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Ranking All 5 Cost Champions in TFT Set 4

Tier 5 units are the most epic, awesome, and unique they’ve ever been in TFT history.

Coming with new traits that take up multiple paragraphs with their details, it can be hard to see where each one fits. 

Players are still experimenting but there seems to be a general consensus of who fits where. Riot seem to have done a great job as some of the units are strong enough to be used outside of traditional trait builds!

Even so, running into a random 5 cost unit at level 7 can be a bait. You’ll need to know if you have the right items for them. Some of these 5 cost units go from incredible to lacklustre by their item builds.


8. Lillia

Traits: Dusk – Mage

Ideal Items

  • Quicksilver (Glove + MR)
  • Warmog’s (HP + HP)
  • Dragon’s Claw (MR + MR)

The thing is with Lillia, she seems to be a support champion. Only used to get that sweet 6 Dusk trait. 

As a 2 star, she deals heavy damage to sleeping enemies who take 750 damage within 3.5 seconds. I’ve noticed my Riven and Jhin are already deleting them anyway. Even had rounds where a 2 star Lillia has done less than 500 damage…

She’s fine as she is, only used in either a 6 mage or 6 dusk build.


7. Kayn

Traits: Tormented – Shade

Ideal Items

  • Quicksilver (Glove + MR)
  • Ionic Spark (AP + MR)
  • Hand of Justice (Glove + Armor)

Kayn has a unique transformation trait, allowing him to adapt to what your team build is. Being a shade grants the ability to de-aggro from enemies and follow up with a damage boost. Sounds great but Kayn is number 7 on the list for a lack of punch.

Make no mistake, getting a bunch of shades and a 2* Kayn can absolutely secure you top 3. Just….That’s about as far as you’ll get. 

In terms of which form to choose, it really depends. If you’ve got the other shade units to 3* with decent items, red Kayn is best for taking aggro. If Kayn is your main carry and holds the best items, blue form is by far the best choice.


6. Ezreal

Traits: Elderwood – Dazzler

Ideal Items

  • Blue Buff (Mana + Mana)
  • Morellonomicon (HP + AP)
  • Spear of Shojin (AD + Mana)

Ezreal is a great all-round support champion. Elderwood is absolutely unstoppable if you have the 9 bonus and Dazzlers can majorly shut down enemy carries for a whole round.

For maximum effect, Ezreal needs to get his ultimate off as soon as possible. Buffing several allied units while weakening enemy units can turn a fight by itself.

If you manage to get a Spatula, making Ezreal a mage is a great combination. Alongside Veigar and Lulu (2 other Elderwood champions) for the 3 mage buff.


5. Azir

Traits: Warlord – Keeper – Emperor

Ideal Items

  • Rapid Firecannon (Attack Speed + Attack Speed)
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Attack Speed + AP)
  • Guardian Angel (AD + Armor)

The premiere anti-assassin unit in the game, Azir excels in keeping your back-line safe and offers ample damage/support to back that up.

His unique trait “Emperor” gives you two meat shields to place wherever you like. Positioned well enough, enemy assassins and shades spend much of their time focusing these units down.

Upon activating his ability, he pushes these enemy units towards their own side of the board as well.


4. Lee Sin

Traits: Divine – Duelist

Ideal Items

  • Hand of Justice (Glove + Mana)
  • Titan’s Resolve (Attack Speed + Armor)
  • Quicksilver (Glove + MR)

Wielding one of the most unique abilities in TFT history, Lee Sin is capable of round-house kicking a unit off the map. For taking down big tanks, this guy will be your go-to.

Watching a 6 or 9 cultist Galio be yeeted off the entire board is a simple pleasure that everyone should indulge!

He can be quite squishy though, Titan’s Resolve is a good middle ground but you may find a Dragon’s Claw or Thornmail are better alternatives in certain match-ups.


3. Yone

Traits: Exile – Adept

Ideal Items

  • Guardian Angel (AD + Armor)
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap (AP + AP)
  • Blue Buff (Mana + Mana)

Duo with Yasuo is definitely needed to provide Yone with bonus life-steal. With a decent front-line, Yone has the best back-line access in the game (other than assassins/shades of course). 

Able to delete up to 3 units in a few seconds, while Yasuo works on the enemy front-line, is an epic combination. Almost perfect items are required though, making Yone fairly inconsistent and unforce-able.


2. Zilean

Traits: Cultist – Mystic

Ideal Items

  • Blue Buff (Mana + Mana)
  • Trap Claw (Glove + HP)
  • Guardian Angel (AD + Armor)

Possibly the most annoying champion in TFT history, Zilean keeps his whole team alive consistently, with some items. A simple Blue Buff is all it takes to make sure your front-line get to ult after they’ve been demolished by the enemy carries.

Being a Cultist and Mystic, Zilean fits snugly into many builds and offers a huge power boost when he does so!


1. Sett

Traits: The Boss – Brawler

Ideal Items

  • Warmog’s (HP + HP)
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap (AP + AP)
  • Hextech Gunblade (AD + AP)

No matter the build or spare items, Sett fits right into any composition. As well as high aoe damage, his ability displaces a valuable enemy front-line and stuns them for a short duration.

Sett works perfectly fine with most item combinations, with the except of AD damage options. A single Hextech Gunblade can allow him to dunk multiple units constantly, causing havoc among the enemy team.

Right now, there’s no better unit available for 5 gold!