reputation will grant you access to this hat for purchase.

It has a slightly more colorful appearance than most hats in the game, being one of few to have feathers sewn into the material.

7. Ceremonial Admiral Hat

Cost: 6800 Gold

Best for players who prefer the more imperial appearance, choosing to protect the seas rather than dominate them.

The Admiral sets in general are really cool, with this hat being the best headpiece you can get for them.

6. Forsaken Ashes Hat

Cost: 13,600 Gold

Sporting a burnt, flame-like appearance, the Forsaken Ashes hat provides an epic charred look.

To unlock it for purchase, you need the Master Devil’s Voyager title, achieved by completing 5 Devil’s Roar voyages for the Gold Hoarders & Order of Souls.

5. Deep Ocean Crawler Hat

Cost: 61,200 Gold

Available right from the get-go, there are no requirements needed to unlock this hat.

Colorful hats are few and far between in the Sea of Thieves, with this one being your primary option if you’re new.

Otherwise, the crab-like appearance is attractive to many players who prefer to dress as a crustacean.

4. Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Hat

Cost: 61,200 Gold

Another readily available hat, acquired from the General Clothing Shop.

This hat is a great starting point for any would-be Pirate Legends, fitting many other cosmetic sets.

Even if you’re a seasoned player with hundreds of hours of experience, you’ll still want this hat in your inventory to fit into the other aesthetic items you’ll get hold of.

3. Inky Kraken Hat

Cost: 61,200 Gold

The whole Inky Kraken set is great but the hat is particularly good as it can fit into a ton of different cosmetic sets.

A blood red & black color scheme works perfectly with other intimidating, dark aesthetics.

2. Stonewall Imperial Sovereign Hat

Cost: 61,200 Gold

Found on the Black Market, there are no pre-requisite requirements to purchase this hat.

It has one of the most unique aesthetics of any hat in the game, sporting a helmet-like appearance, rather than a pirate captain hat.

1. Ghost Hat

Cost: 68,000 Gold

Relatively easy to unlock for purchase, with the coolest looking effects & colors.

An Athena’s Fortune rank of 10 is all that’s needed to be able to purchase this hat.

While you do need a Pirate Legend of 50 to access Athena’s Fortune, you can team up with another player to do Athena’s quests. Using this method, you can reach the required rank quickly!