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Epic Seven: Furious Easy Wyvern Build Guide

Furious is a mandatory hero for conquering and farming Wyvern Hunts in Epic Seven.

His ability to inflict defense breaks on Wyverns increases your DPS’ damage outputs by 50% and he can also apply burns.

Wyvern 13 requires at least 3 debuffs to always target your front-line hero. Otherwise, it will attack your DPS heroes and result in a failed run.

Furious also boosts allied crit chance by 50% which, alongside the 15% elemental advantage, requires your heroes to build only 35% crit chance for a 100% crit rate against Wyverns, saving plenty of stats for attack, crit damage, and effectiveness.

This guide is the easiest way to learn how to build Furious to Wyvern 13 standard.

It will allow you to make full use of the damage and utility he brings for any Wyvern team.

Mandatory Stats

Below are the stats you definitely need for Furious to be up to Wyvern 13 level. As long as you reach these minimum requirements, other stats do not matter.

Level: 50

Attack: 2500

Speed: 190 (make sure he is the fastest on the team)

Crit Chance: 35%

Crit Damage: 230%

Effectiveness: 65%

That’s it!
Very easy for any new player to accomplish. 🙂

Side Note: 3* awakening and s2/s3 cooldown reduction skill enhances are also required.

What artifact is best for Furious?

Here are the 4 best artifacts to use on Furious:

  1. Song of Stars
  2. Rosa Hargana
  3. Infinity Basket
  4. Daydream Joker

Honestly, the artifact doesn’t matter too much so long as Furious has the above stats, as well as some powerful DPS/debuffers (such as Alexa, Muwi, Sigret, or Clarissa).

Just to prove how amazing this guide is, see my Furious below 🙂 he is part of my 95% win-rate Wyvern 13 team!

Last note: His speed is lower because I run a General Purrgis Wyvern team, reducing the speed stats needed for other units.