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Sea of Thieves: Top 10 Best Titles

Unlockable titles are one thing that gives Sea Of Thieves its charm so far, with many different titles giving a sense of uniqueness to each pirate.

There are a total of ten unlockable titles in the game, and we’re going to take a look atthe best one!

Players start the title of ‘The Veteran’ which is unlocked by completing the first set of voyages given to you when starting out in the game.

This title doesn’t do much for your character other than show that you’ve completed the initial tasks given to you but it can be handy when trying to prove yourself amongst fellow pirates.

To really prove yourself and earn the respect of any sailors you come across, better titles are needed.

Some titles are given when you complete certain quests, some can be earned by killing skeletons and others are earned by the most random of gameplay elements.

For fun, here are a few random titles you might like:

– Captain Deathbeard  – This title is awarded to players who have killed 100 pirates on their ships. It takes time but it’s worth it!

– One Eyed Willy  – You receive this title once you’ve sailed over 500 miles in your ship – not too tough if you’re sailing all day long.

If you want to show off, you’ll want to see the 10 best titles in Sea of Thieves…

10. Master of Silvered Waters

Requiring the player to finish 1st in a whopping 100 Arena battles, this title requires an impressive feat of arms. Players can unlock the “Captain” variant by finishing in the top 3 of all Arena battles.

While not exactly easy, players should be able to get their title relatively quickly if they focus on playing well and earning victories over more unskilled opponents.

They’ll also want to play duo Arenas rather than regular ones when trying for this title so that they have matches much more frequently – winning three out of five fights is what usually determines who gets placed higher or lower in each session.

9. Legend of the Sea of Thieves

One of the most difficult titles to earn, you’ll need to defeat 100 skeleton ships after earning the Pirate Legend title.

This title is a true testament to your mastery of the game, and will take many hours (and probably blood, sweat, and tears) to unlock.

But it’s a title that all Sea of Thieves players should aspire to add to their collection.

8. Legendary Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost

Another title that requires you to have the Pirate Legend title unlocked before even trying to achieve it.

Defeat 5 Shrouded Ghost to add this to your collection. While this is the rarest Megalodon variant in the game, it’s not the most difficult to defeat.

It’ll come with time and patience, as there’s no current way to increase the rate of Megalodon spawns.

7. Hunter of Cursed Captains

Fighting skeletons is a really fun aspect of Sea of Thieves, almost everyone enjoys PvE content.

Hope you really like hunting them down as this title needs you to kill 1000 skeleton captains.

This title is pretty cool though because it is essentially a boss rush mode for skeletons!

You can get this one without even setting foot on an island if that’s how much you love seafaring.

Just steer your ship towards any ship which has skeleton crew members until they appear and start killing them off.

You can just play the game normally as you’ll eventually defeat 1000 captains by exploring islands or completing quests.

6. Banisher of the Flame

Another really difficult title to acquire, Banisher of the Flame requires you to defeat 100 Ashen Lords. This is a particularly difficult challenge that will take you quite some time. 

Found only in World Events, look out for a red tornado on the horizon.

Each lord can take up to 30 minutes to kill as you’re constantly fighting off skeletons, as well as dodging attacks and searching for ammunition.

With that being said, Ashen Lord events are some of the most fun events in the entire game and you should be hunting them down regardless!

5. Hoarder of Ancient Tributes

When you complete this title’s requirements, you’ll also unlock the glorious Ancient Tribute Sails.

To do so, you’ll need to return 50 Chest of Ancient Tributes to the Gold Hoarders.

Found inside each treasure vault, you can actually complete this in a reasonable amount of time, especially if you’re specifically trying to level up your reputation with the Gold Hoarders.

4. Raider of the Damned

The Fort of the Damned is one of the toughest challenges a pirate can face in the Sea of Thieves but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

Defeating all Fort enemies 50 times will award this epic title.

Having never seen this title, I can say it’s definitely worth acquiring as players will wonder how you managed to get your hands on it.

3. Hoarder of Athena’s Fortune

Unlocking this title is as simple as selling 100,000 Gold worth of chests…of legends.

Every chest is a slog to obtain, requiring you to through multiple quests to even find the location. Each chest will sell for between 4000-7000 gold.

The title is not available for purchase through the game’s shop either.

To get this title, you will need to go out and find these chests on your own. 

The best way to do this is by joining an alliance and working together with others. There is safety in numbers after all.

So grab some friends, set sail on the open seas, and start hunting for Athena’s Chests of Legends!

2. Raging Firestarter

This title’s unlock requirements are as follows: Complete all Charred, Fried, Melted, Torched, Scorched Skeleton Fire, & Fortress Inferno commendations.

Absolutely crazy, with no reason for any player to dedicate so much of their time and effort into it. 

You’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?

No one can blame you, this title is one of, if not the rarest title you can encounter in Sea of Thieves!

And it sounds awesome, few other pirates can boast such an epic title.

1. Pirate Legend

Very simple yet so elegant and the title that most players are chasing right now.

The title of Pirate Legend is a very sought after title in Sea of Thieves.

It’s the highest rank that you can achieve and it opens up new areas, quests and rewards for players who manage to reach it.

The process of becoming a Pirate Legend is not an easy one though.

You need to reach rank of 50 with at least 3 different trading companies. I recommend the Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, and Gold Hoarders.

After doing all that, you’re pretty much set! Congratulations on becoming a Pirate Legend!